7 junio, 2024

300 Never Have I Questions for Children and Adolescents

I leave you the best never have i ever asked to use in a round, being divided by categories (children, teenagers, adults) and with several script twists (uncomfortable, disgusting, hot questions) to have a good time with your social circle.

I never is one of those classic games used during environments with alcohol consumption, for example meetings with friends, to make them more exciting. Depending on the types of questions used, they can generally be used for two purposes: 1) to get to know the members of that social circle better, learning how they would react or how they have reacted to certain common or not so common situations; 2) to make them feel uncomfortable.

Do you dare to play? Here we leave you the funniest and most exciting questions of «I never…». You may also be interested in these questions to play truth or dare or these tricky ones.


For children

-I have never fallen asleep in the cinema.

I have never cried at school.

-I have never stolen my brother’s toy(s).

-I have never played video games all day.

I have never eaten squid.

-I have never presumed something that I have never done or do not have.

-I have never spent hours watching videos on YouTube.

-I have never appropriated the story of a friend and I have tried to make believe that it happened to me.

I have never called my teacher mom.

I have never had a pet.

-I never fell asleep in casual clothes.

-I have never been afraid of being alone at home.

I have never cheated on a test.

-I have never lied to my parents about where I am going.

I am never afraid of the dark.

-I have never been on a cruise / ship.

I have never made fun of someone.

-I have never stolen something with a value greater than 10 dollars/euros.

I have never done anything that I have regretted.

-I have never made a phone joke.

I have never been afraid of clowns.

-I have never mixed Coca Cola with Mentos.

-I have never pretended to be sick to stay home and play video games.

-I have never blamed my brother for something I did.

-I have never eaten only sweets at a meal.

-I have never stuck a piece of gum under an armchair, bench or table.

-I have never cried watching a Pixar or Disney movie.

-I never have a problem falling asleep after watching a horror movie.

-I have never had chewing gum stuck in my hair.

-I have never fallen asleep on the bus and missed my stop.

-I have never lied when saying that I know someone from show business or television.

-I have never lied about staying in school and actually going elsewhere.

I have never broken a bone.

I have never picked my nose in public.

I have never been to a summer camp.

-I have never scared myself when I saw myself in the mirror.

-I never jumped from a bungee.

-I have never killed ants by burning them with a magnifying glass.

I’ve never secretly wanted to be a wizard/witch at Hogwarts.

I have never been to an aquarium.

-I have never been sent to the principal’s office.

I have never ridden a horse.

I have never been to Disney World.

I’ve never been to a sleepover.

I have never cooked something elaborate.

-I have never «cleaned» by piling everything in the closet or in the drawers.

-I have never participated in a talent show.

-I have never spent all my money on sweets.

I have never tried to see the sun.

-I have never been afraid of going to a theme park.

I have never chipped a tooth.

for adults

-I have never accidentally «liked» a photo of my ex.

-I have never been kicked out of a bar or nightclub.

-I have never fallen asleep in a work meeting.

-I have never held the hand of the wrong person.

I have never forgotten my own age.

-I have never wet the bed beyond my childhood.

-I have never appeared in an embarrassing video that has been uploaded to YouTube.

I have never gone to a restaurant without leaving a tip.

-I’ve never tried to fart silently… and it ended up being loud.

-I have never had an accident trying to impress a boy or a girl that I liked.

-I have never been paralyzed in a public presentation.

-I have never eaten food that has fallen on the floor.

I have never thrown my cell phone down the toilet.

-I have never vomited from being too drunk.

-I have never greeted someone thinking they were someone else.

-I never blamed a gas on an animal.

-I have never been slapped by someone on the street.

-I have never called the wrong person, but I pretended that I really wanted to call them.

-I have never used Facebook while drunk.

-I’ve never been caught masturbating.

-I have never hit the car against the sidewalk while driving.

-I have never walked the whole day with the zipper down.

I have never spied on my neighbors.

I have never pretended to know a stranger.

-I have never stopped remembering my first love.

I have never stolen anything from a store.

-I have never put a «duck face» when taking a picture.

I have never fainted in public.

-I have never «lost» the glasses I was wearing at the time.

-I have never sent a text message to the wrong person.

-I have never accidentally climbed into someone else’s car.

-I have never recorded a video of myself singing or dancing.

I have never fallen in public.

-I have never been yelled at by a client at work.

-I have never sung at the top of my lungs, I have forgotten the lyrics and I have improvised.

