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30 short and beautiful poems for dad to dedicate

A compilation of poems to dedicate to one of the most special people in life; the Popes

Parents are truly special people in the lives of children. In fact, for many, even adults, parents are the true heroes of their lives; They are role models and are always there when needed.

It is also often said that parents are the first loves of their children or that parents are the ones who raise the children, not the ones who father them. In any case, parents are unique and nothing can replace them.

These poems for dad They will serve you to make a dedication on a birthday, on Father’s Day, on an anniversary or simply give him a surprise to show your love and appreciation.

original poems for dad

«Dad, you’re better than Batman»

Daddy you know I like Batman

And superman is cool too

But I don’t really need them

As long as I have you forever.

Reflection: a short but funny and affectionate poem to dedicate.

«My father is my hero»

They asked me something at school

Which hero would I choose?

And I said quickly my dad

Because he always takes care of my life.

Reflection: A loving way of telling a father that he is a hero.

«Dad, my treasure»

Dad, you know that I adore you.

With love and decorum

because you are worth more than gold

and you are my true treasure.

Reflection: an exciting show of appreciation.

«Dad, my guide»

My dad is the guide of my life

because it’s always there

From Mondays to Sundays

and the 365 days

That’s why I want to tell you

That you are the man of my life.

Reflection: a way to express appreciation for a dad’s efforts.

«I will be great like you»

One day I’ll be big like you

And strong, smart and brave

Dad you are a hero to me

And I always have you on my mind

Happy Father’s Day!

Reflection: a beautiful composition to demonstrate the qualities of the father on his special day.

«Best Dad»

I hope you know them and don’t forget

That my heart is really happy

Today and every day,

That I have the best dad.

Reflection: a simple thank you to a father.

«Happy Father’s Day»

you have given me everything

and the best you could

that’s why I want you

the happiest Father’s Day.

Reflection: a simple dedication for Father’s Day.

«To my great father» (Juan Ortiz)

I love my great father

tell him well how much it’s worth

and the emotion comes out

like a big downpour.

A noble, accurate man,

and truly strong it is,

because in his soul there is no old age,

but a great energy,

you are my strength

example and guide in honesty.

Reflection: a tenth that expresses the appreciation of a son to an admired father.

«Hand in hand with dad» (Juan Ortiz)

from dad’s hand

I’m safe walking

I look at it and I’m thinking

the joy he gives me.

from dad’s hand

everything bad shrinks,

And if something gets complicated

he smiles and that’s it!

from dad’s hand

no one messes with me;

he is my guard, he is my friend,

my unconditional love.

Reflection: a poem in which a son expresses how safe he feels holding hands with his father.

«When I grow up I want to be a dad» (Juan Ortiz)

When I grow up I want to be a dad

a strong hero, without a cape,

to which nothing escapes,

and that he is truly wise.

There’s nothing he doesn’t know

all i ask

answer it in a second

removing any doubts you may have.

He is also a builder.

fixes everything you see,

for that and more is that:

I want to be a dad when I grow up.

Reflection: the poem expresses the desire of a son to imitate the work of his father.

«A time machine» (Juan Ortiz)

A time machine

I would like to invent

in order to lengthen the days

and that I can see you more.

A machine that adds

five hours in the afternoon

to go to the park together

and on the slide to play.

Can you imagine, father,

that there is such an invention?

I would be very happy

with five more hours.

A time machine,

a love machine

so that parents and children

enjoy your role.

Reflection: a poem in which a son expresses his need for more time with his father.

«On your shoulders» (Juan Ortiz)

On your shoulders I am taller

a mighty giant,

And if I growl like a bear,

Ma gets scared and jumps.

On your shoulders I see the sky

closer and it’s great,

I see the splendid sun

shine and walk in your flight.

On your shoulders there is no fear

nothing can reach me there

don’t stop getting up

with your strength and with your love.

On your shoulders we are one

father and son before life,

I take care of you, you take care of me,

and I fear no evil.

Reflection: a poem that expresses the emotion and security of a son being mounted on his father’s shoulders.

«Thank you for everything, dad» (Juan Ortiz)

I see you in the front, sitting,

Sundays in the afternoon,

with a lost look

and the tired body

I see you there and I have noticed

a sadness in your eyes,

and I know it’s because of us

you want more time with us.

I want you to know, father,

that although I miss you during the day,

Seeing you at night gives me joy

It doesn’t matter if it’s a little while.

And you don’t have to explain to me

that it is for work, I understand it,

I love you father, I love you immensely,

thank you for everything you give us.

Reflection: a poem from a son to a father in which he recognizes him and encourages him to move forward in the face of life’s adversities.

«A song to dad» (Juan Ortiz)

a song to dad

I want to write, that is beautiful,

a song that describes

the love he gives us.

Let him tell how he works,

how do you make food

also how he takes care of us

of all the bad things

A song that makes you happy

that has soccer, baseball,

that causes emotion

because he deserves it.

