7 junio, 2024

25 words in Tzotzil and their translation into Spanish

He tzotzil It is a Mayan language spoken by the Tzotzil peoples in the Chiapas Highlands. Currently, there are more than 400,000 speakers of this language, scattered inside and outside the state of Chiapas, in Mexico.

Due to migratory movements, Tzotzils are also found in the Mexican municipalities of Cintalapa, Tecpatán and Las Margaritas. There are also some Tzotzils in Illinois (United States) and other bordering states.

List of habitual words in Tzotzil

tzeb = girl

kerem = child

All = father

I’ = mother

pepen = butterfly

nichim = flower

chon = animals

Tea’ = tree

Tsk’uxubin = to love

I’ll = water

Bek’et = meat

I’on = heart

vinik = man

‘ants = woman

‘Ak’ubal = night

kaxlan-vaj = bread

sjol = head

mole = old man

Me’el = old woman

K’ak’al = sun

Abtel = work

back = bone

bot = hail

Chamel = disease

Kuxul = alive

Most common phrases in Tzotzil and their meaning in Spanish

K’us a bí = what is your name?

Jk’anojot = I love you

Toj alak’a goes = you are very beautiful

khayim avavilal = how old are you?

K’ush cha pas = what are you doing?

K’ushi oyot = how are you?

Kus cha k’an = what do you want?

Taj k’an a vish = I love your sister

fear sha kom = goodbye

Avokoluk = please

Mu’yuk vocol = you’re welcome

Smakoj yajnil li krem ​​e = the guy has already courted his fiancée

Iyul vayuk = came to sleep

Chak kak’ be poraso = I would like to give you a whack

Bu li vo’e = where is the water?

Much’u ‘oy ta na = who is in the house?

Muk’li na e = the house is big

Ikril li krem ​​ti sman li ‘ixim e = I saw the boy who bought corn


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