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30 description examples

What is a description?

A description It is an account or a detailed explanation of the characteristics, qualities or aspects of something. It can cover everything from physical appearance to the personality or purpose of a person, place, object, or anything else.

The description can be used to provide additional information about something that has already been mentioned, or to present something in a way that allows people to better understand what it is about.

In addition, a description can be used to transmit feelings and emotionsas in a literary work. In short, it serves to make something more understandable and to add details that help to understand it better.

Types of description

Description types may vary depending on the approach or context in which they are used. Some common examples of description types include:

Physical description: focuses on the external and visible characteristics of a person, place, object or anything else. For example: «She has long black hair, white skin, and green eyes.»
Psychological description: Focuses on a person’s personality, character traits, and emotions. For example: «She is a very happy and sociable person, she is always smiling and looking for a way to make others feel good.»
Functional description: Focuses on the purpose or utility of an object or system. For example: «The wooden table is a piece of furniture used to hold objects and food, and to provide a place where people can sit and work.»
temporary description: focuses on the moment when an event or action occurs. For example: «Wednesday morning was calm and sunny, with a light breeze making the air pleasantly cool.»
comparative description: focuses on the differences or similarities between two or more things. For example: «The new phone is bigger and more powerful than the previous model, but it is also more expensive.»

Simple examples of description

The house is large and elegant, with a white facade and wooden-framed windows.
The landscape is breathtaking, with green and snow-capped mountains on the horizon and a crystal clear river meandering through the valley.
The food is delicious, with rich flavors and appetizing aromas.
The city is vibrant and full of life, with modern buildings and busy streets.
The person is tall and thin, with dark hair and bright brown eyes.
The car is sporty and fast, with a powerful engine and an aerodynamic design.
The dress is long and elegant, with a fitted cut and a silky soft fabric.
The beach is beautiful and calm, with white sand and crystal clear water.
The book is interesting and exciting, with an intriguing story and memorable characters.
The movie is fun and entertaining, with a clever script and solid performances.
The cottage was surrounded by trees and shrubs, with a small garden in front and a terrace to the rear.
The beach was an ocean of white sand and crystal clear water, with a few bathers enjoying the sun and a food stall in the distance.
The dog was a soft-coated, bright-eyed golden retriever with a leather collar and name tag.
The city was filled with modern buildings and bustling streets, with people of all ages and backgrounds walking the sidewalks.
The mountainous landscape was a mix of green valleys and snowy peaks, with crystalline rivers meandering between the slopes.
The party was filled with music and laughter, with a bar on one side and tables laden with food on the other.
The clothing was a long elegant dress, with a floral print and a gold belt at the waist.
The food was a typical dish of the region, with roast meat, rice and grilled vegetables.
The car was a shiny red sports car with alloy wheels and a black leather interior.
The person was a tall, slim woman with long dark hair and a charming smile.
A beautiful sunset on the beach, with the sky red and orange and the waves lapping gently on the shore.
A small country house with a smoking fireplace and a garden full of flowers.
A fluffy gray cat sleeping peacefully in a sunny window.
A bustling city full of skyscrapers, bright lights and heavy traffic.
A group of friends laughing and talking while dining in a lively restaurant.
A rolling green field covered in wild flowers and leafy trees.
An impressive waterfall that falls forcefully from a cliff into the crystal clear water below.
A desert landscape with sand dunes stretching to the horizon.
A party full of music and dancing, with people enjoying the food and the company.
A painter at work in his studio, with canvases and brushes scattered everywhere.
A quiet and calm library full of dusty old books.
A snowy mountain with a ski slope winding down its side.
A bright red sports car racing down a winding highway at high speed.
A deserted beach with white sand and turquoise blue water.
A noisy and smoky factory with busy machinery and workers.
A Japanese garden with a fish pond and carefully trimmed rocks and trees.
An imposing gothic cathedral with stained glass windows and a tall tower.
A cornfield in summer, with tall golden plants swaying in the wind.
A city in ruins with collapsed buildings and rubble everywhere.
A school full of children playing and learning in colorful and lively classrooms.


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