23 junio, 2024

20 things a man likes in a woman

Today I bring you some of the things a man likes in a woman. Some you probably knew, but others may surprise you and help you improve as a woman or maintain a better relationship with them.

Surely you agree with the fact that each woman is unique, and that men should be able to find in them what makes them different. But do you know what are the qualities that make them feel attracted to a girl?

If you are convinced that you want to improve your relationship or simply conquer the boy of your dreams, discover what are the most interesting attributes that men see in women.

Things or qualities of women that drive men crazy

That they can trust them

Trust is one of the most important values ​​in any relationship. Help love not wear out and allow you to face obstacles. However, working on it is not an easy task. Many couple crises begin from infidelity and mistrust.

Therefore, the best way to win a man’s affection is to show him that he can believe in you. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings clearly or thank him at the right time. These small details are what will make the boy of your dreams trust you completely.

make them fun

Sometimes it’s important to stop talking so seriously and just relax during a relationship. Life is very short and problems do not have to prevent you from improving and growing as a person. Believe it or not, men avoid women who only think about work or don’t know how to handle their own conflicts.

So, put worries aside, you can deal with them at another time. Have fun. Maintain a positive attitude towards life and you will see how in a short time the boy you like will be captivated by you.

that they know how to listen

Communication is another fundamental aspect in a relationship. It is very important to be able to express what you feel and listen carefully to the opinions of your partner. This will allow you to have a stable relationship and you will keep him captivated.

Just like women, men like to be with someone who knows how to listen to them. Don’t be afraid to give him advice when he needs it or is interested in his problems. Therefore, show interest. Ask him how his day was when he gets home from work, and don’t be afraid to give him some advice if he asks for it.

take care of themselves physically

Many people say that appearance is not the only thing that matters. A good personality also falls in love. Although this belief is correct, that does not mean that they have to neglect your image.

Men are also attracted to women who care about themselves and always try to take care of themselves. From maintaining a healthy diet, to doing physical activities regularly.

In addition to being proud to show them off to your friends and family, it motivates them to be better people. Even many of them decide to join their partner’s healthy habits.

That they worry about the future of both

Have plans In the future as a couple it is also very important to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. Men like a woman who cares about that, because it allows for a much stronger bond. It is not necessary to immediately think of marriage. You just have to be patient, tolerant and loving.

They can to plan things in the medium and short term. Like taking a trip, redecorating the house or doing activities that help you connect as a couple. That will make your boy’s attention focused only on you.

let them smile

They say that a woman’s smile is capable of lighting up the darkest room. After all, it generates security in her partner and makes them look more charming. Not to mention, it’s one of the simplest ways to project your feelings onto her.

Therefore, do not stop doing it. Believe it or not, a natural smile is a very strong seduction weapon. A happy girl, she is an empowered woman. Therefore, you will look more attractive and you will be able to conquer the man you want.

That they know how to surprise them with delicious recipes

Having good culinary skills is one of the best ways to win a man’s heart. It is not for nothing that they say that the shortest way to make them fall in love is through the stomach. However, that does not mean that you lock yourself in the kitchen to prepare your meal.

If you like to cook, you can surprise him from time to time with his favorite dish or any other delicious thing. But always, made with love. They can also do it together. It is a good way to spend time together and we are sure that your boy will love it.

let them be kind

Kind people are attractive, especially when it comes to a women. That’s why guys like a girl who’s easy to get along with. After all, someone kind is much more empathic with the needs of their partner.

That’s not to say you don’t have bad days. It is completely normal that sometimes you are not in a good mood. However, your partner will go crazy with love for you, if you show yourself kind and considerate to other people. You will become unique and indispensable in his life.

That they be educated

Having a good education is one of the things that men love about a woman. Not only because they talk about their good class, but because it implies that they are in touch with their femininity.

