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50 Fruit and Vegetable Jokes for Kids, Teachers, and Parents

With jokes we enjoy the moment, we laugh, we learn and we interact with others. For meetings or boring moments, they are one of the best options to make time bearable and to take advantage of it.

In particular, fruit and vegetable jokes are very useful for children to read or for teachers or parents to use in their classes. They not only help teach the name of fruits and vegetables, but also develop a sense of humor.

In the following jokes you will find funny situations with fruits and vegetables as common as apples, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, pineapples, bananas or pears. You can have the children read them to others or you can read them yourself.

List of fruit and vegetable jokes

What is the fruit that laughs at everything?

The orange, ha ha ha.

How is a mango left after lunch?

Simple: chubby.

The curtain goes down, the curtain goes up and a tomato appears receiving a massage…

How is the play called? Simple: take a break.

The curtain falls, several old grapes appear…

What is the name of the work? Simple: raisins.

Why was he chasing the pineapple on the pizza?

Because he loved the Hawaiians.

What were the fruits complaining about in the strike?

From the vegans!

How is a default declared to another?

Simple: he says: «You make me fall in love.»

What did the watermelon rind say?

I’ve got you covered.

What did the lemon say when it cried?

Don’t squeeze me!

The curtain falls and a banana without money appears…

How is the movie called? Simple: SILVER- no.

Why do oranges use sun cream?

Because their skin is peeling!

Which tree is the bravest?

Simple: the palm trees, since they sleep with the coconut.

What is the fruit that can explode?

Simple: the Granada.

What dance does the tomato like?

Logical: the sauce.

There are two pears in the kitchen…

One says to the other: «Excuse me, can you tell me what time it is?» The other responds: “My God! A talking pear!”

Why did the orange stop studying?

Because he ran out of juice!

How do two bananas say goodbye?

Easy: “Until BANANA”.

What is the fruit that has the most patience?

Easy: the pear, because it waits.

What fruit is tougher?

Very simple: the peach.

A pineapple meets an apple in the subway line…

He asks: «Have you been waiting long?» And she replied: No… «I’ve always been an apple!»

There is a monkey on top of a mango tree…

After a while another chimpanzee passes by and says:

«Hello, little monkey!» What are you doing up there?

«Nothing here eating apples.»

«You’re crazy! It’s mango you’re eating, not apples!»

«What’s the problem, friend?» This morning I bought a pound of apples, and I can eat them wherever I want.

What do you call a pineapple that entered the cinema to see a movie without paying?

Simple: pina colada.

What is a layered tomato?

Simple: a super tomato.

What is a caped melon?

Simple: a melon disguised as a super tomato.

What fruit is brown on the outside, green on the inside, and also goes up and down?

Simple: a kiwi in an elevator.

Why are grapes purple, round and small?

Because if they were yellow, long and big they would be bananas!

There is a green dot in the corner of the fruit school classroom. What is it?

Simple: a punished lemon.

What does the half of an apple looks like?

Simple: to the other half.

A broccoli had an accident…

His parents went to a doctor and the doctor, after examining him, told them: “I have 2 news, one bad and one good.

The good: he’s alive, alive. The bad news is that it remained in a vegetable state.

Did you know that avocado is 50% water?

Yes, and the other 50% cate.

A cherry is walking down the street and when passing in front of a shop window she sees herself and says:

Cherry me?

The police melon arrives and finds a squashed banana…

Nearby was a lemon, to which the policeman asks: «Acid you?»

In math class, the teacher asks Pedrito: “If I have 8 coconuts in one hand and 6 watermelons in the other. That I have?».

Pedrito: «Giant hands, teacher.»

One friend comments to another: «Did you know that the black boxes on airplanes are really orange?»

To which the other friend replies: “What! Aren’t they boxes?»

A green grape met a purple one, and seeing it of that color, she exclaimed in anguish:

«Breath breath! You’re drowning!»

What fruit does the boxer have problems with?

Simple: with pineapples.

A tomato and an apple fought in the middle of the street…

A banana came to separate them, to which a car passes at full speed. The rest is history mash.

What evil can you find in half an apple while you eat it?

Simple: half a worm.

The teacher asked Maria: «What do I do to divide 10 grapes among 5 people?»

María: «Make a juice, teacher.»

What did a tangerine say to the children at breakfast?

Nothing, the tangerines do not speak.

Why don’t bananas like to be alone?

Because they are born together.

Two farmers meet in the village…

One asks the other:

-Where are you going?».

«I’m going to get manure for the strawberries.»

-That? Why don’t you eat them with creams like everyone else?

On his way to work, Carlos listened to the news on the radio…

The announcer says: “Be careful, a jam truck overturned on Avenida Independencia. Hay de-Mora”.

A purple grape meets a green grape that is playing in the garden and says:

«Hey you, see if you grow up!»

Lower the curtain, raise the curtain and a pineapple passes…

The curtain goes down, the curtain goes up and a kiwi passes by.

Lower the curtain, raise the curtain and pass a banana.

How is the play called? Simple: orange did not pass.

What is the great-grandmother of the grape?

Easy: the grape passes.

The mother gave her son a banana, but it was too ripe…

The boy, realizing the state of the banana, tells his mother: «Mom, the banana is soft!» To which the mom replies: «Well, tell him to shut up!»

A chubby boy went to the doctor…

After examining him, the doctor tells him: «He will improve with 9 apples a day.»

The boy answers: «But can they be green or red?»

The doctor answers: «No, running.»

The curtain opens and a tomato appears…

The curtain goes down and the curtain goes up: a camera appears.

The curtain goes down, the curtain goes up and a tomato appears posing.

How is the play called? Easy: TAKE a selfie.

What is the holiest fruit?


A little egg is walking…

The little egg turns around, gets scared and says:

«First time I’ve seen fluffy eggs!»

To which they reply: «We are Kiwis!»

A man comes with a sack full of fruit…

A child asks him: «What fruits does he have in his bag?» The man replies: «If you guess, I’ll give you a bunch of bananas!»

A lady went to buy apples…

After arriving at the stand, he asks the vendor: «Are the apples American or French?»

The vendor replied: «Do you want to eat them or talk to them?»

What fruit is red inside and out and also goes through walls?

Easy: the ghost strawberry.

What did one banana say to another?

Simple: «Run, they find us out!»

A tomato is near the train track…

The apple tells her friend: «Do you want to bet that I am so fast that the train does not reach me?»

The apple responds: «Okay, it’s fine.»

The tomato begins to run and the train comes at full speed.

The apple screams: «Run tomato, run! Run tomato, run! Run, KETCHUP…run!”

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