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100 phrases by Julio Cortázar about life, love, friendship and more

A compilation of quotes from one of the most influential writers in Latin America; Julio Cortazar

Julio Cortázar (1914-1984) was an Argentine writer who stood out for his novels, short stories, and poetic prose. He is considered one of the founders of the Latin American boom and one of the most innovative authors of his time.

Since his first visit to Cuba in 1963, he became interested in politics, and was persecuted by the Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983). Among his works are Hopscotch, House Taken, Bestiary, The Night Above, Endgame, The Haunteramong many others.

The best phrases of Julio Cortázar

We have made a compilation of Julio Cortazar quotes taken from his novels, short stories, short prose, reviews, interviews and other writings. With them you will be able to reflect on his thoughts and better understand his ideas about love, friendship, life in general, loneliness, women, among other topics.

The problem of reality is not faced with sighs.

To overcome the problems that afflict us we must work hard to get out of them, complaining is of no use to us.

Books are becoming the only place in the house where you can still be calm.

Reading calms us down and transports us to another world, which is why we will always find a safe haven in a good book.

Everything always lasts a little longer than it should.

We always want to hold on and continue with something because it has been good for us, but we must learn to let go in time.

Memory is a mirror that scandalously lies.

When remembering something from our past, it often happens that we omit many things and forget how we really felt at that moment.

Be realistic, ask for the impossible.

We should always seek the most we can get out of any situation.

Being alive always seems like it’s the price of something.

We live our lives thinking we owe it to someone else.

Memories always suck.

There are people who do not have good feelings about what happened to them in their past.

It is not that we have to live, since life is fatally given to us… life lives itself, whether we like it or not.

Whether or not we do something with our life, as long as we are alive, it will continue.

What use is a writer, if he cannot destroy literature?

To create new things, it is often necessary to go against the rules.

By quoting others, we quote ourselves.

Each person interprets the messages of other people differently, and this interpretation is made based on their thinking.

If you fall I pick you up and if you don’t, I sleep with you.

We should always support and be there for the person we love.

We invent our fire, we burn from the inside out, maybe that’s the choice.

Each person owns the pain that allows it to hurt them.

Poor love that feeds on thoughts.

Love is felt, not thought.

The truly new is scary or wonderful.

We always fear things we don’t know.

The right to live is not begged, it is taken!

It is our right to be able to live and we must always make it worth it.

Probably of all our feelings, the only one that is not truly ours is hope.

Hope is an irrational feeling that is born to us to stay alive.

The explanation is a well-dressed mistake.

We try to justify our mistakes by trying to explain why they happened; but ultimately it is still a mistake.

How could I suspect that what seemed so false was true?

There are things that seem impossible to believe.

My diagnosis is simple: I know that I have no remedy.

Sometimes we know we can’t do anything to ease our discomfort.

Happiness is only for one and instead the misfortune seems to belong to all.

Sad events affect many people, while good things that happen to a person only make them happy.

Reality is there and we are in it, understanding it in our own way, but in it.

Each person sees the world in different ways, depending on their intellect and cultural background.

It cannot be that we are here to not be able to be.

We always have to live life the way we want.

There is only one way to kill the monsters, accept them.

We must face the things that scare us, only then will we stop being afraid of them.

There are absences that represent a true triumph.

We should always stay away from those people who do harm to our lives.

It cost me much less to think than to be.

It is always more complicated to bring to reality all the things we think.

There is nothing more unfortunate than a man trying to move another who is very well as he is.

If a person feels comfortable where they are, they will not want to lose that position.

What else is love but recidivism.

In love we make the same mistakes over and over again.

I am extremely sensitive to the vertiginous discontinuity of existence.

The loss of a loved one is something very hard to bear.

He seemed to specialize in lost causes. Lose them first and then run back like crazy.

Some people don’t care or care about what they have until it’s gone, and then they’re desperate to get it back.

You were always my mirror; I mean, to see me, he had to look at you.

The people we are with reflect who we really are.

I seem to have been born not to accept things as they are given to me.

We must always analyze everything we see, and not accept things for what they tell us they are.

Memory is the language of feelings.

We remember only those things that made us feel something special.

