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16 beautiful spring poems by great authors (short)

Enjoy the season of spring with this selection of classic, contemporary and original poems.

Spring is the favorite season of the year for many, for the joy that the warmer weather conveys, for the plants and trees that bloom, and for the longer days. In this selection of poems about spring you will find compositions by poets such as Octavio Paz, Pablo Neruda, José Martí or Antonio Machado, followed by brief reflections to enjoy reading more.

«Spring in sight» (Octavio Paz)

Polished clarity of diaphanous stone,

Smooth forehead of a statue without memory:

winter sky, reflected space

in another deeper and emptier.

The sea barely breathes, barely shines.

The light has stopped between the trees,

sleeping army. wakes them up

the wind with foliage banners.

Rises from the sea, storms the hill,

bodiless swell busting

against the yellow eucalyptus trees

and spills out in echoes across the plain.

The day opens its eyes and penetrates

in an early spring.

Everything my hands touch, flies.

The world is full of birds.

Reflection: the poet shows his vision of the changes of nature with the seasons, in this case starting spring.

«With Quevedo, in spring» (Pablo Neruda)

Everything has flourished in

these fields, apple trees,

Faltering blues, yellow weeds,

and among the green grass live the poppies.

The inextinguishable sky, the new air

of each day, the tacit brilliance,

gift of a long spring.

There’s just no spring in my enclosure.

Diseases, crazy kisses,

like church ivy they stuck together

to the black windows of my life

and love alone is not enough, nor the savage

and extensive aroma of spring.

And for you, what are they in this now?

the unbridled light, the development

floral of evidence, the green edge

of the green leaves, the presence

from heaven with its cup of freshness?

outer spring, don’t torment me,

unleashing in my arms wine and snow,

corolla and broken bouquet of sorrows,

give me the dream of the leaves for today

nocturnal, the night they meet

the dead, the metals, the roots,

and so many extinct springs

They wake up every spring.

Reflection: the suffering of a person in the midst of an illness, despite being spring, such a prosperous season.

«Field stelae» (José María Hinojosa)

Blooming almond trees.



Cherry blossoms.


is full.

Blooming pomegranates.

it’s already moving away


Reflection: describes the progress of spring according to the natural evolution of three trees.

«With spring» (José Martí)

with spring

the song comes,

sweet sadness

and the gallant love.

with spring

comes an anxiety

of a prisoner bird

who wants to fly

There is no nobler scepter

than to suffer:

only one king exists:

dead is king

Reflection: feelings of sadness, loneliness and confinement are expressed.

«Spring kissed» (Antonio Machado)

The spring kissing

softly the grove,

and the new green sprouted

like a green smoke.

the clouds were passing

about the youth camp…

I saw in the trembling leaves

the cool April showers.

under that blossoming almond tree,

all laden with flowers —I remembered—,

I have cursed

my loveless youth

Today, in the middle of life,

I stopped to meditate…

youth never lived

who would dream of you again!

Reflection: comparison of youth with the beautiful spring, and how already in adulthood one thinks that this time was not used.

Sonnet 98” (William Shakespeare)

I walked away from you in the spring,

When the fertile April, decked out,

He breathed such youth into the world

That even the grave Saturn frolicked.

But neither the song of birds nor the aroma

Of colorful and diverse flowers

With joy they could get me drunk

Or incite me to pluck them from the meadows.

I did not admire the whiteness of the lilies

I did not praise the burning roses,

Those sweet delightful figures

That they took your image as a model.

But it was like winter, and in your absence

I played with them like with your shadow.

Reflection: the author recalls a spring love and describes some features of this season.

«Spring» (William Blake)

let the piccolo resound

which is now silent!

bird delight

day and night;

the Nightingale

in the ravine,

the lark in the sky,


festively, festively,

to welcome the year.

the little boy,

full of joy;

the little girl,

sweet and tiny;

the rooster crows

like you do;

excited voice,

child noise,



to welcome the year.

Little lamb,

here I am;

come closer and lick

my white neck;

let it tug

your soft wool;

let me kiss

your soft face:



to welcome the year.

