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100+ Original, Funny and CRAZY Party Phrases

A selection of phrases about the holidays and to celebrate them. Dedicate to your friends, family and give a funny surprise.

The holidays are events to celebrate achievements and important moments in history or in people’s lives, but also to simply have fun, without having any special meaning. As you can see, the holidays can have different meanings, depending on the person.

However, there is a coincidence in all people; in life it is necessary to celebrate and take moments to rest. After making an effort and working on something for a long time, it is necessary to receive a reward to have fun. Perhaps, as they say, virtue is in balance.

The best phrases about the holidays

Enjoy this beautiful selection of party phrases with which you will be able to reflect on their meaning, on the thoughts of other people and also have fun with funny expressions from authors like Robin Williams.

-The life is a party. Dress for her.-Audrey Hepburn.

-When a party comes to an end it is the beginning of many memories.–Anonymous.

-No party is fun unless it is full of madness.-Desiderius Erasmus.

-First rule of the party: don’t talk about the party once it’s over.

-Life is short. Smile. Enjoy. celebrate.

-Plan of the party: one tequila, two tequilas, three tequilas and to the ground.

-Live the party. Love the party. Be the party

-I came, I saw, I got drunk.

-If life gives you lemons, get out the tequila and salt.

-When a party is good, you want the night to be endless.

-I’m not going to the party, I’m the party.

-Imagination is more important than knowledge, but parties are even more important.

-Crazy nights create the best memories.

-It’s Friday and you know what that means.

-I don’t get drunk, it just makes me more fun.

-I have no special talents, I’m just passionately partying.

-Every empty bottle is full of a story.

-Hangovers are temporary, party stories are forever.

-You know it was a good party when you lose track of time.-Robert Farrar Capón.

-Having fun would be very boring if the whole year were partying.-William Shakespeare.

-What happened at the party, stays at the party.

-We build too many walls and few parties.

-Exercise makes you feel and look good, but so does tequila.

– Whatever party you go to, go with all your heart.

-You must be the change that wants to happen at the party.

-The journey of 1000 miles begins with a party.

-If you don’t drink, how will your best friends know you love them?

-Life is really simple, go to parties and have fun.

-Education is what remains when the hangover has passed.

-The future depends on the quality of your parties.

-Your life is the quality of parties you have in it.

-I’m not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I am a drunk, I go to parties.

-Trust me, you can dance well (said the vodka).

-Trust me, that girl likes you (said the rum).

-Is life a party or is the party a life? I don’t know, I already got drunk…

-When there are no more bottles of beer in the fridge, raise your head and be strong.

-Where there are friends, there is always a party.

-You, bring the alcohol. I will carry the bad decisions.

-People are what make a good party, not the drinks.

-If life gives you lemons, make lemonade, then try to find someone whose life has given you vodka, and then celebrate a party.-Ron White.

-Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party!-Robin Williams.

-The funniest parties are the ones on your mind.

-In times of internal crisis, men of goodwill and generosity must be able to celebrate regardless of politics or religion.-John F. Kennedy.

– Life should be lived our way. If you do not lose your head, you are not partying.-Young Jeezy.

-If you can play with your pain, every day will be a party.–Lailah Gifty Akita.

-Friends will always be there for the party. True friends will be there after the party. –Bray Love.

-There are two ways to go to a party. One is to try to be someone you are not. The other, the one I use, is to emphasize what you really are instead of pretending you are someone else.-David Levithan.

-You must act as if you were having a great time and as if every day were a party.-Margaret Atwood.

-Sleep all day, party all night, never grow old, never die.–Anonymous.

-Life is not the party we wanted, but we can dance to its songs.–Anonymous.

-In the absence of love, party and friends.

-The best parties are those that have a start time but the end is unknown.

-Enjoy each party to the fullest, you don’t know when it will be the last.

-Life is the biggest party, it depends on you if you get up and dance or if you stay sitting watching others.

A little partying never hurt anyone.

-Nobody looks back and remembers the night they slept for a long time.

-At parties, bad decisions are the ones that create the best stories.–Anonymous.

-Telling an introvert to go to a party is like telling a saint to go to hell.-Criss Jami.

-A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, association, tolerance and tenacity.-Paul Sweeney.

-The closet should be a place of joy and party for who you are now, not for who you used to be.-Stacy London.

-You should always know when it is the right time to leave the party.-Victoria Beckham.

-Celebrating is a sweet suffering.-Robert Byrne.