A song that tells you

to the whole world, to the moon,

that we love you sweetly,

beautiful father, now and always.

Reflection: a poem that shows the need for a son to honor his father’s efforts through song.

«To dad in his day» (Juan Ortiz)

It is customary to thank

because of how good mom is,

And she’s good, it’s true

but dad is too.

Daddy, I celebrate your life,

your effort, your intelligence,

I appreciate the patience

that you have me day by day

And it is that I owe you so much,

and you are always there

attentive and ready for me

in joy and in tears.

I only ask heaven today

to God, to the saints,

that they take away your brokenness,

that you be happy, that’s what I want.

Reflection: a poem from a son to a father to celebrate his day.

«To a widowed father» (Juan Ortiz)

My father is dad and mom

why mommy left

with God that time

and in heaven she is now.

It wasn’t easy, it’s true

but daddy it has been

strong and very good to me,

He helps me, takes care of me, bathes me,

if I misbehave, scold

but he does it for my good,

he loves me one hundred percent

my mommy already promised

that would give me the best,

would take me by the hand

to the last rung

of all my education.

You do your role very well

daddy, protector and friend,

and mommy upstairs is a witness

of your delivery, love of honey.

Reflection: a poem from a son to a widowed father, showing the boy’s love and appreciation for his father’s dedication.

«To a working father» (Juan Ortiz)

I get up and I don’t see you

mommy says «I know it was»,

“For work, I know”,

I say and spend the whole day.

At night, at nine,

you arrive later, very tired,

you go, you carry me in your arms

and you tell me that you love me

And so you spend Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday Thursday Friday,

Saturdays are stronger

and on Sunday: to recharge.

I pray to God soon you can

rest more comfortably

thank you, father, just man,

for your effort, for your delivery.

Reflection: the poem shows a son describing his father’s daily effort to put bread on the table.

Poems for dad by classic authors

«To the father» (Luis Gonzaga Urbina)

My father was very good: he gave me his joy

naive; his irony

friendly: his smiling and peaceful candor.

Yours is a great offering! but you, my mother,

you gave me the gift of your soft pain.

You put in my soul the sick tenderness,

the restless, nervous yearning to love;

the hidden desire to believe; Sweetness

to feel the beauty of life, and dream.

Of the fecund kiss that two beings gave each other

—the joyful and the sad— in an hour of love,

my inharmonious soul was born; but you, mother, are

who has given me the secret of inner peace.

At the mercy of the winds, like a broken boat

goes, suffering, the spirit; desperate, no.

The happy placidity little by little is exhausted;

More about the smile that my father gave me, it springs

from my eyes the tear that the mother gave me.

Reflection: the poem expresses love and gratitude to parents.

«Thank you father for your love» (Arjona Delia)

With dedication, with patience,

with limits and demand

you were a mold in my growing up.

You educated me with love

and in my innocence as a child

you helped me learn.

Your teaching pillars

they gave me the confidence

of good education.

You taught me respect

with love you built,

giving heart!

Building a good future

with your thinking so sure

for good education.

noble of soul and so honored

you have always educated me well

with perseverance and tenacity!

Your values ​​and ideals

crossed the thresholds

and they are in my heart!

Thank you, father, for pampering me,

for taking care of me and educating me,

for giving me so much love!

Reflection: the poem describes words of gratitude to a father for the values ​​and teachings given to a son.

«To my father» (Pablo Neruda)

I thank God for being my father.

For your reproaches and advice.

For the good that you taught me

and you always took care of me.

For being a kind father,

full of peace and wisdom.

Because you love the truth.

Justice and righteousness overmuch.

For being my beloved father

and teach me charity.

Noble sentiments cover you.

You don’t know evil.

Noble and frugal gentleman,

you taught me to fight

Always aiming for the highest

and my dreams do not give up.

Abhors all evil.

For your heavenly values.

For leading me by the hand

in paths full of flowers.

Reflection: the poem thanks God for giving him a good father, full of virtues and good values.

«The Hero Father» (Joanna Fuchs)

Father, you are my hero.

You are the foundation on which I stand.

When I think of you,

I do it with a lot of love

and sincere appreciation.

You make me feel protected;

I shield myself in your care.

He has always been my great friend; and Father,

When I need you, you are always there…

Reflection: the poem that describes a loving, caring and protective father.

«Father» (Francisco Perez)

how many kisses would i have

that I have given you,

that they were worth what only one of yours.

How many caresses

that could look like

to the tenderness of only one of yours.

how many things i heard

before your words

the most valuable words in the world

forgive me father

Forgive me for my arrogance as a son.

Forgive me for having haggled you

some hug.

Forgive me

for not seeing in time,

than the purest love

from this world

you would only give it to me

Reflection: the poem has a word of regret for not valuing his father in time.

«Song to lull a father» (Beatriz Zuluaga)

Now that at your years you have become so small

I can carry you in the cup of my hand,

hand-shelter, hand-nest that collects

your tired rhythm

And I count your heartbeat father-little now

as I was little and also…

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