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20 questions and answers about the work «María», by Jorge Isaacs

Mariaby Jorge Isaacs, is a novel published in 1867, set in the Cauca region, Colombia. He joined the romantic movement.

Jorge Isaacs is a Colombian writer, who in the aforementioned work tells the love story between Efraín and his adoptive sister María. In his text, Isaacs not only raises the relationship between them as the central axis, but he profusely describes the area of ​​Colombian Cauca and establishes it as the environment for the events of the novel.

This novel is characterized, among other things, by being told in the first person and by telling an impossible love between two adolescents, where the pain and suffering of the characters is reflected because they cannot be together.

Questions and answers about the novel Maria

Below are 20 questions with their answers regarding the novel Mariawhich help to deepen the analysis of the work.

What is the main plot of Maria?

A: The central axis is the impossible love between two adoptive brothers, however, it also involves Colombian nature and slavery.

What meaning does Maria have in the novel?

A: Maria mainly represents innocence, sacrifice and naivety, but her greatest representation is love.

What did Maria die of?

A. Of epilepsy.

What other disease did Maria suffer from?

A: Tuberculosis.

What is the name of Maria’s father?

A: Solomon.

Where is Efraín sent to study to continue his studies?

A: To the city of Bogotá.

How long is Efraín in Bogotá?

A: Spend 5 years in Bogotá.

what is the play Maria?

A: It is a Spanish-speaking novel inscribed in romanticism.

What is the name of Maria’s hacienda?

A: Paradise.

who wrote the novel Maria?

A: It was written by the Colombian author Jorge Isaacs.

Who was Jorge Isaacs?

A: He was a Colombian writer born in the city of Cali, who lived in Popayán and Bogotá.

Who narrates the play? Maria?

A: It is narrated in the first person by Efraín.

What is the greatest feeling felt by Efraín?

A: Pain and suffering for the loss of María when she died.

The novel Maria Whose story?

A: It is the story of Efraín.

What is the affective and sentimental conflict present in the work? Maria?

A: The encounter between María and Efraín, as well as the difficulty of being together because they are adoptive siblings and finally her death.

What metaphors does the work present?

A: The paradise that Efrain finds, which is Maria. When María dies, Efraín loses this paradise.

How does the author capture the reader in the work?

A: Isaacs leaves the reader wanting to know what will happen to María, since he is giving clues about the outcome.

How many editions were made of the novel?

A: More than 50.

In what year was the novel published?

A: It was published in 1867.

In how many languages ​​was it translated? Maria?

A: It has been translated into more than 31 languages.

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