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100+ phrases of disappointment of a person, couple or friends

A selection of disappointment phrases that you can use to reflect on a hard time or to dedicate to someone who has not met your expectations.

Disappointment is a feeling that is experienced in a similar way to betrayal; sometimes it feels worse than anger, stronger than love or heartbreak. However, as they say, disappointment does not kill, it teaches.

When you have a very close relationship with someone in your life, be it a partner, friends or family, it is possible that you develop high expectations about the future and do not expect that they will be able to perform certain behaviors.

However, it is unavoidable; everyone in life experiences the disappointment of family, partner or friends, and sometimes it is not their fault, they simply did not behave as we expected. Therefore, you can take disappointment as a lesson, to grow as a person and develop healthier personal relationships.

Phrases of disappointment in love / couple

With the disappointment phrases that we show you, you can reflect on your feelings, take a few minutes to heal and let your sadness out or select the quotes that are most in line with your thoughts to share or dedicate.

So many phrases of love were useless, the truth was always one: your deceit.

Deceit never brings anything good.

Many times I saw attitudes that gave you away, but I kept quiet thinking that you would reconsider. What a serious mistake.

If you see that they deceive you and lie over and over again, it is very difficult for things to change.

Arguing and arranging every other day, it was not love. At least I understood, late, but I did.

Love is respect and tolerance, not constant arguments.

It was hard to understand, I cried a lot, but it’s better to know the truth of your lies than to continue deceiving me and wasting my time.

The best thing will always be to know the truth than to live deceived.

It hurts to have changed so much for someone to receive such a big disappointment from him.

It’s hard to trust again, and even more so if you get hurt over and over again. It is best to be cautious and study people well.

Meeting him was horrible, like dying, but without that truth I couldn’t start a new life.

The truth will always be the best.

You ended up just like we started: being just a pretty face, from the rest, there is nothing more useful.

Don’t get carried away by appearances.

Keep your money, buy what you want with it. My dignity is priceless, and I don’t share the love.

There are things that money can never buy.

There won’t be another chance, I’m not a casino machine for you to keep playing with me.

If a hoax has already been discovered, it is best to leave everything behind.

Talking about love is easy when you’ve never been used.

There are deceptions that can mark you for life.

Anyone uses beautiful words to fall in love, few give them their true meaning, and you are part of the first group.

How there are people who are pure talk.

Of boyfriends: the wonder; of marriage: hell; Don’t say you love someone if you haven’t seen them at home.

From courtship to marriage there should not be so many changes. The right thing to do is take care of love.

You have disappointed me, but you have not killed me, you have taught me.

Love disappointments can also be seen from a positive point of view.

There are those who ask for exclusivity while walking through the beds of the entire block.

You can’t hang out with promiscuous people if you want something serious.

Being perfect in the networks, that was a better disguise, I believed it, and now that I see the true face I understand everything.

The networks do not show you the reality of people.

Love has nothing to do with madness, don’t normalize mistreatment and wandering behaviors.

Psychological abusers must be avoided. Let’s not get carried away by wrong stereotypes.

I always believed that there was truth in your gaze, until the first lie appeared.

When the lie appears, nothing is ever the same again.

They say that love is a roller coaster, with you it was no different, only that it was only a descent into the darkest.

Do not get carried away by stereotypes of wrong phrases. Coexistence is not easy, but it cannot be that everything is fighting.

Your partner should be your friend, confidant, and lover. I was only the first two options.

A couple must accommodate only two people, otherwise it would not be a couple.

I found you hurt, I healed you and I helped you get up, and you repay me by leaving me as I found you.

There are times when the people we help pay us with the worst coin.

Don’t come asking me for forgiveness with your smile, I already know what you have in your heart.

When you know a person’s heart, there is no forgiveness worth it.

I now understand why you prevented me from meeting your family, they would have warned me and it would have saved me a lot of time in my life.

It’s nice to meet the family of the person we’re dating. Many things can be known.

They say that whoever searches finds the cat’s five legs, yours was a centipede.

Unfortunately, many people are used to playing with the feelings of others. They usually have not two, but up to four parallel partners.

I threw away every photo, I erased every memory from my cell phone, from my networks. If I want a nice start, I can’t have unnecessary burdens.

A true beginning requires leaving all the past behind.

It is the worst disappointment to have believed that you were my future and now to see that you have only been a lesson.

Disappointments can become life lessons.

My life was dedicated to raising them, and they pay me by leaving me in a nursing home. I don’t deserve this lonely old age.

