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38 Beautiful Poems of Romanticism (by Great Authors)

The poems of romanticism They are compositions that use literary resources typical of poetry, framed in the cultural movement called Romanticism. Some of its most recognized representatives are William Blake, Walt Whitman, Víctor Hugo, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer or Edgar Allan Poe.

Romanticism arose in Germany and England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and quickly spread throughout the European continent, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Its main characteristic in all artistic expressions was to oppose Neoclassicism, a current that preceded it.

Therefore, the poems of this period also followed these premises, where feelings prevail over reason, the possibility of expressing oneself freely beyond pre-established rules, originality and creativity as opposed to imitation and tradition. It is therefore a purely subjective current.

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List of poems by famous authors of Romanticism

Poetry was not the most cultivated literary genre in Romanticism, as new forms arose such as the historical novel, the adventure novel and the romance. However, the poets of this period, of course, wrote their verses fulfilling the philosophical convictions of the time: the knowledge of the Self and the search for beauty beyond reason.

Below we leave you some texts by the most famous authors of this period.

1- A Dream

Once upon a time a dream wove a shadow
on my bed that an angel protected:
I was an ant that was lost
across the grass where I thought it was.

Confused, perplexed and desperate,
dark, surrounded by darkness, exhausted,
I stumbled through the spreading tangle,
all disconsolate, and I heard him say:
“Oh my children! do they cry?
Will they hear their father sigh?
Are they out there looking for me?
Do they come back and weep for me?

Pityed, I shed a tear;
but nearby I saw a firefly,
who replied: “What human moan
summon the guardian of the night?

It’s up to me to light up the grove
while the beetle makes its rounds:
Now follow the buzz of the beetle;
Little tramp, come home soon.»

Author: William Blake (England)

2- Walk Beautiful as the Night

Walk beautiful, like the night
Of clear climates and starry skies,
And all the best of dark and light
It shines in his appearance and in his eyes,
Enriched thus by that tender light
That the sky denies the vulgar day.

One more shadow, one less ray,
They would have diminished the ineffable grace
That shakes in each braid of hers of black shine,
Or gently light up her face,
Where sweet thoughts express
How pure, how lovely is her abode.

And on that cheek, and on that forehead,
They are so soft, so calm, and at the same time eloquent,
The smiles that win, the nuances that illuminate
And they talk about days lived with happiness.
A mind at peace with everything,
A heart with innocent love!

Author: Lord Byron (England)

3- Know Thyself

One thing only man has sought at all times,
and it has done it everywhere, on the tops and in the depths
of the world.
Under different names -in vain- he always hid himself,
and always, even believing her close, it got out of hand.
There was a man long ago who in kind myths
revealed to his children the keys and the path to a castle
Few managed to know the simple key to the enigma,
but those few then became masters
of destiny.
It went on for a long time – the mistake sharpened our wits –
and the myth stopped hiding the truth from us.
Happy who has become wise and has left his obsession
around the world,
who for himself yearns for the stone of wisdom
The reasonable man then becomes a disciple
it transforms everything into life and gold, it no longer needs the
The sacred alembic bubbles within it, the king is in it,
and also Delphi, and at last he understands what it means
know yourself.

Author: Georg Philipp Freiherr von Hardenberg – NOVALIS (Germany)

4- Fullness

Since I applied my lips to your cup still full,
and I put my pale forehead in your hands;
Since I could once breathe the sweet breath
of your soul, perfume hidden in the shadow.

Since it was granted to me to hear from you
the words in which the mysterious heart spills out;
since I have seen crying, since I have seen smile,
your mouth on my mouth, your eyes in my eyes.

Since I have seen it shine on my excited head
a ray from your star, oh!, always veiled.
Since I have seen fall in the waves of my life
a rose petal torn from your days,

I can now say to the swift years:
Come in! Keep going! I won’t grow old anymore!
All gone with all our withered flowers,
I have in my album a flower that no one can cut.

Your wings, when touching it, will not be able to shed
the glass in which I now drink and that I have very full.
My soul has more fire than you ashes.
My heart has more love than you forget.

