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136 words in Mixtec translated into Spanish

The words in mixtec They belong to the Otomanguean linguistic family of Mexico. Mixtec is related to the Triqui languages ​​and to the Cuaicateco language. It is spoken by almost 500,000 people. It is estimated that there may be up to 50 Mixtec languages.

Mixtec is generally spoken in the region known as La Mixteca, shared between the states of Oaxaca, Puebla, and Guerrero. However, migration has meant that this language has spread to the state of Mexico and the Federal District, as well as in the San Quintín Valley in Baja California, parts of Morelos and Sonora, and in regions of the United States.

This language is a complex set of regional dialects that already existed at the time of the Spanish conquest in the Mixtec region. Mixtec has the characteristic of being a tonal language, and three tones can be defined: high, medium and low.

List of Mixtec words and their meaning in Spanish

– Ino means dog.

– Xi kwen yuu means mosquito or mosquito.

– I or means moon.

nshower means water.

Dexe tatna means farmer.

Te kuku or za’a means owl.

ndikandii means sun.

bye or tee means man.

Ña’ an or ñad means woman.

Na ki’ zucu means I’m going to the hill right now.

I don’t see means go ahead.

You I Dau means Rain doctrine.

Kwachi means twins.

Vexi ve’e means I am entering the house.

Choko tukwe’e cha’u means ant.

Tate means father.

Nantes means mother.

Teke tiuu means president or authority.

Tee chin deña a means helper or worker.

iani tai (iani taii) means family.

mixctli (Mixtec in its original language) means cloud people.

Say itu means sweet corn.

Tnana bye means green tomato.

taa xikonuu means vagabond.

Zikanzi za’ tan jen de zoo means eclipse.

Deku ba’i means good.

rakuee means death.

Nuka duñu’u means chimney.

ku kweni means nice to see you.

ndaku means broom.

Tikachi means blanket or quilt.

Na d’a kwiaan? means how old are you?

Do sakui’tnu means jorongo (shepherd’s coat).

ndivesséadv., means a while ago.

lullaby you means tomato.

kande ini yo tuku is the answer to goodbye.

Kixa chee means to make great.

Nan dau ku? means what are you doing?

Kakatu’un means to ask.

ko zaa means molcajete (a stone mortar).

pa kaxoo means bread.

kwa’a kaxoo means rice.

Kua means red.

taa kua’a means brave man.

da kwi ko means to turn in some direction.

doko kuixi means white sapote.

yousa cut’ means sir.

na sa cut means ma’am.

Kobadiátu sakwaa is the answer to Good afternoon.

Ku kwen’n deku? it means how are you?

ndiyi means corpse, deceased.

Ix kukuii means wild spinach or quelite.

Kondo’o… ini (literally: think of your heart) means to think of someone.

Kwa’ a niku means nice to meet you.

neñu koo means blackberry.

De te kuu? means where are you from?

Ndivi means egg.

sika’an means advise.

Kaxin dita means take an omelette.

na suchi means old woman.

Doko tnuu means black sapodilla.

Kobaadin yesakwaa means good afternoon.

ndidi means pulque (alcoholic drink made from the fermented maguey plant).

don’t means shirt.

vidi zi means sweet lemon.

vi’u means money.

ndixin means elote, corn.

chit’nu means oven.

nephew + i means nephew or niece.

primuia means cousin.

primary means cousin.

nu’ni means bunch.

koo nund (literally colored snake) means coral snake.

say che means lizard.

boy means night.

Zuzue’e (literally house of the mouth) means door.

nu’un naa means ignorance.

na sa’nui means grandfather or grandmother.

Cu’ai means sister.

Cho’o already means fly.

minu stila means mint.

vi’nde means prickly pear cactus.

nama means wall.

Ña’mi vidi or ya’mi means sweet potato or sweet potato.

wow means maguey plant.

venu’u (literally house of the spirit) means church.

Do’zo means spring.

ni kuchi means sand.

Of sa’ya si’i means daughter.

De’va means cave.

Zu’me means dust.

Viku de’vu means cloudy.

Cora’ngi means rainbow.

nundo’o means punishment.

cha’ngi means thunder.

vicu gnu’u means mist.

you zaa means oak tree.

Nusu’va means walnut.

you zuza means pine tree.

Nuyaa means oak.

you zaxi means pine nut tree.

Yut’nu means tree.

Qui’i means peach or peach.

panu means batter.

gone kwixi means rabbit.

Che’lu means calf.

Sa’va means frog.

sa cu chani means granddaughter.

Tea cuu chani means grandson.

tichi means avocado.

saa means bird.

saka means mix.

ieko burru means hare.

duchi chickpea means chickpea.

Za’ku means armadillo.

lullaby cha’i means stepmother.

daddy cha’i means stepfather.

iusu means mouse.

Ke you’u means woodpecker.

tigata ini means tarantula.

tuynch means cricket.

Tee xetio kuan David you means carpenter.

Daya cha’a means stepson or stepdaughter.

Tee kui ka It means the one who guides or takes care of the cattle.

xe tatnaya means healer.

xe tatna means healer.

Sandoo means clean up.

sata means back.

savi ndi’i means drizzle.

Se’e nda vi It means eldest, first son.

siko’o means to get drunk.

Sindiki means cattle.

ndo’ma means tail.

sutu means cure, priest.

ta’an means friend, companion.

Ta’an nani means partner.


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