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28 Books Based on True Facts (Recommended)

I leave you a list of books based on true events I recommend it both for its literary quality and for the uniqueness of the story. Among them you can find Diary of a skin, Paula, Towards wild routes, The exorcistamong others.

The interest of a book based on reality is linked to the morbidity of knowing that what you are reading has really happened, which is why there are many works that appear every year and reach the top positions in terms of sales.

If you can think of one that you have been able to read and it is not on the list, let us know in the comments and I will add it to the list without any problem.

23 novels based on true events

1- Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank

He Ana Frank’s diary It is probably the most famous book based on true stories in all of history.

When you open it you will see a diary written between June 12, 1942 and August 1, 1944 by the young Anne Frank, a Jewish girl trying to survive World War II.

To do this, she hid for two years in a small attic in a store in Amsterdam (Netherlands), recounting the events from the childish and innocent point of view of a little girl.

2- In cold blood, Truman Capote

A true work of literary art. With Cold-bloodedits author, the journalist and writer Truman Capote, gives rise to a new genre: the non-fiction novel, where both research and fictional facts are combined.

In this way, Capote goes to Kansas to investigate and recount the tragedy of the Clutter family murders, both from the point of view of the family itself and of the pair of criminals who carried out the crime.

Also, if what you want is more information on the subject, you cannot miss the film Cloakstarring Philip Seymour Hoffman and which earned him the Oscar for best actor in 2005.

3- In the time of butterflies, Julia Álvarez

Julia Álvarez tells the story of three Dominican sisters from the mid-20th century oppressed by the dictatorial regime of General Rafael Leónidas Trujillo who try to confront him.

Incredible book that will help you learn a little better about the terrible consequences of living in a totalitarian regime.

4- Here lives the horror, Jay Anson

Jay Anson’s book that tries to explain the events that occurred in the seventies in the small New York town of Amityville.

Back in the year 1974, six out of seven of the DeFeo family members were murdered in their sleep. Only one was able to survive said atrocity, which goes to the police to try to find out who caused such a multiple crime.

The story did not end there, since the following year, a family would move into the already empty house to evict it after a month. They claimed to have been victims of various “paranormal phenomena”.

5- Diary of a Skin, Antonio Salas

Antonio Salas is a renowned investigative journalist who has entered the heart of the most dangerous groups on the international scene.

On this occasion, his experience within the «skinheads» has helped him to write Diary of a Skina whole journalistic work made into a book where he tells the ins and outs of a neo-Nazi organization that arouses fear among society.

6- The Palestinian, Antonio Salas

With Diary of a Skin, The Palestinian It is one of the best works of Antonio Salas.

After years of preparation, among which he was studying Arabic, converting to Islam and creating a new identity, the Spanish writer became camouflaged and intimate with different terrorists from groups such as Al Qaeda, ETA or the FARC.

The book is essential for anyone who wants to hear real stories, which also provide journalistic value and are totally shocking.

7- Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critic Circle Award, Frank McCourt’s work even has its own film.

Angela’s ashes It takes us to Ireland in the mid-20th century, where McCourt tells us a family and autobiographical story. The 400 pages of him recount the misfortunes and problems suffered by a young man who seems not to have all the luck he should in life.

8- A burqa for love, Reyes Monforte

The Spanish María Galera is the protagonist of this novel in which she falls in love with an Afghan in the city of London.

After this event, the couple decides to move to Afghanistan, where Maria converts to Islam and begins to raise their children in the middle of the war.

The story, easy to read and entertaining, will captivate you from the first moment. In addition, it even enjoys its own television series.

9- The monster of Florence, Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi

Book published in 2010 that tells the story of the serial killer who terrorized Florence for almost twenty years.

The «monster of Florence» stabbed couples in isolated areas while practicing some sexual activity. This would come to be charged with eight double murders.

Likewise, it should be noted that its authors, both Preston and Spezi, decided to create the book due to the passivity and ineffectiveness of government investigators. The shortcomings they revealed in the letter led to Spezi’s imprisonment and Preston’s expulsion from Italy.

10- The girls of the wire, Jordi Sierra and Fabra

Would you like to dedicate yourself to the world of fashion? If the answer is yes, the wire girls it’s your book Everything that fashion shows on its face seems idyllic, but what it hides is much more complex.

