8 junio, 2024

34 difficult words to write and pronounce in Spanish

The most complex words to write in spanish They generally belong to the field of medicine. They are characterized by having more than 10 characters and usually have a rather complicated pronunciation.

This list also includes words that have a complicated spelling due to the set of homophone letters, which eventually leads to spelling confusion.

1- Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

This unpronounceable 45-letter word is the term used to name the lung disease that is caused by silica poisoning.

2- Sternocleidomastoid

It is a muscle located at the base of the neck. It starts from the sternum and passes through the clavicle until it reaches the base of the ear. It is involved in the rotational movements of the head.

3- electroencephalographer

He is the specialist in charge of performing electroencephalograms. This special study consists of an impression of brain waves, through the use of an electroencephalograph.

4- otolaryngologist

He is the specialist doctor in otorhinolaryngology. This specialty is dedicated to the study of the anatomy and diseases that occur in the nose, ear and throat.

5- Parallelepiped

It is a three-dimensional geometric figure that consists of the union of six parallelograms, with opposite faces and parallel to each other.

For example, a shoe box is a parallelepiped.

6- Trickery

Scam, fraud or ruse by which a person is deceived in some type of commercial exchange, such as buying, selling, exchanging merchandise, among others.

7- Lepidopterophobia

It is understood as the phobia of lepidoptera, a category in which moths and butterflies are found.

8- Ovoviviparous

It is a type of oviparous animal that keeps its eggs in the genital tract for a while, until embryonic development is advanced.

9- Deoxyribonucleic

It refers to deoxyribonucleic acid, known by its acronym as DNA. It is the main component of the genetic material of all living beings.

10- Adhesive tape

It is an adhesive tape, made of cloth or paper, which is used as a medical element for holding bandages.

11- Antihistamine

A drug or substance taken to limit the production of histamine in the body.

12- Idiosyncrasy

It is the profile or the most distinctive features of a person or a population.

13- Arteriosclerosis

It is a vascular alteration that consists of the thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the arterial walls due to the accumulation of a plaque composed mainly of fats.

14- Unthread

Action of extracting the thread or thread of a needle.

15- Circumscription

This word has two meanings: the first consists of the action and effect of circumscribing; that is, limit or restrict something.

A military, electoral, administrative or ecclesiastical division in a certain sector is also called a circumscription.

16- Get excited

It refers to getting excited or agitated, as a reaction to a particular action.

17- Photosynthetic

Of or relating to photosynthesis.

18- Kaleidoscope

It is a dark tube containing several inclined mirrors inside. Inside the kaleidoscope the images are multiplied by the effect of the reflection of the mirrors.

19- Procrastination

Verb that alludes to the action and effect of procrastinating; that is, defer or postpone things.

20- Logicomechanophobia

Computer phobia.

21- Bat

Original way of naming the mammal bat. Both are valid, both equally difficult for some people to pronounce.

22– Hinney

Animal that is born from the relationship between a horse and a donkey.

23- Endometrium

Mucosa inside the uterus.

24- Nephelibata

Dreamy person, who escapes from reality.

25- Pituitary

Gland of the brain that secretes pituitary gland.

26- Polymethyl methacrylate

Known as methacrylate, it is a type of plastic made for the manufacture of different utensils.

27- Ventriloquist

Person with the ability to change the natural voice without being perceived in the movement of their lips or body expressions.

28- Torticollis

Involuntary and painful contraction of the cervical muscles that affects the shoulders and neck.

29- Paraphrastic

Related to paraphrasing.

30- Homopedonecrozoophilic

Individual with sexual inclinations towards minor or deceased animals.

31- Lithsexuality

People with attraction to other people without the need to be reciprocated.

32- Polyphonematic

Phonic sequence, of two or more phonemes

33- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

It does not appear in the RAE, but is one of the most iconic words in cinema (Mary Poppins) and that more laughter has aroused in people.

34- Hippotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia

It is the phobia of long words.


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