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5 typical crafts from Baja California Sur

The typical crafts from Baja California Sur reflects the culture and tradition of the state. The artisans make use of their hands to capture the identity and sensitivity of the people in clay, leather, shell and palm.

Artisan production serves as a livelihood for many of the natives of the place. An example of this is the community of El Triunfo, recognized for its artisanal production of torote fiber. The town of Miraflores also stands out for its leather work.

In the coastal areas of Baja California Sur, artisan work is done with seashells and many hand-woven garments are made.

Typical crafts from Baja California Sur

1- Crafts with abalone shell

This mollusk economically represents a great source of income, not only for its valuable meat but also for its use in crafts.

Comondú is one of the municipalities where a high-quality craft industry has developed.

They are manufactured from chess boards and decorative figures to frames for mirrors and combs.

2- Torote crafts

The towns of El Triunfo and Sierra de los Dolores are widely recognized for their products made with torote fiber and young palm leaves.

Baskets and baskets are mainly made with torote fiber. The basket is assembled by sewing the wet fiber in a spiral, and intertwining the strips at the same time.

This process continues until the desired size and shape is achieved. The baskets are woven so tightly that when wet they expand and become waterproof, so they can hold water.

3- Crafts with leather

In this area, the community of Miraflores, in the Sierra region, stands out for its quality in the manufacture of briefcases, saddles, pistol holsters, handbags, boots, and embossing work.

Dry leather is also worked to transform it into strips and make sleeping cots, ropes, ropes, riatas and different traditional products.

4- Wood crafts

Baja California Sur offers a wide range of woods that can be used to make everything from home furniture to ashtrays and salt shakers.

The most used wood is choya. There are others such as cardón, dragon fruit, ironwood, Chinese wood, parota, arcowood and mesquite roots.

5- Craft knives

San Pedro de La Presa is the community where the best handmade knives, machetes and daggers in the state are made.

The artisans have developed a whole process to melt the metal over hot coals, and then hit it with special tools to give it the desired shape and with the sharpest edge.

They are also in charge of making the handle of the knife in a traditional way, using for this purpose black PVC or using horns, wood or bone of different types, in order to obtain an attractive handle.

There are several centers dedicated to promoting the popular art of the town, such as the Casa de las Artesanías, the Casa del Artesano Sudcaliforniano or the alley of the artisans.

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