-Some girls get carried away by the lifestyle of clubs and parties with celebrities. You can’t live your life like this. That is a lie.-Gemma Ward.

-A party without a cake is a simple meeting.-Julia child.

-Going to a party does not mean entering with a badge on your forehead so they can see what you do, going to a party is enjoying.-Desiree Rogers.

-The last years of life represent the end of a costume party; The masks are always dropped.-Cesare Pavese.

-Some people think that beauty is on the inside. But when you enter a party, the first thing you see is not the brain.-James Caan.

-Every party is a madness of many for the satisfaction of few.-Alexander Pope.

4-There is always some degree of destruction or fire during the course of a party.- Gavin DeGraw.

-Beer is not a good drink for parties, especially if you do not know where the bathroom is.-Billy Carter.

-On many occasions a quiet meeting is better than a noisy party.-Yotam Ottolenghi.

-When you enter a party no one says hello, but when you leave everyone says goodbye.-George Gobel.

-The only important thing to do at a party is have fun.–Ina Garden.

-Create your own parties, don’t let anyone tell you what a fun party is or how to have a good time.

-Live the party, love the party, be the party.

-Speak English, kiss like a Frenchman, drive like a German, dress like an Italian, spend like an Arab and party like a Caribbean.-Anonymous.

-Life is a party, so always dress as if you were going to one.-Anonymous.

-Only those who go to parties regularly know true loneliness.-Anonymous.

-Don’t let anyone tell you how much you can celebrate.–Anonymous.

-Adventures begin when you are willing to celebrate.–Anonymous.

-The mission in this life should be to always party.–Anonymous.

-When you celebrate with who you love, it is always more fun.–Anonymous.

-The most uncontrolled parties are those where sanity departs and lack of inhibition takes over the minds.-Anonymous.

-Live today, plan for tomorrow, and party tonight.–Anonymous.

-Work hard and party even more.–Anonymous.

-Life is just a party, parties were made not to last.–Prince.

-Do not let cowardice keep you from a good party.–Anonymous.

-When the sun goes down, that’s when the real parties begin.–Anonymous.

-When wine enters the scene, it means that we are at a party.–Anonymous.

-Lost souls are always found at a party.–Anonymous.

-Life was made for adventures and parties.-Anonymous.

Do you want to know who your real friends are? Invite them to a party.–Anonymous.

-I cannot tell you the key to success, but I can tell you how you should celebrate.–Anonymous.

-Some relationships are like birthdays, when the cake is eaten, the party is over.-Anonymous.

-There will never be a day when a party is not welcome.–Anonymous.

-I am in the middle of the road, between sanity and a good party.–Anonymous.

I have a social disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay at home, I could start telling rumors to my dogs.-Andy Warhol.

-Life. For some it is a battle, for others it is a dance… For the rich it is a party, for the poor it is an opportunity.-Nino Varsimashvili.

-When you are the most important person at a party, it is time for you to leave.–Kelly Cutrone.

-I’m going to celebrate, see how much I can get intoxicated and how many rules I can break. That is my motto.–HG Bissinger.

-It’s easy to decide the wrong outfit to wear to a party, such as a scuba gear or a couple of pillows. But deciding what the right suit is is much more difficult. –Lemony Snicket.

-If when you’re 20 you run from party to party, what are you running from?–Demi Lovato.

-School should be the best party in the city.–Peter Kline.

-The most difficult moments of a party are those at the beginning, before people have started drinking.–Stephanie Clifford.

-You are not broken by being quiet. It’s okay to stay home on a Friday night instead of going to a party.-Jenn Granneman.

-Introverts don’t see life as one big party. We are content with a few meaningful relationships.–Jenn Granneman.

-Life is neither a party nor a nuisance. It is a prayer.–Lailah Gifty Akita.

-My favorite part of the party is when it’s over. When I don’t have to have fun and I can sit back and relax with whoever is left out there.-Drew Magary.

-You wake up, you get dressed, you show up at the party. And usually, you have fun in the end. –Morgan Matson.

-The concerns are less with wine.-Amit Kalantri.

-What is hell for one person can be a party for another.

-A party is not a party without entertainment.–Deyth Banger.

-If you want to make people happy, just give them food and entertainment.–EA Bucchianeri.

-Remember: there comes a time when the party is no longer a party. It’s your life.–Doug Cooper.

-The church is not a political power; It is not a party either, the church is a moral power.-Pope Benedict XVI.

-In times of internal crisis, men of goodwill and generosity must be able to celebrate regardless of politics or religion.-John F. Kennedy.

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