There are people who do not value their parents and leave them aside in their old age.

It has always been said that children should honor their parents. I did, too bad my parents didn’t honor me.

There are parents who do not set an example and do not value the effort of their children.

They told me they would love me for the rest of my life, and as soon as I got old they sent me to a nursing home. What a weak love.

There are children who do not value the effort of their parents and forget them in nursing homes.

It is sad to have wasted so much time in life next to someone who was not what he said he was so much.

The time invested never comes back. We must evaluate well with whom we will spend our lives.

My family was supposed to protect me and take care of me, but I feel safer on the street.

Family abuse is a very unfortunate reality today.

Families are supposed to walk together, and after my first mistake they abandoned me.

There are cases in which families do not help their fallen members to get up, but they walk away.

If the family is the foundation of any community, with mine I understood why we are in such a bad way as a society.

There are families that, unfortunately, without total chaos.

I never knew what your true mask was, everything with you was deceit from beginning to end.

There are people who are masters at pretending to be who they are not. You must be careful and observant.

What happened to me talking about you? No, sorry, when I want to see a bad movie, I let you know and I remember what I experienced.

Do not fall into the game of gossip. The bad that happened, that remains in the past.

You said you weren’t the same as the others, and it was true, you’ve turned out worse than anything you’ve ever experienced.

There are people who become the worst disappointments in life. And they know it.

How painful it was to see how you took advantage of my trust, I will never forget this disappointment.

There are people who do not care about the trust placed, and take advantage to do harm.

Everything has its end, yes, but this should not have had a beginning.

There are those who come into our lives to waste our time.

It doesn’t hurt to let you go, it is, in fact, a victory. What really hurts is the lost time that I was able to invest in something really productive.

It is important to choose someone who values ​​your time.

Humiliating your partner in public doesn’t show your dominance, it just shows that no one should be around you.

You should not be with people who humiliate others.

Seeing you holding her hand two days after you broke up just proves that I was right: this was over a long time ago.

You have to understand when everything ends sentimentally before it ends formally.

Your deceit towards me does not make you smarter, no, it is evidence that you are not someone to be trusted.

Liars only earn the distrust of others.

What affects me the most about your deceit is having allowed you to enter my house. I let the enemy know the most sacred thing: my family.

How sad it is to let the fakes into your house.

Love is wonderful until the bills arrive and it’s up to one to cover all the expenses.

You have to find a partner to help with the loads.

After so much mistreatment, getting away from you became simple. Thank you for making me understand that only I will truly love myself for the rest of my life.

No one should accept abuse from anyone.

This relationship taught me a lot, for example: from now on I will ask my suitors for a resume, I no longer fall for the farces of the networks.

What is seen on the networks should not be accepted as an absolute truth. People should be studied outside the web, in real life.

It is sad to think that you have found the love of your life and what was actually found was the biggest disappointment of existence.

It is not good to get carried away by emotions. Only time shows what true love is.

No relationship is perfect, it’s true, but at least have the courtesy not to lie every 30 seconds.

When spotting one lie after another in your relationship, it’s best to walk away.

Don’t date someone who isn’t over their ex, in those kinds of relationships you’re practically the lover under the shadows of someone who hasn’t left.

Nothing can start if the above has not finished. To the past, past

I congratulate you, your performance is very good, you said you loved during these years and it was only a theater. I’ve never really met you, but I don’t care anymore.

There are people who live from deception to deception, and never show their true face.

They should normalize requesting a mental health certificate before starting a relationship, huge disappointments would be avoided.

Knowing about the past of a new partner is something very important. It lets you know what to expect.

Faces we see, years of lost delivery we do not know.

When starting a relationship, you have to understand that you don’t know what can happen. Of course, you can not judge everyone by a disappointment received.

I just needed a little truth, that would have been enough to forgive you. But after each lie, there is another and another.

It is necessary to get away from compulsive liars, even if it hurts, it is the best.

Phrases of family disappointment

How easy it is for you to demand that I be a good son, as easy as the bad example you have been for me.

There are those who ask their children for excellence, but their behavior leaves much to be desired.

Betrayals can come from anyone, but the worst, without a doubt, come from people who share our own blood.

The greatest pain of disappointment occurs when a family member betrays you.

Brothers are supposed to take care of themselves, but you ditched me to go with your friends. What a disappointment.

There are those who put their family before acquaintances.

They are my parents, the least I expected was for them to believe in my talent.

There are parents who do not give due support to their children.

How sad that someone you just met believes in you more than you…

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