12 julio, 2024

14 Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

Among the main advantages and disadvantages of Facebook they highlight the possibility of connecting with people around the world and the addiction that it can generate in users. Facebook is a social network that was born in 2004 and was created by Mark Zuckerberg.

Currently, Facebook is the social network with the most registered users: it exceeds the number of 2.2 billion people registered worldwide. This massive reach implies both advantages and disadvantages and, above all, a lot of responsibility that falls on those who lead this multi-billion dollar company.

Some of the biggest challenges have to do with user privacy, misuse of data, and addressing dangerous scenarios such as harassment and bullying.

Despite this, this social network remains very popular thanks to the benefits it offers its users, such as the possibility of networking and exposure opportunities for small entrepreneurs.


Advantages of using Facebook

It’s free

To access Facebook it is only necessary to have a computer or a mobile phone and an Internet connection. Although these elements can be expensive, the platform itself is free, making it easy for many people to access.

Facebook’s free condition allows the democratization of the content published there. Information consumers can access a large amount of data categorized according to the interests of users.

On the other hand, content creators have the possibility of making their information visible to a large number of people; If Facebook weren’t free, the reach it offers to its advertisers wouldn’t be as broad.

Provides the ability to connect

Thanks to the great scope of this application, Facebook allows the option of connecting with very diverse people all over the planet. In this way it is possible to maintain contact with known people regardless of the physical place in which they are.

Likewise, it is also possible to connect unknown people who have characteristics in common.

This is so thanks to the amount of data handled by the platform, as it allows each user to indicate what their interests are related to various fields; All this data facilitates the meeting between people who have common elements among themselves.

This possibility of connection is also beneficial in the work and educational spheres, since it can create a space for interaction and exchange of information that can be constructive and enriching.

For example, Facebook is a way through which people or companies offer products or services to their potential customers. Likewise, it can also be the ideal scenario for collaborations between people or companies with similar objectives.

It is a fundamental tool for entrepreneurs

Being one of the platforms with the largest number of registered users in the world, in recent years Facebook has become a very useful tool for entrepreneurs of any field, especially for those who are starting their projects.

The platform offers the possibility of publicizing a product or service thanks to the great visibility it provides to its users. It is possible to reach the ideal consumers quite quickly, and to appear before them in a timely manner.

The data that Facebook has related to users can become so detailed that it is increasingly easier to directly address the target audience; In this way it is possible to scale a business idea in a relatively short time.

In addition to the organic options that the platform offers, it has also made an ad posting system available.

Under this modality it is even easier to reach the desired audience, since Facebook facilitates the creation of advertising campaigns that have a high chance of being shown specifically to people who might be interested.

In this way, Facebook guarantees that advertisers are satisfied with their investment, and at the same time ensures that the user experience continues to be as pleasant as possible, preventing a bombardment of meaningless advertising from being a reason to stop using the application.

Low costs

One of the reasons why this advertising tool is ideal for new entrepreneurs is its costs. Taking into account both the great visibility to which advertisers are exposed and the possibility of carrying out a quite accurate audience segmentation, advertising on Facebook is quite economical.

Of course, there are strategies that work better than others, and whoever is interested in advertising on Facebook must research and train to understand very well how both the platform and the digital consumer work, and thus be able to get the most out of their investment.

Can be beneficial in classrooms

Facebook is present in practically all areas of life, and education is no exception. There are various initiatives focused on using the platform in a constructive and formative way, in order to take advantage of all its potential.

For example, a group of students together with their teacher can create a Facebook page where they share information about assignments, general advice on study skills, special event plans, and even entertainment items related to the content students are learning. students.

Since the Facebook pages are open and visible, both students and other teachers and representatives can be integrated.

Likewise, in this way it is possible to share with young people from other courses, from other cities and even from other countries. This well-structured strategy can transform the educational experience into something much deeper and more rewarding.


Another Facebook functionality that can be useful in the classroom has to do with polls. This platform allows users to develop polls on various topics and monitor the results as they are obtained.

These types of tools can be very helpful in subjects related to social sciences or statistics.

It can be a good informative medium

In addition to user profiles, on Facebook it is also possible to access profiles of recognized media. In this way, the platform becomes a space in which current information or opinion is shared with news and immediately.

The most relevant news tends to be widely shared on Facebook, so it is possible to be informed and updated regarding the most important information that is generated on practically any field.

At this point it is important to emphasize that Facebook is not an informative or journalistic medium, since the contents that can be found there are published by any of the users of the platform.

For this reason, it should not be considered that everything published there is legitimate or newsworthy; it is necessary to verify the source of the information before considering it true.

personal album

Although you may not have realized it, Mark Zuckerberg’s invention works as a kind of personal album/diary. All you have to do is enter the “photographs” option to be able to observe your entire life in snapshots.

The option of “videos” was also introduced (during the last months the option of broadcasting live has been gaining strength), something that is establishing itself as a powerful alternative to photographs.

Discover the person you were looking for

Have you ever been unable to find an old friend or classmate you lost contact with on Facebook?

Taking into account that this social network has more than 2 billion users, there is a high probability of finding the person you are looking for.


One of the main functions of Facebook, along with keeping us connected, is to entertain. You will be able to access an infinite number of games, whether they are about sports, movies, music, history, science, etc.

Disadvantages of using Facebook

It involves loss of privacy

Perhaps the most notable disadvantage of Facebook has to do with the loss of privacy. Users expose a large part of their personal information on the platform (from identification data to personal photos or videos), which allows it to be accessible to people with bad intentions.

Having said this, it is important to emphasize that many privacy elements can be configured by the user in search of greater protection of their data.

For example, it is possible to configure who can publish and/or access a user’s profile, as well as who can contact them through their email or the same Facebook platform.

Likewise, Facebook has made available to users the possibility of receiving a notification if unusual behavior is perceived in their profiles.

However, despite the control that users have over these and other settings, it is clear that a large amount of personal information is exposed on Facebook that can create a vulnerable scenario for users.

It can be a stage for bullying and hate comments

bullying or bullying it has also found a place within Facebook. Given the immediacy in the delivery of information, this platform can be a very damaging space for mockery: the spread is fast and reaches a large number of people.

Data obtained from studies carried out at Brown University, in the United States, indicated that young people who are victims of teasing, harassment and bullying on Facebook are more likely to become depressed. The same study determined that the majority of subjects have had at least one negative experience on the social network.

Faced with this situation, Facebook has sought to implement strategies that give users a little more control to prevent the spread of malicious information.

For this reason, they have launched the Bullying Prevention Center, developed together with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, which intends to offer advice and resources to adolescents so that they can deal with these unpleasant situations.

Generates addiction

It has been proven that the use of Facebook, as well as other social networks, can become addictive. The platform has had such an influence on the current social environment that for many users it is unthinkable to stop being present there.

This behavior has been amplified with the rise of mobile phones, because it is possible to access the social network more easily, without having to have a computer.

This implies that many people stop interacting in the real world and focus on interacting through a screen, which generates poor socialization. This is especially worrisome when observed in children and young people, as it may imply that they learn to interact socially in this way, leaving real experience aside.

It is an ideal space for scams

Since users share so much personal information within the…

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