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47 examples of tolerance

Some examples of tolerance They are respecting cultural differences at work or school, giving the same social rights to immigrants or tolerating personality differences.

Tolerance can be defined as an act of respect and acceptance of what is not understood and is strange. In this way, tolerance takes place against what is not one’s own, but rather external to the «I».

The word «tolerance» is derived from the Latin term tolerancewhose meaning can be translated into the attitude of accepting, enduring or putting up with a specific event or the behavior of another individual.

It is considered a value of human morality, in that it represents respect for others and for differences in creed, sexual orientation, political position, and personal opinions and interests.

Likewise, it is considered essential for healthy social harmony and life in democracy.

Examples of racial and social tolerance

– Permissiveness of a police officer against the violation of a minor rule.

– Attendance of children of different origins and religious beliefs at the same school.

– A college classroom with individuals who share different political views.

– Public celebration of a religious festival within a multicultural context.

– Respect for homosexuality.

– Respect for the difference of creed.

– Respect for the difference of thought.

– Respect for the difference in political orientation.

– Celebration of a wedding between people of different religious orientations.

– Acceptance of the partner of a friend’s partner.

– A group of friends where they all hold different political positions.

– Inclusion of people with disabilities.

– Respect for the cultural background of individuals.

– Travel to another country and respect its traditions.

– UN meeting with members from different countries.

– An intercultural couple, whose origins are different.

– Inclusion of people from all over the community where they live.

– Respect children with slower learning rates.

– Do not respond to an attack from an external agent.

– Education of a child who makes mistakes.

– Process of learning a language.

– Sometimes tolerate neighborhood parties that are slightly exceeded at the agreed time.

– Not issuing a subpoena or fine for a minor violation of a traffic rule.

– Allow a minimum amount of liquid to be loaded on a plane, even if it is not allowed.

– Resist without reacting to the provocation of a counterpart.

– Attendance at a football match without initiating any type of conflict against the opposing fans.

– Acceptance of an unfair sentence.

– Acceptance of the vote of others by a candidate from another party.

– Acceptance of people with a less favorable economic condition.

– Patience in the face of the difficulties of others, accepting that they are important to other people, even if it seems to us that they are not.

– Acceptance of people who have not had professional training.

– Accept and respect the freedom of worship of different cultures.

– Accept and respect the different positions of children in different situations, and of children towards their parents.

– Do not make fun of schoolmates who are different.

Drug tolerance

In the field of medicine, the term «tolerance» is used to refer to the body’s response to a drug.

In this sense, tolerance refers to the body’s ability to resist the effect of a specific drug.

Generally, it occurs when excessive use of a specific drug is made, causing the body to create resistance to it. This event usually also takes place when talking about drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

Some examples of tolerance to a drug may be the following:

– Excessive and unnecessary consumption of antibiotics, making their effect less and less.

– Excessive consumption of pain medications, reducing their effect.

– Consumption of narcotics or alcohol in a constant, excessive and prolonged manner, causing the body to generate resistance to its effect and each time the consumption must be greater.

Tolerance and immune response

Immune tolerance occurs when the body’s immune system does not react to the presence of an antigen.

This happens because said antigen has previously inhabited the body, creating a kind of memory in the body that inhibits the presence of a response.

This event is highly important when you want to transplant an organ in such a way that the receiving body does not reject it.

Some examples of immunological tolerance can be the following:

– Successful kidney transplant, without being rejected by the recipient’s body.

– Vaccine application, to generate an immune memory in the vaccinated body.

– Intake of a drug that suppresses the immune response to tolerate the presence of a donated organ.

computer tolerance

Computer tolerance refers to the ability of a computer system to continue operating correctly despite the presence of an error.

In this way, a system’s data storage method will remain in place, backing up the relevant data, in the event the system crashes.

Some examples of computer tolerance can be the following:

– Autosave Word documents in case the program crashes.

– Backups created by design software while you are working on them.

– Establishing an operating system restore point on a computer.

– Hard drive partition to store backup information, in case the primary drive fails.

industrial tolerance

Within industrial processes, the term of tolerance is used to describe the margin of error allowed when executing a process. This field also covers the design and manufacture of products in a serial manner.

Some examples of industrial tolerance may be the following:

– Number of errors or failures allowed within an industrial process.

– Number of units that can be defective within a series production.

– Allowable clearance in the manufacture of a mold or industrial part.


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