7 junio, 2024

24 Jokes with Exclamation Points

we leave you jokes with exclamation marks so that you better understand what their use is and the importance they have to give meaning and emphasis to sentences.

Like question marks, they are double opening and closing spelling marks, and in Spanish it is not allowed to use them separately, unlike in English, where they are only used at the end.

1- Jaimito in class

In class they ask Jaimito:

– Let’s see Jaimito, what sign is your mother?

– Well, it must be an exclamation point, because he spends the whole day yelling at me!

2- Halloween night

On a Halloween night, two vampires met in a cave… One asks the other:

– What is your name? To which he replies:

-“Vampidito”… and you?

– My name is “Oto”

– Oto?, Vampidito asks him.

– And Oto answers: yes, “oto vampidito”!

3- Trees

What did one tree say to the other?

-They stood us up!

4- Fish that smells

What is the fish that smells a lot?


5- Concealment

Doctor, I come to hide myself

-Quick, in the closet!

6- Childbirth

Doctor, how was the delivery?

– Everything went well, but we had to give the baby oxygen.

– But are you crazy? I wanted to name him Ernesto!

7- Moon and Sun

What did the moon say to the sun?

You’re so big and they still won’t let you out at night!

8- Tomato sneezing

How does a tomato sneeze?


9- Spoon and jelly

What did the spoon say to the jelly?

– Do not tremble, coward!

10- High of the book

What is the height of a book?

Let the leaves fall in autumn!

11- Pepito

Pepito’s brother arrives from school and Pepito asks him:

– What are you doing at school now?

– The decimals.

– Oh! How beautiful! With their igloos, their sleds and their husky dogs…

12- Distracted mother

Mom, Mom, I failed Geography because I didn’t know where the Atlantic Ocean was.

– That’s what you get for being so messy!

13- Centipede

A centipede knocks on the door of another centipede:

-Open, please, a chicken wants to eat me!

-Just let me put on my shoes and I’ll open you up.

14- The bathroom

Daddy the toilet spins?

– No, son.

– Well, then I peed in the washing machine!

15- The brother of the bicycle

Do you know that my brother has been riding a bicycle since he was four years old?

Mmm, he must be far away by now!

16- The lazy

Martinez, you are fired!

– But I haven’t done anything!

– That’s why, that’s why.

17- Augustine

Hello. Is Augustine there?

– No, the truth is that I am uncomfortable!

18- Celiac

I am Celiac.

– Delighted!, I Antoniaco.

19- The slab

What is a slab?

A very beautiful flol!

20- The grapes

They are quietly chatting two grapesone green and one purple:

The green grape says to the purple:


The purple grape answers the green one:


21- Oranges

There are two oranges in the kitchen and one says to the other:

-What time is it?

-The other scared orange screams: oh, an orange that talks!

22- The banana

A banana goes to the bus stop, meets an apple and asks:

Have you been waiting long?

The apple answers:

Not if I was always apple!

23- The sun or Spain

-Dad, is the sun or grandma’s house further away?

-Do you see your grandmother’s house from here? The sun is closer!

24- The apple and the pear

An apple waits for a queue and a pear appears. The pear asks:

– How long have you been waiting?

-I’ve always been an apple!


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