8 junio, 2024

30 short and original humorous poems

Humor is essential in life; It allows you to live with greater happiness, face problems from a positive perspective and interact more effectively with others. Without humor life would be much harder, in fact living with humor is a sign of intelligent people.

These funny poems They are designed to have a fun time, to share with friends and family, and to spend on special days. They will allow you to spend some fun moments while learning about poetry.

«I wanted to buy you apples» (Juan Ortiz)

I wanted to buy you apples

but I had no money

I said to myself: «Oh, what a drag!»

and I picked up this frog for you.

«Short happiness» (Juan Ortiz)

I was fast and happy

to see classes at my school,

and when crossing the last sidewalk

I fell into a puddle.

«False friendship» (Juan Ortiz)

He offered me his friendship

but it was pure interest,

I was only behind

of my internet password.

«The Ice Cream Man» (Juan Ortiz)

I was happy where dad

because the ice cream man was coming,

and he told me: «Lero, lero,

there is no money left for anything”.

«The Cow» (Juan Ortiz)

I went to milk the cow,

carefully, delicately,

and that delinquent animal

he kicked me and pooped me!

«I’m afraid» (Juan Ortiz)

I went wrong in Spanish

My mom still doesn’t know

the one that he will put together when he finds out,

Dear God, give me a hand!

«The tomato sauce» (Juan Ortiz)

I bought tomato sauce

to make pasta in my kitchen,

I slipped and fell on top of me

and when mommy saw me she almost had a heart attack.

«Evil returns» (Juan Ortiz)

Pedro made fun of Luis

for the note he took,

and the teacher scratched it

so that he learns not to be mean.

«The tooth mouse» (Juan Ortiz)

I put a tooth under my pillow

and when he woke up, he was gone,

I looked for the money, and there was nothing,

Mouse Pérez, you are a criminal!

«Reading of the day» (Juan Ortiz)

«What happens is that that one is fat»,

Rosa read, and they looked at her badly,

The teacher told him: «How fatal!

there it says: ‘The house is beautiful and deaf’”.

“Poor guitar” (Juan Ortiz)

He told me he knew how to play

the guitar beautifully

I lent it to him, and immediately

he dropped it, it did not ring again.

«The sky is gray» (Juan Ortiz)

The sky is grey,

it will rain for sure

I didn’t bring the umbrella

I am going to get wet!

«I don’t understand the class» (Juan Ortiz)

I don’t understand the class

the smell does not leave me,

the one next door didn’t bathe

and it smells like a weasel.

«Look at the moon» (Juan Ortiz)

Look at the moon,

look at the star,

so i like it:

that you do what I want.

«The day is dark» (Juan Ortiz)

The day is dark,

and it’s already morning

oh no, but how gross

I didn’t open the blind!

«In transportation» (Juan Ortiz)

I was happy

in the transport,

but a fart from the front

he took my consort from me.

«Open your window» (Juan Ortiz)

I went with serenade

to sing to my love,

a guy opened the window,

What a disappointment!

«The conciliator» (Juan Ortiz)

Two puppies were fighting

And I separated them, with love and care,

Now I’m going to the hospital

all bruised and bitten.

«Swimming at the beach» (Juan Ortiz)

I went to the beach to swim

to forget your betrayals,

and when leaving: laughter, mockery!

because I lost my pants.

«Take care of my rabbit» (Juan Ortiz)

I told my mom

to take care of my rabbit,

and when you get home

there was sancocho and celebration.

«Things of my little sister» (Juan Ortiz)

My house is beautiful,

has everything I want

the sad thing is that my little sister

snores like an old car.

«Birds in my window» (Juan Ortiz)

some birds fly

front of the window,

how beautiful, they are vultures!

I don’t think I’m going out this morning.

«A mango fell from heaven» (Juan Ortiz)

A mango fell from the sky

and he hit me on the head,

I was unconscious for three days

but today I eat it with emotion.

«Smells that make you fall in love» (Juan Ortiz)

She was very much in love

until we ate beans,

I went to the bathroom, and when I left

My smells frightened her.

«My cat Fifi» (Juan Ortiz)

I had a beautiful cat

and my girlfriend had a dog,

Fifi was brave

and the dog turned it into a memory.

«My girlfriend’s gift» (Juan Ortiz)

My girlfriend gave me a parrot,

and he did not tell me that he spoke,

He saw me with another and told her everything

What a perfect plan! I didn’t expect it.

«The memory of my neighbor» (Juan Ortiz)

My neighbor has memory

Very good, if I’m honest

more damage to owe money,

what a strange thing!, what a strange story!

«The walls do not hear everything» (Juan Ortiz)

The walls don’t hear everything

don’t blame them anymore

hear the gossipy beings

not to assume their sorrows.

«The terror of the refrigerator» (Juan Ortiz)

A ghost comes out of the house

when my wife diets

at night the fridge gives asthma

for it empties him to the door.

«My best friend? (John Ortiz)

my best friend told

have seen aliens,

I’m happy for my bro

I thought it unique in its kind.

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