Author: Victor Hugo (France)

5- Do not stop

Don’t let the day end without having grown a little,
without having been happy, without having increased your dreams.
Don’t be overcome by discouragement.
Don’t let anyone take away your right to express yourself.
which is almost a must.
Do not abandon the desire to make your life something extraordinary.
Don’t stop believing that words and poetry
they can change the world.
No matter what our essence is intact.
We are beings full of passion.
Life is desert and oasis.
It knocks us down, it hurts us,
teaches us,
makes us protagonists
of our own history.
Even if the wind blows against
the mighty work continues:
You can contribute with one stanza.
Never stop dreaming,
because in dreams man is free.
Don’t fall for the worst of mistakes:
the silence.
The majority lives in a scary silence.
Don’t resign.
«I emit my screams through the roofs of this world»,
says the poet.
Appreciates the beauty of simple things.
You can make beautiful poetry about little things,
but we cannot row against ourselves.
That transforms life into hell.
Enjoy the panic it causes you
have life ahead.
live it intensely
no mediocrity.
Think that in you is the future
and face the task with pride and without fear.
Learn from those who can teach you.
The experiences of those who came before us
of our “dead poets”,
help you walk through life
Today’s society is us:
The «living poets».
Don’t let life happen to you without you living it.

Author: Walt Whitman (United States)

6- Eternal love

The sun may cloud forever;
The sea can dry up in an instant;
The axis of the earth may break
Like a weak crystal.
Everything will happen! may death
Cover me with your funereal crape;
But it can never go out in me
The flame of your love

Author: Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (Spain)

7- Remember me

My lonely soul cries in silence,

except when my heart is

United to yours in heavenly alliance

of mutual sigh and mutual love.

It is the flame of my soul which aurora,

shining in the sepulchral enclosure:

almost extinct, invisible, but eternal…

Not even death can sully it.

Remember me!… Close to my grave

do not pass, no, without giving me your prayer;

for my soul there will be no greater torture

than knowing that you have forgotten my pain.

Hear my last voice. It’s not a crime

pray for those who were. I never

I asked you for nothing: when I expire I demand you

that on my grave you shed your tears.

Author: Lord Byron

8- The dark swallows will return

The dark swallows will return

on your balcony their nests to hang,

and again with the wing to its crystals

playing they will call

But those that the flight restrained

your beauty and my happiness to contemplate,

those who learned our names….

those… won’t come back!

The bushy honeysuckles will return

from your garden the walls to climb,

and again in the evening even more beautiful

its flowers will open.

But those dewy curds

whose drops we watched tremble

and fall like tears of the day…

those… won’t come back!

They will return from love in your ears

the burning words to sound,

your heart from its deep sleep

maybe he will wake up

But mute and absorbed and on their knees

as God is worshiped before his altar,

as I have loved you…, undeceive yourself,

so… they won’t love you!

Author: Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

9- A dream within a dream

Take this kiss on your forehead!

And, I say goodbye to you now,

There is nothing left to confess.

It is not wrong who estimates

That my days have been a dream;

Even if hope has flown

In one night, or in one day,

In a vision, or none,

Is the game therefore smaller?

Everything we see or imagine

It’s just a dream within a dream.

I stand between the roar

Of a shore tormented by waves,

And I hold in my hand

Grains of the golden sand.

How few! however as they crawl

Between my fingers towards the depths,

While I cry, while I cry!

Oh God! I can’t hold on

With more force?

Oh God! can’t save

One of the relentless tide?

Is it all we see or imagine

A dream within a dream?

Author: Edgar Allan Poe

10- The Fairy

Come, my sparrows,

my arrows

If a tear or a smile

they seduce man;

if a loving dilatory

cover the sunny day;

if the blow of a step

moves the heart from the roots,

behold the wedding ring,

Make any fairy a king.

So sang a fairy.

I jumped from the branches

and she eluded me,

trying to run away

But, trapped in my hat,

it won’t take long to learn

who can laugh, who can cry,

because it is my butterfly:

I have removed the poison

of the wedding ring.

Author: william blake

11- The argument of suicide

About the beginning of my life, whether I wanted it or not,

no one ever asked me – otherwise it could not be –

If life was the question, a thing sent to try

And if to live is to say YES, what can be NO but to die?

Nature’s Answer:

Is it returned the same as when it was sent? Isn’t the wear and tear worse?

Think first of what you ARE! Be aware of what you WERE!

I have given you innocence, I have given you hope,

I have given you health, and genius, and a broad future,

Will you return guilty, lethargic, desperate?

Take inventory, examine, compare.

Then die—if you dare to die.

Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

12- Restless love

Through the rain, through the snow,

Through the storm I go!

Among the sparkling caves,

On the misty waves I go,

Always forward, always!

Peace, rest, have flown.

fast between the sadness

I want to be slaughtered

that all the simplicity

sustained in life

Be the addiction of a longing,

Where the heart feels for the heart,

Seeming to both burn

It seems that they both feel.

How am I going to fly?

Vain were all the confrontations!

Brilliant crown of life,

turbulent bliss,

Love, you are this!

Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

13- Don Juan in hell

When Don Juan descended into the underground wave

And his mite he had given to Charon,


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