A girl who cares about having good manners during a conversation, without neglecting her personality, becomes an attractive person to men. The idea is that you maintain a relaxed attitude without indulging in crude jokes or outright flirtations. They also have feelings and just like you, they like to be treated with respect.

that they pay attention

Believe it or not, men also like their partner to give them all their attention and care. They adore when a woman becomes a loving person by their side. Or that he cares about her health and well-being, giving her comfort in those moments of emotional fragility.

Obviously, this does not mean that you should be with the boy you like all day. The idea is that you know how to find time and space to show your partner how much you care. That will definitely make him fall in love a lot more.

They are able to commit

Just as women like commitment, so do men. Once they feel comfortable living with the right person, they think about starting a family. A girl with clear goals of hers and not afraid to establish herself, are the weakness of men.

Therefore, if you want to commit and not have Doubts about starting a family with the man of your dreams, tell him. Otherwise, do not generate any kind of expectations. If you both want the same thing, you will have a guaranteed stable relationship.

They have a sense of humor

You don’t have to be a comedian to get the attention of the man you love. You just have to know how to make him laugh. When a girl does this, she makes her partner want to spend more time with her. For a man, there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows how to take things in a good way.

Also, if you are able to laugh at your partner’s jokes or know how to cheer him up when he is feeling down, you will definitely win him over. Remember that there is no better way to cope with living together than by facing life’s difficulties with good humor.

They know how to take initiatives

For a man, there is nothing more boring than a girl without initiative. While it is true, many may feel intimidated by a female advance, this is not always the case.

A study recently found that women who only agree and submissively obey what the man proposes do not seem interesting to them. For them, girls who know what they want are much more attractive. As well as those who usually take the initial step and ask them out.

that they like to surprise

If there’s one thing men love about a woman, it’s being surprised. According to them, a predictable girl becomes boring. If you never risk doing something different, you will become uninteresting. The idea is to keep the bond and attraction intact by doing things he doesn’t expect.

For example, a man is attracted to girls who surprise them from time to time with small details. Being unpredictable, but in a fun way, will help you earn points with them.

That they be workers

Who likes dating someone lazy? Just as women dislike men without ambitions or goals in life, it demotivates them too. Although, socially, the role of man is to provide, personal fulfillment is another of the things that they like about them.

A girl who strives to be independent and who supports her partner instead of just reaching out to ask, becomes someone to be admired. If you realize yourself as a professional, the bonds you have with the man of your dreams will increase.

that they be sincere

They say the truth hurts. But more does it intuit or know that someone is lying to you. That is why a sincere woman immediately becomes more attractive to men. After all, they greatly admire a girl who is honest with herself and those around her, before anything else.

Not exaggerating things or cheating for their own benefit are traits that men treasure. If you do, it will be very difficult for them to believe in you again, even if you confess the truth. Not to mention that you will have lost their trust.

let them be smart

There are several scientific studies that affirm that the smart women They make many men nervous. However, believe it or not, this is one of the attributes that they like the most in a girl.

They know what they want, therefore, they handle difficult situations very well. Not to mention the different types of conversation they can have with a cultured lady.

For them, it is very important to date someone with whom they never get bored, can learn new things, and have a strong sense of independence. Without a doubt, the smart women They are a great attraction magnet.

Have confidence in themselves

Men love secure, confident women who are satisfied with their body and personality. After all, there is nothing more interesting than a person who is comfortable with himself. Someone who doesn’t avoid showing himself as he is, for fear of rejection.

Therefore, do not fear or avoid showing your opinion about something. Even defend what you believe in front of the boy of your dreams. If you feel confident and attractive, he will see you the same way.

They have maternal instinct

Many men like the idea of ​​having children. After all, they think about them almost always, so they often look for an ideal partner who shares their desire to start a family.

However, even if they never have them, a woman with maternal instincts and who projects herself as a person capable of taking care of a baby, is extremely attractive to them. A girl with this tendency is willing to attend; and how…

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