Perhaps it is the devil who says these things, and perhaps you believe them because a king tells you.

We should always know the person who tells us things well, and not believe them just because of their position or prestige.

I have enough intelligence to start destroying it advantageously.

Sometimes we want to not know certain things that hurt us and we want to be a little more ignorant.

People think they are friends because they spend a few hours a week on a sofa, a movie, sometimes a bed, or because they have to do the same job in the office.

True friends are those with whom we can talk about ourselves and who know us deeply.

And after doing everything they do, they get up, bathe, powder, perfume, comb their hair, get dressed and thus gradually return to being what they are not.

We all put on a mask and act differently in society than we do in private, so we face the world trying not to be hurt.

Reason only serves us to dissect calm reality, or analyze its future storms, never to resolve a momentary crisis.

In moments of crisis we cannot use reason, but rather react in the best possible way.

He knew that without faith nothing happens that should happen, and with faith almost neither.

The things that must happen are going to happen regardless of whether we believe in it or not.

There was so much time lost in you, you were in such a way the mold of what you could have been.

We must take advantage of our time and do everything we want, only then will we be able to reach our full potential.

The truth is that I don’t want to understand anything if in order to understand we have to accept what we called the mistake.

We must never be so proud as not to recognize when we are wrong.

That you were not the love of my life, nor of my days, nor of my moment. But that I loved you, and that I love you, even though we are destined not to be.

Sometimes, we come to love a person very much, even though we know that they are not the person with whom we are going to spend the rest of our days.

Every established order forms a line of resistance against the threat of rupture and puts its scarce forces at the service of continuity.

The people who run what happens in the world uphold the status quo because they benefit from it.

There was so much fog in your bewildered heart.

When we are confused we are not able to find solutions to our problems.

They think they are wise because they have collected a bunch of books and eaten them.

Wisdom does not come from the amount of knowledge that one can have, but from how they are interpreted.

When they give you a watch, they give you a flowery little hell… a fragile and precarious new piece of yourself, something that is yours, but it is not your body.

We become slaves to the objects we have.

You have to live fighting among us, it’s the law; the only way things are worth it, but it hurts.

Human beings are taught to fight for what we want.

Nothing is lost if you finally have the courage to proclaim that all is lost and that you have to start over.

We must always have the humility to accept when we are wrong and start over.

We read for pleasure, and it is already known that pleasure does not have a good memory and almost immediately seeks to renew itself in a new equally fleeting pleasant experience.

Pleasure is something temporary, which makes us want to repeat the same act to feel it again.

In the name of the other times, the great macanas are made in these.

Many use excuses and situations from the past to justify the conflicts they create today.

I don’t think I love you, I just want the obvious impossibility of loving you. Like the left glove in love with the right hand.

Sometimes we become obsessed with a person because we know it’s impossible to be with them, but we don’t really feel that much love.

And I must say that I fully trust the chance of having met you. That I will never try to forget you and that if I did, I would not succeed.

There are people we are sure we will never forget.

Habits, Andrée, are concrete forms of rhythm, they are the quota of rhythm that helps us live.

People feel safer when repeating certain behaviors on a daily basis.

They already knew how to read in their silences.

There are people who understand very well the messages that are given with silence.

We walked without looking for us but knowing that we were to meet.

There are people who will inevitably cross our path.

Sometimes thought seems to have to make its way through countless barriers, until it proposes and is heard.

Many times we turn a deaf ear to the things that occur to us.

From yes to no, how many maybe?

We always hesitate before making a final decision.

Since you didn’t know how to hide it, I immediately realized that in order to see you the way I wanted, it was necessary to start by closing your eyes.

Sometimes we create an image of people, but when we are with them reality disappoints us.

Every deep distraction opens certain doors. You must allow yourself to be distracted when it is impossible to concentrate.

In distraction, new ideas can arise that help us see what we want to do from another point of view.

Always complaining about everything and at the same time pretending not to give importance to anything. You live on hope, but you don’t even know what you expect.

We must learn to live and be happy with what exists in our environment.

You don’t choose the rain that will soak you to the bone when you leave a concert.

Generally we are not able to control the things that…

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