6 junio, 2024

+375 Mexican neighborhood phrases

I leave you with the best neighborhood phrases Mexican, ideal for learning about the great variety of expressions of popular Mexican use that have arisen from the extensive wealth and cultural variety of this country.

The type of neighborhood phrases that are most abundant are usually greetings and farewells, proverbs, idioms to affirm or deny, advice or insults. Some are classic, some are hilarious, and some are just nonsense, but they’re wildly popular. You may also be interested in these Mexican sayings.

-Love is foolish and justice is blind.

-You’re going, Barabbas.

-What fungus my mushroom?

-Here I go, San Pedro!

-Where are you going, rabbit Blas?

-So fart to shit watery!

-I’m going to change the water for the olives!

-What roll Goyo!

-You are seeing that the dog is brave and you kick his cage.

-Do not add lemon to the wound.

-Of dark billet.

– Pray, pray, it gets stuck.

– Shore to the shore, young people.

-Oh Jonas! said the whale when he felt it in his navel.

-The chahuistle already fell.

-I can’t hear you, you’re wearing tennis shoes!

-Like father Like Son.

-The one who is parakeet wherever he wants is green.

-Innocent until proven guilty.

-You caught me on the curve.

-That [inserte nombre de objeto/cosa o verbo]Not even eight quarters!

-I stayed like the dog of the two cakes.

Let’s go play the role.

-The one who has to be pot-bellied, even if they dress him up as a kid.

-No corn doves!

-Don’t be a squirrel.

-You have to sugar the churro!

– I’m worth a reverend peanut.

-The merequetengue was armed!

-I see you with the whatsapp face.

-I would like to be a squirrel to eat you, acorn.

-Do it well… without looking with whom.

They threw the horse on me.

-You give flight to the lint.

– What’s up with the pandita?

-Simona Ramona the bald monkey.

– Do I know you, fly?

-Cupping the brim.

-He already danced with the ugliest.

-The chahuistle already fell on us

-Better late than never.

-They made me of ham / fart.

-So much cackle for a sad little egg.

-You calm and I nervous!

-You are well pipiris nais.

-I like you fat!

-They tied me like a pig.

-You already roared lion.

-The heat is very hot.

-The comal told the pot.

-What a fish, what a pex.

-With so many bumpers and me without shock absorbers.

-Cuates the peanuts, and do not speak.

-It’s balls!

-This night eats Pancho.

-A rope of ant.

-Lighten up!

-As the spring said: I rest!

-I’m combing the little turtle.


-I’ll drop you now.

-You already roared, panther!

-I’m going to break the tangerine into segments.

-Suck and suck, the world is going to end!

-It makes me what the wind does to Juárez.

-What time do you go out for the bread?

-If beauty were a sin, you would already be in hell.

-See you at the mouse.

-They made me a Pancho!

-Take care of the water for the sweet potatoes.

-I’m up to the mother!

-Legs so I want them.

-Cool! (south of the country) / Chilo! (North of the country)

-Hold on!

-Oh nanita, darling!

-Calming mountains.

-I already dropped the twenty!

-Tie your shoelaces or you’re going to get a frog.

– I’m going to get the soup.

-There is no varus.

-They took you down from the hill with drums.

-This doll changes sideboard!

– Pee I’m coming!

-Not that they were enchiladas.

-Let’s play!

-Hold on.

-You already peeled it.

-Speak now or forever hold your peace.

-Let’s ruffle the parrot!

– I’m going to chat for a while.

-Whoever was cement to hold that monument!

-It still holds a piano.

-You bring me the bill, and a policeman.

– Let’s fly!

-The worst pig always takes the cob.

-You with so many curves and me without brakes.

-Today I’m going to wear my flip flops!

-You are like green chile, spicy but very tasty.

-They are asking me for the virgin’s pearls.

-If they have a washing machine, let’s wash there!

-He’s going to get the chiflon.

-Takataka in Japanese!

-He who dies for his pleasure, even death knows him.

-How do we manage?

-You are watching the storm and you are not incas.

