8 junio, 2024

37 phrases about autism to reflect and think about

He autism It is part of the spectrum of the so-called generalized developmental disorders, where not only a delay in development but also atypical development occurs, with great alterations in its functions.

It is characterized by significant deficiencies in the field of communication and social interaction together with repetitive behavior patterns. For a long time it was thought to be a childhood disorder, but it is now known that this condition accompanies the individual throughout their lives.

We have made a list of quotes about autismwho talk about how autistic people are, how to treat them, acceptance, feelings, and other topics to reflect on.

List of phrases about autism

-Autism is proof that love does not need words.

-If autistic people can’t learn how we teach, we have to teach how they learn.

-The autistic person does not suffer for being autistic, but for the way you treat them.

-Observe the capacity of the autistic person, not the label.

-Autism: seeing the world from a different angle.

-Autism is not a tragedy, but ignorance about what it is.

-Autism is like traveling through life with a different map.

-Some of the most wonderful people are those who do not fit the mold.- Tori Amos.

-It takes a town to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise awareness of the village.- Elaine Hall.

-Being autistic makes you different, not less.

Autism is like a rainbow. It has its bright side and its dark side, but each shade is important and beautiful.

4-It seems that to succeed in science or art, a pinch of autism is essential.- Hans Asperger.

-Autism: where the little things are never small, and every milestone is a celebration.

Autism is not the end of the world. It’s the start of a whole new one.

-Every child can learn, just not in the same way.

-Autism is not a choice, acceptance is.- Stuart Duncan.

-Sometimes the most powerful therapy is acceptance.

-Sometimes the real superheroes live in the hearts of little children who fight in big battles.

-The world needs all kinds of minds.- Dr. Temple Grandin.

-Acceptance is the best gift you can give someone with autism.

-Children with autism are angels who lost their way to heaven and fell to earth.

-A person with autism lives in his own world, while a person with Asperger lives in our world, in a unique way that he chooses.- Nicholas Sparks.

-Autistic adults were autistic children. We grow up and we need acceptance and understanding too.- Tina J. Richardson.

-Do not fear people with autism, embrace them. Don’t nag people with autism, don’t deny people with autism acceptance. Then your skills will shine.- Paul Isaacs.

-Being autistic does not make me less human. It just makes me who I am. Just like you are you.- Tina J. Richardson.

-Autism is part of my son, it is not all that he is. My son is much more than a diagnosis.- SL Coelho.

-Autism: when the «randomness of life» faces and collides with the need of an individual to achieve a condition of equality.- Eileen Miller.

Autism is what makes me who I am. You can’t cure my autism. It is intertwined in the way I perceive the world.- Tina J. Richardson.

-All autism is real, it is a spectrum.- Tina J. Richardson.

4-Imagine that your child is born with wings.- Carolyn Parkhurst.

-Autistic people see the world in a different light, in ways that many could never imagine.- Tina J. Richardson.

-The three characters used for the word «autism» in Japanese mean «I», «closed» and «disease».- Naoki Higashida.

-Autism is, and will be for a long time, a diagnosis that is given from the eye of the observer.- Caren Zucker.

-You would be surprised if you knew how many people are autistic. Let’s stop the stereotypes.- Tina J. Richardson.

5-While one in two marriages ends in divorce, one in forty-two boys has autism.- Steven Magee.

-Emotional poverty such as aversion to company are not symptoms of autism, but consequences of autism.- Naoki Higashida.

-Don’t be sad because I’m autistic. Love me for what I am. All of Me. Some things are hard for me, but I’m fine the way I am.- Tina J. Richardson.

-There is a sad sinking feeling that comes when you do not even fit in with other autistic people.- Tina J. Richardson.

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