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100 phrases from Saint Francis of Assisi about humility, nature and life

Compilation of quotes from one of the most beloved Christian saints; San Francisco de Asis

Saint Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) was an Italian saint, founder of the Franciscan Order, considered one of the most influential spiritual figures in Christianity. He was canonized by Pope Gregory IX on July 16, 1228.

In Christianity he is the patron of animals and nature, and is known for the humble and austere life he led. Together with Catherine of Siena he was called the patron saint of Italy. Furthermore, he is the first known case of a stigmatized saint.

The best phrases of Saint Francis of Assisi

We have made a compilation of phrases of Saint Francis of Assisi about humility, work, nature, animals, the environment, life, peace, charity, among many other topics. They are taken from his writings and with them you will be able to reflect on his ideas and learn more with his teachings.

All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle.

Something as small as a single light in a sea of ​​darkness can be seen and can be influential.

Where there is poverty with joy, there is no covetousness or avarice.

We have to know how to value and appreciate what we have in our lives, and not want more than we need.

A servant of God can be known when the Lord works through him some good, and his flesh is not exalted.

A true servant of God does not flaunt his good works, on the contrary, he believes himself equal to or less than others.

All the brothers preach with the works.

The best way to preach is with the acts that are done, not with the words that can be said.

Where there is patience and humility, there is no anger or disturbance.

We always have to remain calm and respectful of all other people, and not react to insults.

He who does not renounce everything he possesses cannot be my disciple.

To follow the path of the Lord, we must abandon all material possessions and personal benefits.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.

We must, above all things, love God and our brothers.

Humble yourselves also so that you may be exalted by him.

We must always remain humble, because only God is capable of exalting us.

All vices and sins come out and proceed from the hearts of men.

People have a tendency to satisfy our own needs and not think about others.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

We must always remain in peace and without reacting when we are offended.

I need few things and the few that I need, I need very little.

Saint Francis of Assisi was a humble person and did not need much to live in peace and happiness.

He who does not want to work, do not eat.

We must all collaborate with work in order to earn our livelihood.

Always do something good, so that the devil finds you busy.

We must always work to maintain ourselves by our own means and not depend on anyone.

Do not do to the other what you do not want done to you.

We never have to act in a way that we would not like to be acted upon.

If you do not forgive men their sins, the Lord will not forgive you your sins.

We must always forgive all who offend us.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us exult and be glad in it.

We must be thankful for every day of our life, because we live it thanks to the mercy of God.

Whatever you want men to do to you, you also do to them.

We must treat other people as we would like to be treated.

Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.

Saint Francis of Assisi was known for his love of animals and nature.

He who perseveres to the end will be saved.

We must stand firm in our convictions and not allow ourselves to be oppressed by those who do not agree with us.

It is in giving that we receive.

What we give is returned to us equal or multiplied.

Do not gossip, do not denigrate others.

We should never speak badly or criticize other people.

Let us not love with word and mouth, but with deed and truth.

Our actions are what say how much we love other people.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

A person who is poor in spirit is one who does not react to the injuries they may suffer.

The animal man does not perceive the things that are of God.

The ignorant do not understand the word of the Lord.

Blessed is the servant who, when he speaks, does not manifest all his things with a view to reward.

We should never act expecting to get something in return, we should always do it with the well-being of others in mind.

The outrage is not imputed to those who suffer it, but to those who infer it.

Those who will be judged for the offenses they commit are those who commit them, not those who receive them.

Blessed is the servant who always remains under the rod of correction.

We must always analyze our actions and correct them when we are doing them wrong.

The letter kills, but the spirit gives life.

The word of the Lord must not only be known, but also lived. It is useless to know the word just to transmit it, you have to live under his example.

Show by your works the love you have for each other.

Love must be expressed in the deeds we do daily, not just in words.

The one who does not eat, do not judge the one who eats.

We should never comment on what other people do.

All brothers beware of slandering and contending with words.

Do not enter into conflicts or speak ill of other people.

