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30+ most famous colors starting with C (Names, Hex)

The colors that start with the letter C The most prominent are light blue, brown, cyan, chestnut, cinnamon, ash, coral, carmine, crimson, chocolate, cream, camel, plum and meat, although many more can be mentioned.

Most of these colors have taken their name from pigments present in elements of nature, such as cinnamon, the peculiar color of the spice of that name.

Another example of this is the chestnut color, the tone of the shell of the fruit called chestnut that designates a very widespread hair color in the world.

Also plum is a specific shade of a very popular fruit. The same can be mentioned to the flesh color, used to designate the coloration present in the light skin tone of some people; and the coral, an animal of marine environments.

Colors starting with C

Sky blue color

As its name indicates, it is the color of the sky; astronauts refer to this color when talking about the celestial vault and the atmospheric space that surrounds the planet.

It is a light shade of blue and is perfectly visible when the sky is clear, without clouds or particles that alter its hue.

Brown color

It is the same brown color. Some people use it as a synonym when saying, for example, “brown eyes” instead of “brown eyes”. It has multiple shades: light, dark, creamy brown, among others.

This color takes its name from the coffee tree seeds, which when processed and roasted acquire a dark brown hue.

cyan color

It is the result of a combination of blue and green; it is one of the primary colors used in mixtures to obtain secondary tonalities. At present it is associated with the color of the water in swimming pools.

Brown color

It is a reddish-brown hue, more specifically a brown mixed with some red, which lends its name to a hair color somewhere between dark blonde and black. It also refers to copper tones.

Although there is also talk of brown eyes, it is used more than anything for hair and can include light, medium, dark, reddish, or golden brown, among others. This will depend on the shade it takes on in the sunlight.

Coral color

It is a variety of red that takes its name from the coloration of marine organisms that, together, form the so-called coral reefs in the oceans and seas.

Given the diversity of microorganisms that form the coral, the color also takes on different shades. But basically it’s a bright red color with some orange undertone that gives it warmth.

carmine color

It is the color par excellence in women’s makeup and comes from a synthetic pigment whose base is carminic acid.

In the past, the colour, a very intense and dark red, was obtained from the drying of an insect known as cochineal.

It is a color widely used when dyeing fabrics or as a coloring in food; today it is used as a synonym for lipstick, as it is the most popular color.

crimson color

From the red family, it is also known as grana red. It is a color of abundant and intense saturation, with a certain tendency to black. It is said to be the color of thick blood and is associated with the clothing of the Catholic Church.

In earlier times it meant the power of royalty, since they were the only ones who could wear crimson clothing.

cinnamon color

It is another range of brown, with specific shades that tend to reddish. It is named for the color that the outer part of the cinnamon tree acquires when it dries. It can be light cinnamon or dark cinnamon.

ash color

It is a type of gray that takes its name from the residue that remains after burning something. It is made up of black and white in similar proportions, but it can vary according to the type of material that was burned.

In cosmetics, the ash color defines the specific coloring of hair that has lost its original pigmentation (gray hair). It looks like silver.

Chocolate color

It is part of the abundant and varied group of the brown color; specifically, it is a mixture of brown and reddish tones.

Chocolate is a dark brown with a lot of saturation, which takes its name from the processed product of cocoa.


It is the result of mixing yellow with white; that is, a very pale yellow or white with yellowish undertones. The cream color is highly appreciated in decoration for being easily combinable.

Camel color

This is the name given to the coloring of the camel’s hair; a kind of very light brown, with yellow and red undertones. It is frequently used in fashion, clothing, and shoes.

plum color

It is the color of a fruit of the same name, deep purple. In its composition, dark purple, black and a bluish shade intervene.

Meat color

Also called skin color, it denotes a kind of pale pink with yellow undertones that reflects the typical coloration when humans are light-skinned.

pumpkin color

Also known as pumpkin orange. It is a light orange color with a reddish tone that is known for the pigmentation of the vegetable when it is ripe.

Mahogany color

Very dark brown color, with reddish tones, widely used to give a sober tone to the furniture in a home. Its name derives from the tree of the same name, used precisely for the manufacture of furniture. It is also popular among women’s hair dyes.


Cataloged within the shades of white, it is a color similar to light lilac or platinum. Its name refers to the mineral composed of silica, with whitish and semi-transparent tones.

Colour khaki

cordovan color

Caramel color

color cotton candy

charcoal color







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