-I have never broken a piece of furniture when sitting on it.

-I have never tried to impress the boy/girl I like by pretending to be knowledgeable about the topics he/she likes.

-I have never seen myself naked in the mirror.

-I have never sent my mother/father an erotic message by accident.

-I have never broken something in a friend’s house without him/her knowing.

-I have never made a mistake when entering the correct bathroom.

I have never received a serenade.

-I have never had diarrhea at a friend’s house.

I have never lied about my age.

I’ve never crashed a party.

-I have never pretended to laugh at a joke that I did not understand.

I have never cried in public over a song.

-I have never accidentally told someone “I love you”.

-I have never bought a toy for children, being an adult.

-I have never pretended to wash my hands and turned on the water handle, just in case someone was listening.

I have never been so drunk.

-I have never gone to the bathroom and I have left without washing my hands.

I have never dressed as the opposite sex.

I have never been lost in an amusement park.

-I have never been late and everyone stared at me.

-I have never accidentally entered a bathroom that was occupied.

-I have never screamed during a horror movie.

-I have never felt attracted to the father/mother of a friend.

-I never text drunk to my ex.

I have never splashed saliva in someone’s face.

-I have never taken food from the garbage and consumed it.

-I have never said «I love you» without meaning it.

-I have never farted in front of someone who attracted me.

I have never had a panic attack.

-I have never left my keys inside the car.

-I have never confused a man with a woman or vice versa.

-I have never caused a road accident by using the cell phone.

I have never fought in the street.

-I have never said «sorry» when there was no one around.

for teenagers

I have never taken a morning after pill.

I have never tried being vegan.

-I have never seen a friend’s cell phone without their permission.

I have never been fined.

-I have never bought clothes online.

I have never been jealous of my boyfriend.

I have never run away from school.

-I have never gone shopping with my parents’ credit card.

-I have never hurt someone in a fit of anger.

I have never fired a gun.

I have never fallen in love at first sight.

I have never purposely given someone the wrong directions.

I’ve never had my first kiss.

I have never kissed my best friend.

I have never been arrested.

I have never been suspended from school.

-I have never sent someone to the hospital by accident.

I have never lied in a job interview.

I have never broken the law.

I’ve never had a hangover.

-I have never crashed my father’s/mother’s car.

-I have never kissed the poster of a celebrity.

-I have never lied to a friend to avoid a greater evil.

-I have never flirted with my friend’s partner.

-I have never fallen asleep in one place and woke up in another.

I have never lost my phone.

I have never stayed awake for two days in a row.

I have never been to a bar.

-I have never seen cartoons for which I feel too old.

-I have never gotten drunk with my parents.

I’ve never had a bad blind date.

I have never been fired from my job.

I have never yelled at my parents.

-I have never cried in front of the boy/girl I like.

I have never had a physical altercation with my best friend.

-I have never tried to cut my hair on my own.

-I have never fallen in love with my brother’s friend.

I have never urinated in public.

I have never had a paranormal experience.

I have never left the country.

I’ve never been to prom.

-I have never forged my parents’ signature.

I have never considered cosmetic surgery.

-I have never kissed someone without knowing him.

-I have never sneaked a boy or a girl into a room.

-I have never fainted after drinking.

I have never yelled at my parents.

I have never given someone a black eye.

-I’ve never been the drunkest person at the party.

I have never refused a kiss.

I have never jumped on a parachute.

I have never had a piercing.

-I have never broken up with someone while drunk.

I’ve never had a fake ID.

-I have never tried on clothes and I have worn them without paying.

I have never lied about my age.

I have never failed a subject.

I’ve never had a job that I really hated.

-I have never gotten into trouble with a police officer.

-I have never taken my parents’ car without them knowing.

-I never went out on a date with someone because they were bored.

-I have never hidden my cigarettes to prevent my parents from knowing that I was smoking.

I have never had a rhinoplasty.

I have never smoked weed.

-I have never left a restaurant without paying the bill.

-I have never forgotten where I left the car parked.

I have never committed a crime.

I have never ridden a motorcycle.

-I have never played the bottle.

-I have never invited a girl to the dance.

I have never fallen in love with my teacher.

-I have never sent an inappropriate message to my mother/father that was originally intended for my boyfriend/girlfriend.

I have never had to run for my life.

I have never been to a concert.

I have never slept all day.

-I have never flirted with someone to win a bet.

-I have never spied on an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend through social networks.

-I’ve never gotten a tattoo that…

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