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18 products from the Ecuadorian Amazon

Among the main products of the Ecuadorian Amazon that are grown in the region include cassava, guava, cocoa and naranjilla. As for non-renewable elements, the large oil deposits that are exploited in this area stand out. This diversity exists thanks to the fertility of the land and the wide biodiversity of its ecosystem.

These products are part of the cultural tradition of Ecuador and contribute to the economic and agricultural development of the country.

The Ecuadorian Amazon has renewable and non-renewable products, such as food resources and oil. This region has several reserves and special care is taken with the natural ones, since in these the tropical forests that characterize this territory of Ecuador are protected.

Many of the natural goods produced in the Ecuadorian Amazon are exported to other countries, which allows the establishment of different trade relations with other regions, favoring economic links with the rest of the world.

Main products of the Ecuadorian Amazon


The oil deposit in the Ecuadorian Amazon was discovered a few decades ago. The first explorations were carried out in 1964 and its commercial production began in 1972, after finding a significant quantity in the city of Nueva Loja.

The largest deposit in the region was found just a few years ago, in 2007. This encouraged the government to develop mining in the area of ​​Los Encuentros, where said deposit is located.

Thanks to its association with the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Ecuador has stable prices for its exports, which favors the country’s socioeconomic growth.


Cocoa (Theobroma cacaowhich could be translated as «food of the gods»), can be found in this Ecuadorian area in two variants: the first is known as Criollo or national cocoa, whose main characteristic is its yellow color.

The other type of cocoa typical of the Amazon is the so-called CCN-51, whose trade name is Colección Castro Naranjal. This variant is characterized by its remarkable reddish hue.

Currently, the planting of this product covers a total of 287,100 hectares, from which up to ninety thousand tons can be extracted.

The largest cocoa production is found in the town of Los Ríos, from which up to 30% of the total crop is extracted. This Ecuadorian product is exported to countries such as the United States, Germany, Spain, Mexico and China.


This food is not only native to the Ecuadorian region, but also to several Latin American areas. In the Amazon it is also known by the name of cassava.

The main export is directed towards the United States, adding a total of 43% of the transported production. Then follows the export to Colombia, which makes up 21% of the total export. The rest is distributed in other countries such as Puerto Rico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Carchi is the region of the Ecuadorian Amazon that produces the most cassava. This is followed by the province of Imbabura.

dragon fruit

The pitahaya is a fruit that has an intense reddish color and a soft pulp full of small seeds. In general, this product is found in the Amazon and subtropical zones, since it needs a rich ecosystem in order to develop.

In the area of ​​Morona Santiago you can find about 160 hectares where this fruit is grown, which promotes the production of about a thousand tons per year. The main exports are directed to the United States and Germany.


Guayusa is an Ecuadorian plant that contains many healthy properties for humans. For this plant to grow properly, there must be a safe distance of 4 meters between each tree, which means that up to 625 guayusa plants can grow in one hectare.

This product is harvested organically in various areas, such as Orellana, Pastaza and Napo. The main export is to India, followed by China. This plant is also marketed with Mexico, Türkiye, Egypt and Germany.

chinese potato

This product is distributed in the Ecuadorian Amazon in spaces of approximately between ten and twenty hectares, although the extent of this crop in the agricultural area is unknown.

African palm

The scientific name of this crop is Elais and in the Amazon of Ecuador there are between 4,000 and 5,000 hectares destined for planting.

The export of this crop is directed mainly to Peru, and later to the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


The naranjilla is a fruit that develops in this area of ​​Ecuador thanks to the warm climate of this region, which also has some humid variations. This fruit is characterized by its green pulp and is exported to Colombia and the United States.


This fruit receives many names throughout Latin America, such as guava, luma and arrayana.

Within the production of the Ecuadorian Amazon, the guava can be found in two types: the palmyra and the chivería. With this food a jam is made, coveted by countries such as Italy, Spain, the United States and Canada.


Papaya (also known as papaya in some Latin American countries) is produced mainly in Los Ríos, but can be found in other Ecuadorian towns such as Santa Elena and Santo Domingo. The production of this food is abundant, since its cultivation takes place throughout the year.

Other products produced in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Coffee. Bananas and plantains. Soursop. Pineapple. Potatoes of different species. Mango. Broccoli. roses.


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