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17 fruits and vegetables that start with B

The fruits beginning with B They are the banana, the acorn, the eggplant, the babaco, the sweet potato, among others. Some of these varieties are highly prized for their nutritional value and as supplements in different diets and lifestyles. Also, many contribute substantial income to the world economy.

Consuming fruits and vegetables is extremely important if you want to have a healthy and balanced diet. Fruit is essential, it is well known that it provides vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Plus, it’s a great substitute for daytime cravings fighters when paired with yogurt or cereal.

List of fruits that start with B


A simple fleshy fruit whose interior is edible is known as a berry. Within this term many types of well-known and commonly used varieties are included.

For example, tomato, watermelon, grape, cucumber, melon, blueberry and pumpkin. It is important to clarify that, in Spanish, berry does not refer to the fruit of the forest, as is commonly believed.

In some languages, however, the term encompasses both concepts, for example, strawberries are fruits of the forest, but not berries.


The banana, scientifically called the paradise muse, is what is known as a false berry. It is the most consumed intertropical fruit in the world thanks to its benefits for the body.

It is a good source of potassium, vitamins C and A, and fiber. In addition, it is very sweet, so it is usually used in numerous dessert preparations, although it can also be eaten on its own.


The acorn is a fruit whose flavor will depend on the variety of the tree that produces it. It is a characteristic fruit of the holm oak, oak, cork oak, among others.

The acorn serves as a source of food for many pigs and wild animals, although it is also a product consumed by humans for various preparations and recipes.

For example, when converted into flour, it is used, along with wheat flour, to make bread. It is also used for sweets and liquors, among others.


Known in many countries as milky, papaya, chamburro, among others, it is a fruit with a sweet pulp that is highly appreciated in gastronomy. With it you can make sweets, liquors, juices, jams, among other preparations.

It is shaped like an American football, with a thin and delicate skin. Its color is yellowish-orange when ripe and sweet. It is typical of the tropical areas of the world, in America and Europe.

Its consumption is appreciated thanks to its health benefits, for example, it is a fruit high in fiber and vitamin C, which makes it ideal for maintaining a healthy digestive system.


Also known as passion fruit or passion fruit, it is a large fruit with a green or yellow skin and a white center, with a flavor that many explorers considered «not in very good taste», although they considered it «gift food». It comes from tropical areas such as Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

banyan tree

Fruit of the tree of the same name. It is native to South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or India. It is a reddish fruit with a sweet taste.

However, its main use is not as food, but as a medicine for diseases such as diabetes. Animals such as the bat or different birds include the banyan tree in their diet.


Citrus fruit that is born from the tree of the same name. It has similarities with lemon or pear, standing out for its remarkable roughness. Being too acidic, its consumption is limited as a fragrance or to give a slight touch to drinks such as tea.

In cosmetics it is widely used for men’s perfumes, also having certain positive properties for skin regeneration.


Also known as ayahuma or taparón, it is a fruit similar to coconut. It grows in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as in some areas of the Caribbean. It is not usually used as food, its pulp being more valuable as a medicine and its bark as a material for the manufacture of utensils.

sweet potato

American tuber with a sweet taste. It is also known as sweet potato. There is a great variety and almost all have pink, whitish, purple or orange flesh. Today it is available all over the world. It is dense and serves to make purees and as a companion to stews.


It is a fruit that is eaten cooked. Its cultivation dates back thousands of years and it is native to Southeast Asia. With a bitter taste, it is, however, a fundamental ingredient of cuisines such as Italian, Arabic or Greek.


The sweet beetroot has several names, including betabel (as they call it in Mexico). Its striking purple color is indicative of great contributions of antioxidants.


It is a plant with numerous green flower heads, which is what is consumed (sometimes the stem, when it is not very thick). It is from the cauliflower family. It can be eaten raw or cooked and has many varieties.


It is a type of cabbage that is highly appreciated in southern Europe and American countries. It is also known as open cabbage or Galician cabbage. In Spain and Portugal it is common in traditional stews.


It is a plant from which the stems and leaves are eaten. It is native to Europe and central Asia, being one of the oldest vegetables consumed by humans. It is a source of iron, calcium, folic acid and iodine. Its flavor is somewhat spicy, but very rich.

viznaga or viznaga

Emblematic cactus of Mexico. The citron is extracted from its pulp, with which different traditional dishes of the country are prepared, such as the rosca de reyes or chiles en nogada.


It is a fruit of the zucchini family, native to the Canary Islands; it is a graft of squash and zucchini. Its flavor is more intense and its pulp is meatier.

bean sprouts

They are soybean sprouts. Considered a superfood, probiotic, which is consumed «alive» and is extremely beneficial for the body.

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