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10 Traditions and Customs of Nuevo León

One of the traditions and customs from Nuevo Leon best known is the machaca with egg. It is a typical dish that is made with dried and salted meat, which is rehydrated and pressed into thin slices.

The preparation of this dish is so important to the state of Nuevo León that there is even a fair in its honor: the Machacado Fair. This fair is held in the month of September in the city of Ciénaga de Flores.

In Nuevo León, gastronomic, cultural and commercial fairs are common, such as the aforementioned Feria del Machacado. Other traditional fairs in this state are the apple fair, the walnut fair, the agricultural fair and the Villaseca fair.

On the other hand, festivities of a religious nature are presented, such as the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Other traditions are the day of the dead and the posadas.

Outstanding traditions and customs of Nuevo León

1- Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Nuevo León is characterized by the use of cattle meat and dairy products.

This is because livestock farming is practiced in that state. Also, the use of wheat flour is preferred over corn flour.

Some of the traditional dishes of Nuevo León are:

Pork roast.
Kid. This dish is made with kid meat fillets, which can be prepared in different ways: roasted, stewed, fried.
Mash with egg. This dish is prepared with salted and dehydrated meat. The meat fillets are left resting in water, so that they rehydrate and lose a little of the salt.

Subsequently, they are pressed so that they lose their water (they are “machacan”) and they are fried. It is served with tomato sauce, onions, chilies, oreganos and eggs.

The typical sweets of the region are:

Quince box.
Gloria (sweet made with nuts).
Pumpkin empanadas (wheat flour tortillas filled with pumpkin candy).
Orange preserves (prepared with the skin of this fruit).

The best-known drink in Nuevo León is mescal. This drink is made with the maguey agave and has a high alcoholic content.

2- Crushed Fair

The Machacado fair is a gastronomic fair in which the protagonist is the machaca (the dish mentioned in the previous section).

At this fair, you can learn various methods of preparing this dish: with scrambled eggs, in tomato stew, with hot sauce, among others. You can also enjoy other typical dishes of the region.

3- Holy Week

Holy Week is celebrated between March and April with masses and processions. This week the passion of Christ is remembered.

4- Apple Fair

The Apple Fair is held in Santiago, Nuevo León. Products made with this fruit are sold.

5- Walnut Fair

The walnut fair takes place in mid-October in Rayones, Nuevo León. In this fair you can find a great diversity of products based on this dried fruit.

6- Agricultural Fair

In Monterrey, the Commercial and Livestock Agricultural Fair is held. This takes place in May of each year.

During this fair, rodeos, charreadas, horseback riding, bullfights and cultural events (concerts, dances, among others) are held.

7- Villaseca Fair

The Villaseca fair takes place in the Linares municipality, near Monterrey. This fair starts in July and ends in August.

The center of the fair are the charros (also called mariachis). Celebrations include mariachi competitions, charreadas (which are popular rodeos), horse races, carriage rides, and horseback riding.

Likewise, gastronomic fairs are installed in which you can enjoy typical dishes of the region, such as pumpkin empanadas and quince jelly.

Crafts are also sold: baskets, pots, woven bags, charro hats, among others.

8- The inns

«Las posadas» is a Christmas celebration that begins on December 16 and ends on Christmas Eve.

This consists of a procession in which people dress in costumes like those that would have been used at the time when Jesus was born.

“The innkeepers” go from house to house asking for accommodation, just as Mary and Joseph did before Jesus was born.

In each house, the innkeepers receive sweets and drinks. Finally, on Christmas Eve, a person from the community gives them lodging and they have dinner together.

In some areas of Nuevo León, it is customary to break a star-shaped piñata, which symbolizes the star of Bethlehem.

9- Day of the Dead

The Day of All the Dead mixes pre-Hispanic beliefs with elements of Catholicism. You can find samples of celebrations similar to the Day of the Dead that are between 2,500 and 3,000 years old. The pre-Hispanic festivities were related to the cult of the goddess of Death.

Currently, the day of the dead is celebrated on November 2, coinciding with the Catholic holiday: the day of the dead.

The goddess of Death has been replaced by Catrina, a woman with the face of a skull who has become an icon of this festival.

During the day of the dead, people make altars containing the deceased’s favorite dishes and drinks. These altars include flower arrangements and photos of the deceased.

Another tradition is to visit cemeteries to communicate with the spirits of the deceased and share food with them.

10- Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

On December 12, the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated in Nuevo León and throughout the Mexican territory. On these dates, the appearance of the Virgin Mary on Tepeyac hill is remembered.

On this day masses are held in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, who is the patron saint of Mexico. Similarly, parades are held. People dress up as Indians for this procession and carry roses and other flowers.

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