-Donkey meat is not transparent.

-The dead to the well and the alive to the joy.

-Okay father!

-To give him that it is mole de olla.

– Chuchita was bagged!

– It thunders in reverse.

-This fart is cannon!


-Don’t get hot casserole!

-Go see if he already put the sow.

-I’m worth three cucumbers!

– I’m very jarious!

-The order of the factors does not alter the product.

-With that cake, I don’t even ask for it anymore.

-You are very shitty.

-Achis, achis the mariachis.

-Even the best cook burns the beans.

-Live life intensely.

-Yes in English!

-I’m going to tell my fish markets that I love them, let’s see if they leave too.

-Catch the fart!

– He went into the kitchen.

-When hell freezes over.

-What do you say your name is called?

-Full belly happy heart!

-Don’t eat the cake before recess.

-I feel of the versh.

-Lower your eggs / Lower your fart.

-Don’t give me a cheek!


-They made me give birth to chayotes.

-I already ate, I already drank, I am no longer here.

-To the beast.

-He who is born for a tamale from heaven leaves fall.

-To the one who manages, God accompanies him.

-What a mess you have!

-Flying table tennis!

– Don’t look for white hair on a black donkey.

-You think you are very very.

-You went too far!

-What’s up with the chicken?

– I’m doing well jet.

– It happens to be worth a straw.

-I’m a strawberry, but not for your jam.

-Do not whistle that it is sung.

-I fell for pearls!

-Not even with pussies.

-You already sucked headlights!

-Grandma, I’m yor grandson!

– What Peter, Paul?

-Don’t play dude.

-The machaca was made!

-Now stoves!

-Don’t stain the canvas, otherwise I won’t let you get into the ring!

-Don’t look for the chichis to the snake.

-In the absence of love, some tacos al pastor.

-Love is the conjunction of two vowels, two consonants and two idiots.

– From the staple.

-Giving and giving, little bird flying.

-What’s up?

-What Pachuca for Toluca?

-You are all mother!

-To each monkey his rope.

-Winds. / Hurricane winds.

-That’s if I haven’t been handling it for you.

-Have you counted the eyelashes?

-I already deserve it.

-I’m opening up!

-If you have TV, there you see yourself.

-You are seeing and you do not see.

-When the mule is a fart, even if they load it with saints.

-If you are going to eat nopales, remove the slimy.

-You have to make a cup!

I know you like the back of my hand.

-Success is not achieved by luck.

He read me the card.

– Your chocolate beats me.

– I’ll give you a soda.

-He puts a lot of cream on his tacos.

-Know the ball.

-Neither Pepsi, said Coca.

– I’m pulling face.

-The clown already charged us.

-You think you are very here, don’t you?

-I was making her tamales goat.

-The one who went to the villa, lost his chair.


-Hope dies last.

-Fuck your mother!

-What I brought you, Chencha.

-What fungus?

-What Gustavo of Veronica!

-You’re pissing me off.

– Ansina is!

-What elegance from France!

-Chin chin the one who cracks.

-Then we’re going to have a Rollingtons.

-How ponds?

-Your seagull is not there, but your turkey is there.

-The ham is a lot for two sad eggs.

-What slaps?

-Baby wire heart, marry me and we’ll starve.

-You bring me to the tompiates.

-I thought you were already dark, but nopales, you’re very alive.

-Don’t beat me up!

-What a trick!

-The canoe is leaking.

-See you there, crocodile.

-It kicked me out!

-Don’t play a duck.

-Don’t get upset!

-Do not go to crack.

-Lay down the roll.

-Who said fear?

-Don’t be scratchy!

-There is no pex/fart.

-With you the milpa is ranch and the atole champurrado.

-You don’t complete pa’l jorongo and you want to buy a tilma.

-You already have me up to the cake.

-Speak without mincing words.

-Let’s go suck!

-As a musician, poet and madman, we all have a little.

-We are going to stab the bear to death.

-What’s up with those shoes?

-It’s Toño, Juan and Petra.

-They grabbed the chongo / the greñas.

