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29 jokes with puns (short)

Pun jokes are a great way to have fun while learning new words. But they are not only intended for children and adolescents, but also for adults who simply want to learn a simple joke.

Below you will find a list of jokes that use puns and that deal with animals, everyday situations, languages, men, children and other topics. As you will see, most include a question and an answer, so they can be used to have fun with friends and family.

How to use these jokes? Read them alone / to or to your child, although if he already knows how to read you can help him or do it alone. If you notice that they are having fun, continue with them and attention is lost, you can bookmark the page and come back another day.

short jokes with puns


why are they bad elephant jokes

Because they are irrelevant.

The constrictor

«What are you going to do, sweetie?» asked the hunter.

– It’s good to bite you.

hello in french

How do you say wave in French?

Simple!: “hello”.


What do you call a monkey in a minefield?


The first man

Who was the first man?

Simple, it’s that it was before the second.

The zebras

What do two zebras do when they see each other after a long time?

Simple: seed.

The children of the elephants

What is a baby elephant called?

Simple: elf.

The unattainable knack

What is the unattainable skill?

Simple: the “tomorrow”.

The popular animals of Mexico

—Let’s see, children, today we will review the class on the animals of South America. Rosita, tell me two typical animals from Mexico.

—Well, teacher, a large crested toad and an axolotl.

-Very good. Now you, José, tell me three more animals.

—Okay, teacher, two axolotls and another toad.

Why don’t they accept llamas at the zoo?

“The zoo doesn’t allow llamas.

-And because?

—Because they fear a fire.

the biggest layer

What is the biggest layer?

Simple: the ozone layer!

That’s crazy!

Once upon a time there was a horse that said to a cat:

«What do you eat when there are no fish around?»

“Wow! That’s crazy! A talking horse!

Samson and the university

Samson was very sad crying outside the university. Her friend Calliope approached him and asked him what was wrong, and he told her:

—I will not graduate as a bodybuilder.

—And why, Samson? If you’re very good at it!

«It’s just that I have brute strength.»

Joseph and the wind

«What are you doing talking to the wind, José?»

—I feel that he is the only one sincere with me.

«And why do you say that?»

«Because it’s always transparent.»

The thieves’ Christmas present

Two thieves were talking, and one tells the other.

«What did you ask Santa for Christmas?»

—I asked him for a drone.

“Oh wow… are you going to steal with technological techniques now?

—No, I just want it to give it a special name.

«Just to give it a special name?» You’re crazy!

«Wait, wait… It’s great!» I’ll put “Estela”, did you understand?, “Estela drone”.

the dwarf brother

—Dad, dad, José keeps calling me a dwarf.

«Son, don’t listen to him. Come, take this marble and go play conqueror of worlds.

don’t play in the dirt

There was once a woman who said to her son:

«Neil, stop playing there in the dirt!»

And his son listened to him. Her name was Viola Louise Engel, and her son was Neil Armstrong (the first man to set foot on the Moon).

the wrong name

They are passing roll in a classroom, and the teacher says:

«Jumpy Antelope, Jumpy Antelope.»

– Teacher, when will you say my name correctly? It is Anti López Brinco.

the talkers

A man comes to the psychologist very depressed, and the latter asks him:

—Let’s see, tell me, more or less what do you think causes your depression?

It’s just that people talk behind my back.

—Excuse me, sir, but I see in your resume that you are a taxi driver.

The singer

– What’s up the singer! says the entertainer of the party, and no one shows up. And so five minutes go by.

When her face is already falling with shame, she says:

«Yon Wen, where are you?» When saying that, an innkeeper stops and answers:

«This way, sir, what sandwich do you want?»

—What a sandwich or what a sandwich! I need you to come sing!

—Sir, excuse me, I can’t sing, they hired me as a waiter.

—It says here «Yon Wen, canton is.»

«Cantonese, sir, Cantonese, from Canton.»

to tell the dreams

—Let’s see, children, today we will tell what each one of you dreamed of. OK? You first, José, what did you dream of? says the teacher.

—Teacher, I dreamed that I was a soccer star, just like my dad.

—Aaaah, that’s great, José, I didn’t know your dad was a soccer star.

—No, teacher, it is not, he also dreams that he is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The children of the rivers

Two rivers had a son and they named him Laughter.

The doctor’s parrot

A parrot sees a doctor go by and says:

—Excuse me, Doctor López, I have to tell you something.

-That? José, my little parrot, is that you?

-Yes, it’s me.

«And what are you doing here on the street?»

«Well, I’m actually in my cage next to your bed.» You’re dreaming and you peed. Wake up you’re making me wet!

A strange phobia of casinos

Once upon a time there were two very friendly puppies: Willy and Pepa. Willy always noticed that, when passing by the casino, Pepa went to the other street. One day, curious, he asks her:

—Well, Pepa, why do you walk away from the casino every time we pass by?

«And don’t you know, Willy?»

—Know what, Pepa?

—That’s where they live… The slot machines!

The Guitarist Mosquito

He was once a very talented mosquito playing guitar. It was so, so good that he didn’t survive playing his first song in public. He barely finished, he died after the first applause.

The strange vacation spot

—Let’s see, today we’ll talk about the places we want to go. Maria, tell me.

—Well, teacher, I want to go to South Korea.

«Oh, great, Maria. And you, José, where?

– Teacher, I want to go to Jamsterdam.

—Excuse me, Pedro, you mean “Amsterdam”.

—No teacher, to Jamsterdam, the store where I bought my hamster.

the cutlery

«Greetings, sir.» Today’s menu is fish soup, Argentine barbecue and banana pudding for dessert. You want?

«Give me all the service, please.»

«Okay, sir, that’s fine. Will you want the full cutlery?

«No, I want them uncovered, please.»

A strange method of fishing

José and Luis organized a day of fishing. Finding himself at the scheduled time, José went with all the necessary objects, but Luis only had his cell phone.

—But Luis, where are your fishing tools? I brought only mine.

—How little technological you are, José, I have everything on my Smartphone.

-In that way?

—Well, simple, I will fish with my social networks.

the special nail

Once upon a time there was a nail that was going to be used to nail down a cinnamon tree. And just as they were about to hit her with the hammer, she said, «Sorry, I don’t nail spices.»

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