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5 comic pastorelas with narrator (originals)

What are comic pastorelas?

The comic pastorelas They are theatrical performances made at Christmas time, with funny and simple dialogues. They are mostly performed by boys and girls, and describe accounts of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Characters such as Mary and Joseph, angels, archangels, shepherds and Satan participate in them.

These types of works have a European origin, but since their arrival in America in the 16th century, they have been widely accepted in Mexico. After his incursion into the Aztec country, several representations were created, including: Adoration of the Magi, written in Nahuatl. The pastorelas of that time had a cultured language, but later it has taken on a comic and rebellious tone.

Currently, comical pastorelas are common in schools and even in amphitheatres, with entertaining themes from the original versions. They are presented with a variety of participants and a lively musical background with traditional tunes, and even mariachis. They are usually complemented by dramatizations of battles, dances and dances.

the lost shepherd (John Ortiz)


– Shepherd

– Archangel

– Jesus

– Maria

– José


To the taste of the organizers.

Locker room

The typical one used during these religious manifestations.


The stage is clear and upbeat music plays in the background. On the right side the little shepherd comes trotting and humming until he reaches the center and begins to look at the audience, surprised.

little shepherd:

How strange this place

I don’t remember seeing it

the grass of my home is not there,

nor my trees, I insist.

(Pauses and continues.)

should have arrived by now

where Jesus and his parents,

but that chaos broke out,

that party, right next door

from my house, and with pleasure,

I went and ate and stayed up all night;

How do I need a tea

to digest,

hopefully some heart

good and noble pass and say:

«Pastorcito, come on, continue,

here is the Redeemer”;

Oh, help me, Lord!

I feel very lost

I want to find your son today

to give him this incense,

so in the beginning

I honor the child as Divine.

(Trumpets are heard and the Archangel appears)


Oh, little Shepherd!

God has heard you

and with much love and pleasure

has sent me to this site.

little shepherd: (Amazed)

An archangel has arrived!

I am scared and amazed!

It has feet and it has shoulders.

And besides, he doesn’t have a tail!

So God has heard me,

I feel very blessed

thanks to you, divine being,

for coming to meet me,

let’s see, read the story well,

How do I find this child?

Archangel: (clearing his throat)

Pastor, listen carefully,

you are not far from the manger,

you are a thousand leaps away

to your left and a thousand to the center.

little shepherd: (confused)

A thousand to the center and like a hare?

what is the center? north or south?


No, no jumps, hey, you

you sure have a fever

walking to the manger

you will arrive very, very calm,

and when the center I tell you,

I’m talking about your heart

sing, sing the song

with your eyes wide shut:

«Pretty child, beloved child,

my dear Redeemer,

hear me, oh yes, Lord,

I want to be by your side today.»

if you sing it with pleasure,

deep inside your being

You are going to see Jesus

to Jose and Maria,

and you will feel the joy

in your chest burn

(The Archangel disappears and the Pastorcito remains thoughtful, then he looks at the audience, shrugs his shoulders and jumps to the right side —let’s remember that his left is the audience’s right— counting each jump. Then he appears on the left side, and at take center stage, your count reaches 1000).

little shepherd:

Yes, right here it must be

where the Archangel said

and I will sing, I tell them,

Until the Child can see.

«Pretty child, beloved child,

my dear Redeemer,

hear me, oh yes, Lord,

I want to be by your side today.»

(The lights dim, soft Christmas music is played and Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus begin to approach and create an arch next to the Little Shepherd. End).

The fourth wizard king (John Ortiz)


– King Chapur

– Talking Pigeon

– The three wise men


To the taste of the organizers.

Locker room

The typical one used during these religious manifestations.


Everything is calm on stage, Christmas music is playing, a light shines above as if it were the star of Bethlehem, and the three Wise Men appear in silence walking slowly from left to right and out of sight. Seconds later, the fourth magician king, Chapur, appears.

Magician King Chapur: (addressing the world)

Where are the other kings?

I got late last night

I had rented a car

and some oxen crashed into him.

(Suddenly the Talking Dove appears)

Talking Pigeon: (addressing Chapur)

So a fourth wizard king,

strange thing that I see,

however, I believe him,

it looks good and healthy.

Magician King Chapur:

A bird with a voice? How strange!

Chapur my name is, creature,

Right now it tortures me

Not finding my brothers.

Please, oh, chatterbox,

let’s see, tell me, where did they go

the kings?, where did they go?,

Are they near or in China?

Talking Pigeon:

They are near, King Chapur,

So hasten your step,

if you walk south

reaches them at sunset.

Saying this, King Chapur nodded thanks to the dove and went south, content. He goes behind the scene, the three kings appear again on stage walking, and shortly after Chapur arrives and catches up with them from behind. They look at each other, hug each other, rejoice and follow their steps.

The donkey who wanted to be a magician king (John Ortiz)


– Donkey (protagonist of the monologue)

– Background characters


To the taste of the organizers.

Locker room

A donkey costume and the typical one used during these religious manifestations.