-Let’s put meat on the tamale!

-The brave man lasts until the coward wants to.

-I’m a strawberry, but not for your jam.

-The rancheras don’t sing badly.

-It is not new, but it gives the catazo.

-And your snow, what do you want it for?

-That Jais of the tangle.

-What a bear!

-What Milanese, it’s been a while since you’ve had steaks. I thought that already morongas.

-Who was a watch to own your time.

-Let’s beat the honeycomb until honey comes out!

-Put on the one from Puebla.

-Fuck my mother if not!

-Don’t be sassy/culón!

-Look for a needle in a haystack

-I would like to be lagaña to be in your eyes.

-If you were my better half, I would spend squeezing you all day.

-I would like to be blood to be in your heart, and come out for your menstruation.

-Money does not make happiness, the purchase is done.

– Did the stone fall on you?

-It’s alright dude!

-Paws so I want them.

-No mameyes in times of grapes.

-You’re in a bad third!

-Don’t be pissing me off.

-I take a cue from the tongue.

-Don’t piss me off!


– I’m scratching my belly button.

-Here a cup was broken and everyone goes home.

-Serene, dark!

– I’m very excited.

-You are very fart.

-Pass the confleis.

-Scare me panther!

-You have to name the child Jorge.

-You already heat my garden.

-You don’t have a candle at the funeral.

-Give yourself a shot!

– I don’t bring fair.

-Not very very, not so so.

-You don’t want to cover the male’s eye.

-You’re doing a bad drink.

-How bald is the cochi!

– Hold the meats.

-They caught you swallowing pinole.

-With one look from you you deprived me of reason, and now they say that I am crazy with love.

-I burned my eyelashes.

-Without Yolanda, Marycarmen, Nancy didn’t come here.

-As Mickey Mouse said, each one for his house.

-If the road is like this, how will the town be?

-What time do you go out for the bread?

– I’m going to have a coyotito.

-Relax the crack and enjoy the fruit.

-Each little chapel gets its little party.

-Matanga said the changa!

-It’s shit!

-You left the viper screaming.

-Where there was fire ashes remain.

-My neighborhood supports me.

-Herod’s law touched you, or fuck you or fuck you!

-To give him that it is mole de olla.

-Woman and man together, only deceased.

-I Querétaro Metepec my Chilpancingo for your Culiacán.

-I’m going to break your whole mother.


-What is your fart?

-You already screwed up!

-Of course!

-I’m the pure vegetable!

-Behave badly and take good care of yourself.

-You’re a cunt.

-Not even going to dance at Chalma.

-Tomorrow I have to go to work.

-What fish, Aquaman?

– Badgers because there are no squirrels.

-Wow, it’s broth!

-Transiting through your veins?

-That passion?

-Here only my chicharrones thunder.

-I’m your napkin.

-You’re fine Quaker my oatmeal!

-You see that the Indian is happy and you give him maracas.

-This teddy bear is already going to his case.

-How is the fart?

-Get up with the one that sweeps.

Where are you going with that piece of shit?

-Each monkey to his rope.

-Better that they say “here he ran”, than “here he stayed”.

-Fierro relative!

-Roll it!

-I threw the roe all day.

-Sorrows with bread are good.

-The small thing weighs on you.

-It has been as it has been.

-The more quiet you are, the prettier you are.

– He got up to his hands.

-Then we win.

-The bony one took it.

-You say frog and I jump.

-It made my mouth water!

-Lend for the orchestra.

-He hung himself up to the molcajete.

-You already have the sandwich.

-The squirrel squeals at you.

-Who does not deal, does not go.

-I walk with Jesus in my mouth.

– I get tired goose.

-Never say Never.

-So much meat and I toothless.

-Where so combed?

-I’ll explain it to you with pears and apples.

-Wheezing and clapping.

-For you I am capable of throwing myself from the tip of a bolillo!

-Love from afar, love of assholes.

-If you can’t beat the enemy, join him.

-Batman’s granny.

-Once a year does not hurt.

-And what about your palette?

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