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15 outstanding examples of freedom

The freedom It is the power or right to act, speak or think according to one’s own will and desire, without being limited or restricted by any type of external power, such as a despotic government could be. It implies respect for the freedoms of others.

In most of the world’s democratic nations, freedom is legally and constitutionally guaranteed. For example, in the United States of America, freedom is guaranteed by the First Amendment consigned in the Political Constitution of that country.

In this way, the government must refrain from creating laws that restrict the decision-making power of citizens in relation to religious, political, social, and journalistic issues, among others.

People should always have the ability to express themselves without restrictions and to believe in what best defines them. In this sense, there are different types of freedom. There is the freedom of the press, which prevents the government from interfering with what is published and distributed in the mass media.

There is the freedom of association, which allows people to group freely according to their interests and in favor of defending a common cause. Within the different types of freedom, there is also freedom of expression, thought and religion.

All of these cover different categories in which human beings must have the ability to choose without their choice being restricted by any external power.

Examples of the different types of freedom

Freedom of the press

Press freedom prohibits the government from interfering with the printing and distribution of information or opinions. It may be limited by copyright or libel laws, and does not necessarily include the act of gathering information and news.

However, not all countries in the world ensure that freedom of the press is constitutionally respected.

In this case, the countries with the greatest respect for press freedom are Finland, Norway, Estonia, the Netherlands and Austria. On the other hand, the countries with less press freedom are Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Syria, Iran and China.

Some examples of freedom of the press include the following:

– Free publication of a news event.

– Expression of a political opinion in the mass media.

– The exhibition of an interview with a political figure.

– Writing of independent media (newspapers, magazines, reprints, etc.).

– Publication of photos online or print media.

– Public expression of an opinion on any topic.

freedom of association

Freedom of association is the individual right that human beings have to join a group or cause that represents their interests and ideals. In this sense, every association seeks to collectively express and defend the interests of a group of people.

This type of freedom is recognized as part of human rights, since it is part of the civil and political freedom of people. However, this type of freedom can also be regulated by local laws in order to protect public safety.

The freedom of association seeks to give people the opportunity to protest collectively against something that is important to the association, such as unfair laws, state policies, labor policies, among others.

Not all countries in the world respect freedom of association. Especially communist countries have more restrictions in this field.

This is the case of certain Islamic nations, China, Laos or North Korea. In these countries, people have limited power to express their dissatisfaction with decisions made by the government.

Some examples of freedom of association include the following:

– Formation of labor unions.

– Constitution of the general assembly of students.

– Formation of groups of environmentalists.

– Meeting of women in favor of the defense of their rights.

– Congregation of individuals who seek to protest for a common cause, such as the Mothers of May in Argentina.

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression includes freedom of thought, press, and association. This type of freedom, however, seeks to refrain from carrying out actions that may incite panic, defamation, conflict, obscene or criminal conduct.

Freedom of expression is a broader term that encompasses most different types of freedom. It includes the fundamental rights of human beings, such as the right to vote or artistic freedom.

On the other hand, this type of freedom includes the right that all human beings have to be prosecuted fairly in accordance with the law, if necessary.

In general, freedom of expression seeks to respect the right to privacy, care for the reputation of others, and the free issuance of judgments and opinions, without this implying harm to other individuals.

Some examples of free speech include the following:

– Free choice of sexual orientation.

– Free choice of political position.

– Freedom to choose clothes.

– Any type of artistic manifestation (painting, acting, music).

– Publication of political cartoons in print or digital media.

freedom of thought

Freedom of thought is the right that people have to express their opinions publicly, without any type of political coercion or interference from the government.

This kind of freedom does not entitle people to engage in hate speech or illegal conduct.

Freedom of thought allows human beings to express themselves without censorship or limitation. In this way, it should be possible for people to express their ideas through multiple channels.

However, this type of freedom is not the same in all nations, since it is regulated by local legislation.

Some examples of freedom of thought include the following:

– Particular beliefs on any topic.

– The free exercise of the press.

freedom of worship

Religious freedom is the freedom that every individual or community has, publicly or privately, to express their religious beliefs. In this way, every individual has the power to teach, practice, observe and worship any type of god.

Religious freedom is limited when the exercise of their rituals may break the law. However, religious freedom is usually exercised independently from political freedom, since the concepts of church and state can behave in an exclusive way.

Some examples of religious freedom include the following:

– Belief in a particular god.

– Exercise of religious rituals.

– Attendance at religious events.

– Open expression of religious beliefs.

– The wearing of clothing typical of a religion.

– Change region freely, without interference from external agents.

Freedom of opinion

It is the right that a person has to think differently from others, to discuss and disagree. It implies respect for the opinions of others.

freedom of choice

It is the right to make one’s own important decisions, without the involvement of other people or instances. These decisions are valued without having to be punished.

academic freedom

It is the freedom to study what the person decides, without being subject to state or family needs.

Freedom of movement

It is the freedom to move and circulate throughout the national territory, abiding by the rules and laws, and being duly identified.

freedom of conscience

It is related to freedom of thought. It is the freedom that allows the individual to freely choose those values ​​by which he will guide his life.

labor freedom

It is the right of every person to be able to work in what interests them, as long as they are qualified for the job.

artistic freedom

It refers to expressing oneself artistically in the way that the person considers most convenient, without censorship by the State or society.

sexual freedom

It is related to freedom of expression. It means that a person is free to choose their sexual orientation, without being penalized for it.

freedom to strike

It has to do with freedom of association. Strikes are a right that people in democratic states have to protest working conditions considered unfair.

freedom of vote

In countries where direct and secret voting exists, it means that all people must be free to choose the ruler they consider most capable, without being politically coerced or threatened.


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