Reflection: joy for the beginning of a new year, with the onset of spring.

«Spring» (Juan Ramón Jiménez)

April, without your clear assistance, out

winter of fallen splendours;

but even if April does not open its flowers to you,

you will always exalt spring.

You are the true spring;

rose of the inner paths,

breeze of the secret corridors,

fire from the remote hillside.

What peace, when in the mysterious afternoon,

embraced both, be your laugh

the supplier of our sole source!

my heart will pick up your rose,

your breeze will blow over my eyes,

your light will fall asleep on my forehead…

Reflection: poem in which the company of the loved one is valued and compared with the wonderfulness of the spring season.

«In April. Garden” (Jaime Torres Bodet)

In spring the carnation blooms.

But at what time does love give happiness?

In memory…

In spring the rose bush gives aroma.

But at what time does pain give strength?

In the silence…

Reflection: the poet raises various unknowns about love and pain.

«Spring» (Juan Nicasio Gallego)

April shakes her fertile hair

and the broad ground is filled with flowers;

the dawn greets you, and a thousand colors

all around shine from the clear sphere.

Joyfully announces the grove and the meadow

the return of laughter and love,

and streams, birds, jungles and shepherds

they sing of the delicious spring.

The lad laughs; the cattle rejoice;

all the pleasure of his presence feels;

the forest, the river, the páramo, the town,

but I, who am absent from my Pradina,

I sigh alone and frozen sadness,

as if the inclement open bellowed.

Reflection: expresses the feeling of joy and prosperity at the beginning of spring and changes in nature. But at the same time, her loneliness and sadness are expressed.

«The spring of the village» (Jaime Torres Bodet)

village spring

went down to the city this afternoon,

with her ugly girl face

and her calico dress.

He brought nests in his hands

and the heart sang

as in the last apple trees

the trill of the first sparrow.

It had, like peaches,

of snow and rose made the skin

and on the backs of donkeys

He was carrying his honeycomb.

To the city, spring

brought from the field a sweet smell

in the milkmaid vats

and the jugs of the water carrier.

Reflection: narrates the changes in a village due to the arrival of spring.

«The petal screams your name» (Juan Ortiz)

altar of the sun,

you rise invincible on the cayennes of the porch

withering to winter,

inhabiting the house with your name

to make us bloom again.

I know you’re close

the petal in the flowerpot screams it,


the hummingbird that visits the bedroom where months ago it was pale from the snow.

Reflection: talk about how spring beats the inclement cold with the sun’s rays.

«Tenant of Spring» (Juan Ortiz)

winter passed,

the road is covered with his blood:


water spilled everywhere.

In the space of yesterday’s snows,

a tender sprout rises,

the tree covers its dry body with greenery,

and a woman comes down from the sun on the wings of migratory birds.

See her in her element

cold white executioner,

he made me a house by another name,

a happy tenant of spring.

Reflection: It deals with how one is reborn internally and externally after the change of season.

«Spring, Lady of the Sun» (Juan Ortiz)

The lady of the sun arrives on the inert earth,

all archangel of light perches,

and the seed understands that it must rise.

The goose returns

The hummingbird,

the flower,

the eye is pleased with the landscape,

the smile returns to the greeting,

and every man seems to wake up

of a cold and long death.

Reflection: a clear allegory of how spring is a rebirth before the death of winter.

«The lights of spring» (Juan Ortiz)

the spring lights

they come to end the cold,

to thaw the river,

They give peace to the whole earth.

The sun walks everywhere

and each man is a party,

the smile costs nothing,

birds fly happily

the hares look happy,

love won its bet!

Reflection: talks about the connection of sunlight with life and joy.

«Arrival of Spring» (Juan Ortiz)

You come from walking in the sun

through the peaks and the nights,

in your brand new car

embroidered in glow

And you arrive with your warmth

to all sleeping life,

you bring the required grace

for the shoot to sprout

and the smile is noticeable

and the cold wound closes.

Reflection: on how spring heals the ailments caused by winter.

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