At the bottom of the stage, without speaking, just imitating the scene of the arrival of the Magi in the manger, are Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the Magi. Then, the donkey arrives from the left side of the scene and begins his speech:


Today I come to protest,

Well, I want to be a magician king,

I am a donkey, and I am clear,

but i can help.

Blessings I can give

since I have lots,

healthy, beautiful, the best,

because they come from the heart

of a good-natured animal

who also knows songs.

(After this, intones the following quatrain, singing)

«I praise and sing to that Child,

to our great Redeemer,

the one whose immense love

He comes to give us with love”.

(Then he continues with his speech)

As you can see, I have talent

not myrrh, frankincense or gold,

but I always implore the Father

for the children in his temple.

For that and more, today I come

requesting my inclusion,

I breathe and I have a heart

like the human being,

I am loyal to my brothers

and I also have a good son.

Mary, Joseph, Three Wise Men,

So I await your response.

accept me, nothing costs,

but it does bring great profit,

in me they have the poise

of the noble creatures,

those wise, pure souls,

that the creator brought you here,

a magician king, yes yes,

and in marketing, figure!

the magician rapper king (John Ortiz)


– Melchor rapper

– Gasper

– Balthazar


To the taste of the organizers.

Locker room

The typical one used during these religious demonstrations, except for Melchor, who is dressed as a rapper.


On the clear stage, Melchor enters, with updated costumes, half a rapper, and addressing the audience.


They know me by Melchor,

one of the Magi,

I carry myrrh in my hands,

and in my glowing verb.

Now rapper, yes sir,

I’ve gotten close to swing,

I have endless lyrics

to sing at Christmas,

for all ages,

for the teacher and for you.

(Baltasar enters the stage)

Balthazar: (bewildered, he takes a good look at Melchor and then speaks to him)

Dear Melchor, I see that you continue with your idea of ​​being a rapper. Brother, the day of the Redeemer’s coming is coming, and we must focus on looking presentable, but you insist on dressing and acting that way.

(Just after Baltasar finishes speaking, Gaspar enters the scene; he takes a good look at Melchor and then speaks to him)


I can’t believe, brother, that you insist, especially with so little left. Come on, Melchor, who is here, the day is coming very soon. We ask Baltasar and I to change your clothes and your strange way of speaking, and we head north until we reach Bethlehem.

(Melchor looks at both Wise Men, a bit indignant, and says to them):


I’m still the same king

Only now I speak in rhyme

I do it here and in the kitchen,

even talking to my ox.

What’s wrong with that, guys?

I comply with my donations,

Also, my prayers

Now they make more sense

I speak to them with style

with great innovations.

Gaspar: It’s not normal how you express yourself.

Balthazar: That’s right, brother, that’s enough. Talk normal, please, and get ready to go.


They judge me by my style

for making poetry

and embrace joy

because now I’m festive.

Well, if they don’t accept me, I tell them

that I will go to Bethlehem on my own,

before God I will make presence

and let him tell me

if my simple myrrh is worth

Even though I rap with my lyrics.

(Gaspar and Baltasar look at him, scared)

Gaspar: no, king, brother, and friend, come, I beg you, with us. Sorry if we’ve judged you, it’s just that it’s not common to hear someone talk like that.

Balthazar: sorry I tell you, equally, Melchor, partner. You know we both appreciate you, but we didn’t understand this new taste. Please, let’s all go together to see Baby Jesus.

Melchor: (Cheerful)

Your words have reached me

your forgiveness has convinced me,

in the end we have always been

a dedicated team.

We will go together, brothers,

to see the sincere Child,

let us follow the star,

We are heading to Bethlehem

I know that Jesus will see well

to Melchor, the rapper king.

What the Mule and the Ox thought (John Ortiz)


– mule

– Ox

– José

– Maria

– Jesus

– The three wise men


A manger to the taste of the organizers.

Locker room

The typical one used during these religious manifestations. Animal costumes.


There are José, María and the child in the manger, and the Mule and the Ox behind. Suddenly, the two animals go to the front of the stage and start a chat.


Who would say, friend Ox,

that we would be here

where the greatest King, yes,

would come to the world, what a wey!


That’s right, dear Mule,

we are very lucky

much more than other cattle,

of that there is no doubt.


The only thing that bothers me

And I don’t mean it deploringly

there is only straw, there is not a piece

apple or custard apple.


It seems to me too

don’t feel bad, my mule,

I mean, it’s the King, maybe some

rich fruit, red strawberry

there should be waiting

but no, there is not a single pear

and that, in itself, is distressing.


Ox dear, and not to speak

from the cold that sticks in the manger,

Good thing I don’t have a fever

but you could give me


God free us from that evil,

listen to us and bring food,

I say, then, if our life

was important for this fact,

we deserve sweet ferns,

peaches and sideburns.


Also clothes, Ox, don’t forget,

That cold is very weak

besides, no one told us

How long will we be here?


True, Mula, we’ll last

very little without coat,

bring, my God, some linen,

and also mashed potatoes,

in the end this is about

of the most beautiful party,

for Mary, the blessed,

brought Jesus into the world

hopefully the resounding request

bequeath to your throne…

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