9 junio, 2024

20 activities that have to be done with electricity

Electricity is one of the most important things we take for granted. It has become such an indispensable part of our daily lives that we cannot imagine what would be of us without it. That is why, below, we present a list of activities that cannot be done without electricity.

This list is just a small sample of the countless uses that we give to electricity on a daily basis without even realizing it.

There are many applications of electricity that could be carried out by other means, such as producing artificial light that, although most of us do it with electric light bulbs, we could just as well do with a candle. However, all of the items on the following list are only possible because of electricity, and without it, they would never have existed.

1. Talking on phone

Since its inception, phones have always been based on electricity. Even those old telephones with a dial wheel required a thin wire with an electrical current to transmit our voice from one place to another. Today with the use of mobile phones, the reliance of telephony on electricity has only increased.

2. computer use

The principle of operation of the simplest computer, even something as simple as a calculator, is based on electricity. In fact, computers transform electrical impulses into strings of ones and zeros that are then interpreted to produce the images we see on the screen.

3. Without electricity, there would be no internet.

The internet exists thanks to two great technological advances: telecommunications and computers. However, as we have just seen, without electricity, neither would exist, so the internet would never have developed either.

4. electric welding

There are types of welding that use the combustion of gases such as acetylene to melt metals. However, there are many other techniques that are powered by electricity, including electric arc welding, TIC welding, and spot welding.

5. 3D animation

We all enjoy Pixar’s animated classics like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. However, these and all other productions from this and other animation studios are computer-generated 3D animations, which would not exist without electricity.

6. Playing video games

This is another additional consequence of the non-existence of computers, since video games are designed, created and played thanks to computers. Perhaps this is one of the worst nightmares for many teenagers (and others not so young) when they imagine a world without electricity.

7. drive an electric car

It is evident that an electric car cannot exist without electricity. These automobiles work by means of electric motors that move their wheels. Without electricity, electric cars would be nothing more than garage ornaments.

8. Watch TV

From the oldest CRT TVs to the most advanced LED TVs, they all need electricity to function. Even if they could run without electricity in a Harry Potter newspaper style, without electricity you couldn’t broadcast TV so there would be nothing to watch.

9. space travel

Flying is possible without electricity, but reaching space is not. Without the electronics needed to control space rockets from liftoff to orbit and beyond, it would not be possible to get into space.

10. Use GPS navigation

Without space rockets we couldn’t put satellites into orbit, and without satellites, there can be no global positioning systems, or GPS. We would again be limited to the use of paper maps.

eleven. There would be no autonomous cars

For a car to be autonomous, it requires advanced control, recording and data processing systems, and all of this is carried out by one or more computers, which would not exist if there were no electricity.

12. the commercial flight

Without electricity, not only would commercial airliners as we know them not exist, but also the control towers and radar systems that are so important to taking off, flying, and landing safely.

13. medical imaging

With the exception of X-rays that could be taken without the use of electronics, none of the medical diagnostic techniques such as CT scans, MRIs, and endoscopies would exist without electricity.

14. Listen to music through a stereo or headphones

Something as everyday as listening to a song on the radio, on the computer or on our cell phone cannot be done without electricity since all horns work by transforming an electric current into vibrations that we can hear.

fifteen. make photocopies

Without electricity, neither the optical scanner, nor the white light lamp, nor the laser printer that are part of a photocopier would work. In fact, they wouldn’t even exist.

16. Ozone water purification

There are many ways to purify water to kill dangerous bacteria, but at least two of them—ozone treatment and ultraviolet light treatment—require electricity to work.

17. Using a laser pointer during an exhibition

Most of us have seen and even used a laser pointer to pinpoint some important point on a sheet of paper or something similar from afar. Although it may not seem like it, these pointers work thanks to a small group of batteries that provide the electrical energy needed to produce the laser.

18. Produce and purify copper and other metals

The most common form of extraction and purification of copper and some other metals is through the electrolysis of its minerals. This process requires the passage of an electric current through a solution, so we couldn’t do it without it. Although, this may not be such a big problem since, if there were no electricity, we would not need as much copper as we do today.

19. Search on google

We are so used to looking for answers to everything through Google, that in some languages ​​the word «Googlear» was created to refer to such searches. However, without electricity and also without computers or internet, Google would not exist and neither would Google.

twenty. buy things online

Finally, if it weren’t for electricity, we wouldn’t be able to shop online, since there would be no Amazon, Mercadolibre, eBay, or any other virtual market.

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