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13 short dramatic texts

What is a dramatic text?

A dramatic text it is a literary composition, made to be performed on stage and before an audience. It is part of a communicative process, since it is designed to be read and represented.

This type of text is called dramatic because it exposes the conflicts between the characters through dialogue.

The dramatic text covers three different types of issuers, among which are the author, the actors and the director. In this way, when the dramatic text is represented by the three emitters, it is given the name of a work.

The person to whom the representation of the text is directed is known as the receiver, which can be individual (reader) or collective (public).

A dramatic text is structured in dialogue, for this reason it is considered to be part of a communicative process.

In this process, the parties involved represent fictitious characters that are the product of the author’s imagination, and are guided by the director with the aim of establishing direct contact with the public.

Short dramatic texts of famous works

Example 1: Romeo and Juliet (William Shakespeare)

Enter Samson and Gregory, of the House of Capulet, armed with sword and shield.

Samson: Gregorio, I swear we’re not going to swallow saliva.

Gregorio: No, we are not so greedy.

Samson: I say, if we don’t swallow them, their throats will be cut.

Gregorio: Yes, but let’s not end with the noose around our necks.

Samson: If they provoke me, I hit fast.

Gregorio: Yes, but they don’t provoke you so quickly when hitting.

Samson: I am provoked by the dogs of the Montagues.

Gregorio: To provoke is to move and be brave, to stand up, so if they provoke you, you run away.

Samson: The dogs of the Montagues move me to stand. With a Montague man or woman I cling to the walls.

Gregorio: Then they can, because they push the weak against the wall.

Example 2: Bernarda Alba’s house (Federico Garcia Lorca)

act first

Very white room inside Bernarda’s house. thick walls. Arched doors with jute curtains topped with strawberry trees and ruffles. Cattail chairs. Pictures with unlikely landscapes of nymphs or legendary kings. It’s summer. A great shady silence stretches across the scene. When the curtain rises, the scene is alone. The bells are heard tolling.

(The Maid exits)

Maid: I already have twice as many bells tucked between my temples.

La Poncia: (Goes out eating chorizo ​​and bread) They’ve been eating gori-gori for more than two hours now. Priests have come from all the towns. The church is beautiful. In the first response, Magdalena fainted.

Maid: She is the one who stays the most alone.

La Poncia: She was the only one who loved her father. Oh! Thank God we’re alone a little bit! I have come to eat.

Maid: If Bernarda saw you…!

La Poncia: Now that she doesn’t eat, she would like us all to starve! Bossy! Dominant! But she gets annoyed! I have opened the orza of chorizos.

Maid: (Sadly, anxiously) Why don’t you give me some for my girl, Poncia?

La Poncia: Go in and take a handful of chickpeas too. Today you won’t notice!

Example 3: The changes (Silvina Carrasco)

act first

Bus terminal of a small city: some windows with signs that pretend to be the names of different bus companies and a sign that says “Terminal de buses”. Aldana is about to take the bus that will take her to her new city and her new life.

Aldana and Sara say goodbye inside the terminal.

Sara: Are you sure you have everything? Document, cell phone charger?

Aldana: Yes, mom.

Sara: All the books, the map of the city, the address written down just in case?

Aldana: Yes, mom, don’t worry. The only thing that worries me is that I am going to miss you very much.

Sara: (Hiding her emotion) It’s only the first time, then you’ll be fine. Now go, the bus is going to leave.

(they hug)

Aldana: I love you, mom.

Sara: I love you, daughter.

(Aldana exits the scene and Sara sheds tears.)

Example 4: the three bums (Jose Luis Garcia)

(The scene lights up and we see the old King lying on the bed).

King: Oh, how sick I am!

(The three sons enter. They wander around the room without seeing the King.)

Son 1: Father has sent us to call.

Son 2: But it’s not there.

Son 3: So, it hasn’t come or gone.

King: I’m in bed.

2: Dad!

3: I told you: someone was talking to us from a bed.

1: What’s wrong, dad?

King: I’m sick. I’m going to die.

1: You can’t dad, you are the King.

2: How will you die if you are alive?

3: We will protect you. Tell us who wants to kill you.

King: I’m going to die and I already know that the three of you are just as stupid.

1: But dad.

King: Shut up! Now I need to know which of you three is the laziest.

1: What is a bum?

2: A slacker.

3: The one who does not give a stick to the water.

1: Why give a stick to the water?

King: Shut up! The laziest of you will succeed me and he will be King.

1: Father, then the kingdom is mine. I’m so lazy that if I go to sleep in the patio and it starts to rain, I don’t get up, even if I get soaked to the skin.

2: That’s nonsense. The kingdom belongs to me, for I am so lazy that when I sit by the fire to warm myself, I would rather burn my feet than withdraw my legs.

3: That’s not being lazy, it’s being stupid. The kingdom is mine.

2: why?

3: Because I am so lazy that if I were to be hanged and someone gave me a knife to cut the rope, I would rather let myself hang than raise my hand to the rope.

King: You have reached the highest grade. You will be King.

2: But dad.

1: Daddy, daddy!

King: Whoop! The decision is made. Go away I want to sleep.

3: Your wishes are orders.

(The three children exit.)