Confidently manifest your need to each other, so that he can find what you need and provide it for you.

We should always ask for help when we need it.

Let us love our neighbor as ourselves; and if someone does not want to love him as himself, at least do him no harm, but do him good.

We must never hurt anyone, we always have to treat everyone with respect.

Anger and disturbance prevent charity in themselves and in others.

We should never make decisions when we are in a state of anger, since we will not have our clear ideas to do so.

Be modest, showing all meekness towards all men.

We must be humble and simple, and treat everyone equally.

The brothers appropriate nothing, neither a house, nor a place, nor anything.

The brothers of the Franciscan Order must not have any material possessions in the world.

Alms is inheritance and justice that is due to the poor and that our Lord Jesus Christ acquired for us.

The only money that the faithful of the Franciscan Order can receive is what they ask for to give it to those who have less.

Love your enemies; do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute and slander you.

You should never have a grudge or return with the same actions to those who treat us badly. We have to love everyone equally and forgive their offenses.

Do not consider the minor sins of others; on the contrary, rather reflect on your own with the bitterness of your soul.

We must analyze and worry about our own mistakes, instead of judging those of others.

Cursed are those who stray from your commands.

Bad are those people who do not accept the word of God and do not obey his teachings.

Whoever wants to save his life will lose it.

We must always think about the common good and helping others, not about personal benefit.

Do not despise or judge the men you see dressed in soft and colored fabrics, use delicacies and delicate drinks, but rather let each one judge and despise himself.

We must not interfere in the lives of others, we must always watch and judge our actions.

The brothers, wherever they are, in hermitages or in other places, beware of appropriating any place or defending it against anyone.

The Franciscan Order does not allow its followers to have material possessions.

Where there is mercy and discretion, there is no superfluity or hardening.

We must always show compassion to our neighbor and not judge by what we see, but deeply analyze each situation.

I truly admonish and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ that the brothers beware of all pride, vainglory, envy and greed.

We should never believe that we are more than other people, nor desire what someone else possesses.

Since I am the servant of all, I am obliged to serve all of you and to administer to you the sweet-smelling words of my Lord.

When professing the word of the Lord, preference should not be given, it must be replicated so that believers and non-believers receive it.

Fear the lord and give him honor.

We must always keep in mind the kind of life we ​​must lead in order not to sin, and we must pray frequently.

Everyone who wants to become greater among them, be their minister and servant. And let him who is greater among them become like the lesser.

Regardless of the position we occupy, we must always maintain humility.

I beg all my brothers not to glorify or rejoice in themselves, or exalt themselves internally for good words and works.

All our acts must be carried out from humility and without expecting anything in return.

And all brothers beware of being disturbed or angered by the sin or evil of the other, because the devil wants to spoil many for the crime of just one.

We should not get angry with the sins of other people, but try to understand them and help them improve.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

People who have no attachment to earthly things, worship the word of the Lord and see everything as God’s work, are those who have a clean heart.

And no brother does wrong or speaks badly to the other; but rather, by the charity of the spirit, willingly serve and obey one another.

We must never seek to harm our neighbor, but we must build our path together with them.

If any of the brothers, wherever he is, falls ill, the other brothers do not abandon him.

We should always help people who are in trouble.

Keep nothing of yourselves for yourselves, so that he who offers himself to you all may receive you whole.

We should not cling to material things, since these do not serve us to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed is that servant who does not exalt himself more than the good that the Lord says and works through him, than what he says and works through another.

The only word and path we must follow is the word of God.

And those who have received the power to judge others, exercise judgment with mercy, as they themselves want to obtain mercy from the Lord.

People who are in a position of power always need to be understanding and compassionate towards other people, and not take advantage of their position.

See your dignity brother priests and be holy, because he is holy.

Priests must be the most worthy people on earth, because they are in charge of distributing the word of God.

And the very high and sumo, only true God, may he be tributed and receive all the honors and obeisances, all the praises and blessings, all the thanks and glory, from whom it is all…

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