In the creation of Jordi Sierra, the ins and outs of the scenes are told, the pressure to which the models are subjected, the drugs they take, chronic illnesses they suffer, etc. A complete revelation of the true reality to which young people who belong to the profession are subjected.

11- The hidden time, Joaquín M. Barrero

Based on a case that occurred years ago in Spain, the hidden time tells the story of a detective who begins to study the discovery of the remains of two men who had disappeared years before.

12- Paula, Isabel Allende

Paula It is a deep and sentimental book. The well-known writer Isabel Allende writes what is a tribute to her daughter. In it, the course of the disease and her subsequent death are told.

The work is an exercise in reflection, where the emotions that Isabel captures will make your hair stand on end.

13- Zodiac, Robert Graysmith

Work focused on a series of crimes that tells the story of a serial killer nicknamed Zodiac, who terrorized California in the late sixties.

Cause of seven deaths, Zodiac managed to evade the police for years. His ability to leave no trace meant that his identity was never revealed.

Given this, and the possibility of creating a book, Garysmith dedicated 10 years of his life to investigate the terrible events.

14- The girl from the street, Virtu Moron and Kaoutar Haik

Shocking story of Kaoutar Haik, a young woman who, at just twelve years old, was forced to marry in Morocco (for a ridiculous amount of money) with a man she had never seen and who was twice her age.

From that moment, his life became a whole spiral of both psychic and psychological problems.

15- Secret operations of World War II, Jesús Hernández

Jesús Hernández tells us over almost 400 pages some of the most interesting and curious stories of World War II.

It shows us the facts of some protagonists that have been eliminated from the vast majority of the texts that deal with or have something to do with the subject.

With your reading you will know the deeds of the men who did not appear in the newspapers of the time and who worked in the shadows. Critics have already praised the historical rigor with which the author approaches the events.

16- Towards wild routes, Jon Krakauer

When the lifeless body of 24-year-old Chris McCandles appeared on the lands of Alaska, a halo of mysticism arose among the inhabitants of the place. Given this, the writer Jon Krakauer would decide to go to the area to investigate and start writing in what would be one of his most successful books.

You will see the reason for these events reflected in the story of a recent graduate who separated from his family to escape and get lost in strange regions.

If you want to know more about this story, you can also find a film released in 2008 and directed by Sean Penn.

17- The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty

Its fatal and dark story has been a milestone in horror stories. The events of which they speak occurred in 1949, the year in which a girl of only twelve years old is possessed by the devil. Given this, the family has no choice but to call an exorcist so that he can eliminate the demon that he has inside her.

Also, surely you have heard of his film. Adapted in the seventies and directed by William Fredkin, it has become a horror movie classic.

18- The black cherry trees, Ernestina Sodi Miranda

Some young Mexican cousins ​​seek to see their dream come true: to become famous models. To achieve this, their trip will take them to Japan.

In the Japanese country, Latin models are highly sought after. The problem comes when they discover that they have been victims of a hoax that will lead them to become slaves to the yakuza, one of the most powerful and dangerous mafias in the world.

19- I will obey God, Jon Krakuer

On this occasion, the author soaks up information to reveal and provide new information about the murder of a woman and her daughter at the hands of two brothers that shocked the entire United States.

These claimed to do so «by divine mandate», words that helped Krakuer to establish the name of his book.

In I will obey Godnot only the well-known murder will be discussed, but also the power that the Church has to influence people and the so-called «prophets» who preach controversial sermons.

20- The story of Light, Fernando Gamboa

Luz is a Colombian girl who tries to find her mother in the middle of the war. Misfortunes take their toll on her life and she can’t do anything else but fight and stand up to them to try to get ahead.

The plot, deep and sentimental, engages from the outset with some characters and stories that will surely make you emotional on more than one occasion.

21- The time of the oaks, Abel Carvajal

A book that presents a structure very different from anything seen before.

Abel Carvajal writes a series of comics based on characters and real events in Venezuela and Colombia in the 20th century.

Being one of the most popular books of this well-known author, his style is agile, fast and easy to read.

22- The executioner’s song, Normal Mailer

Pulitzer Prize winner summarizing the life of Gary Gilmore from his parole at age 35 to his subsequent execution.

His crime was to carry out two murders without any kind of mercy. What was striking, in addition to the deaths, was the fact that it was the first legal execution in the United States since the reintroduction of the death penalty.

23- Operation…

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