King: Why didn’t I have a daughter?

(scene goes dark)

Example 5: talking wallet (Serapio Sergiovich)

Luis takes out his wallet to pay and when he opens it, every time, a synthetic voice says:

– You are opening me again…

– Think if it is really necessary to spend on this…

– Saving is the basis of fortune.

– Oh, oh, oh… how expensive everything is.

– May it be the last time.

Luis has to open his wallet often because his daughters and wife take turns coming to ask him for money for different reasons.

Finally a thief comes and asks for the money. The father opens the wallet and it says:

– Enough! Not again! It just can’t be! This is unheard of! This is too much! Careful!

The thief gets scared and leaves.

Example 6: dog lovers (Leslye Rivera Casanoba)

First scene

Dog: (jumping) Yeah! Finally you got here! I’m so glad to see you, really. My whole body jumps and dances to the sound of your arrival (Dance and sing a happy song). Please, let’s get out quickly, I can’t stand the urge anymore… (Dog wanting to go to the bathroom).

Man: Hello (He strokes Dog’s head) I’m so tired (He leaves the briefcase on the table and sits on the chair).

Dog: I know, I know… I really understand your tiredness. It must be very tiring to be out of the house all day doing maybe what things… but please… I beg you… let’s get out now! (Moving everywhere.)

Man: Well, okay. Let me get a bag, the water, put on the leash and we’ll go (He looks for a bag and water inside his briefcase. He takes the leash that is on the table and puts it on Dog).

Dog: Yes! You are the best, compadre… I love you!

Let man. (they both leave the stage)

Example 7: Locked cat (Luis Fernando Gallardo Leon)


León yells angrily, argues with a woman.


Leon: It’s the last time, stupid! I don’t want to see you again in my life! No you understand!

León hangs up the phone indignantly. His cat Coco looks at him intrigued. León tries to contain his tears, he looks disconsolate.

Leon: why? Because? Because? I can’t take it anymore, Coco, I can’t take it anymore, I hate you… damn…

Coco approaches León and begins to rub against his legs, she meows. León feels her and her burden, hugging her and consoling himself with her.

León: You’re the only one who loves me, right, Coco? Because you were not a woman…

Coco meows and León hugs her tighter.

León: I love you too, Coco, you are the only thing I have in life.

Example 8: The cat and the Mouse (Alan Rejon)

Scenery: An ordinary street. The mouse has its back turned when suddenly the cat starts running towards it.

Mouse: Wait! Wait!

Cat: what do you want?

Mouse: Why are you doing this?

Cat: what?

Mouse: Hunt me.

Cat: Well, because I’m hungry.

Mouse: Well, do you like my taste and the texture of my skin?

Cat: Humm, actually, no, I hate it when the tail goes down my throat and still after a few weeks I am still spitting up white hairballs.

Mouse: Then why do you hunt mice? Has no sense.

Cat: Maybe, but in Doraemon’s church, the cat that came from the future, we taught that to be close to him we must eat mice, because you do not they accept him as the only time traveler and savior of the cat community.

Mouse: I can’t believe that’s the reason.

Cat: Let’s make a deal, I’ll set you free if you accept Doraemon as the only traveler of time and savior of the cat community.

Mouse: Of course I won’t accept it, to begin with because it doesn’t exist and secondly, if it does did, then I shouldn’t believe in him since he only wants to save the felines.

Cat: Don’t you dare say it doesn’t exist, you blasphemous rat, because it’s everywhere. sides and can unleash his fury, also in my church we have a community of believing mice we leave alone.

Mouse: Doraemon was just a caricature of a blue cat. how many blue cats you know?

Cat: I think that to demonstrate his divinity, Doraemon chose the color blue for that no race is discriminated against and television was the way to extend its message on us.

Mouse: Well, explain this to me, Doraemon was a robot, why would he have to eat mice if you don’t have a stomach? I think your church has invented everything by itself in order to control them.

Cat: Well, well… (The Cat eats the mouse) So much talk whetted my appetite.

Example 9: Zombie Tweet (Alan Rejon)

Gabriel (carries a gun in his hand)

Carla (carries a backpack)

Gabriel: What are you doing? Quick, go inside and lock the door!

Carla: (Looking at the screen of her BlackBerry as she closes the door) My Blackberry has been beeping like crazy since we left town, I can’t believe I’m still getting notifications from Facebook.

Gabriel: (He takes his Blackberry out of his pocket and checks it for a moment) Maybe Twitter is very active…


Karla: what happened?

Gabriel: Check out this tweet “My granny is a zombie. LOL” (Carla laughs)

Carla: (looking at the screen of her cell phone) Let’s see, look at this “Ninel Conde continues live»

(Both laugh)

Gabriel: Someone wrote «I put myself in danger, but now I have my own McDonald’s, as they say in Zombieland: Enjoy the little things.»

Carla: How come there are still people creating chains?! Watch «Post this on 10 walls and Chuck Norris will come save you.»

Gabriel: (Shows Carla his phone) «It still scares me more than a witness of Jehovah come knocking on the door.»

(Carla ignores him as she says in a low voice: Copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste)

Gabriel: What are you doing?

Carla: We have to try everything (continue…

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