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10 Traditions and Customs of Baja California Sur (Mexico)

One of the most notorious traditions and customs of Baja California Sur It is the pitahaya festival. The pitahaya is the traditional female costume of the area, which consists of a white and red blouse, and a red skirt with an embroidered cactus. During this festival, dozens of women wearing pitahayas compete for the title of «queen of the festival.»

Other traditions of this Mexican state are the dishes. Among these, the clam and the imperial fillet stand out, which are made with marine products (clams and shrimp, respectively). Other typical dishes are machaca and chimichango.

On the other hand, the region is recognized for its opossums, which are horse races that are held to accompany other celebrations (patron saint festivities, festivals, among others).

In San Felipe, Baja California Sur, one of the most important carnivals in the state is celebrated. These carnivals are famous for their parade of floats that runs through the entire city.

Other customs of Baja California Sur are the creation of handicrafts with torote, dances such as the tupe and the calabaceados, and the days of the patron saints.

Traditions and main customs of Baja California Sur

1- Gastronomy

Baja California Sur is a coastal state. For this reason, gastronomy is characterized by the presence of marine products. In the same way, the ranches arranged in the central areas of the state provide cattle meat, which is of vital importance for the gastronomy of Baja California.

The traditional dishes of the region are:

Clam. This dish is prepared by cooking the clams on coals. Once cooked, they are eaten with hot sauce, cilantro, lemon juice, and salt.
Spotted rooster. It is a beef stew with rice, potato and other vegetables.
Crush. This dish is made by salting the meat and drying it. Subsequently, it is rehydrated (letting it rest in water) and roasted on coals. Then it is put back in water to remove excess salt. Finally, the fillet is pressed and fried. The machaca is served with onion, tomato, oregano and hot chili sauce. It is accompanied with corn tortillas and beans.
Imperial steak. This dish is prepared with shrimp and grilled bacon.

The most famous sweet in Baja California Sur is the chimichango. This is a sweet wheat flour pancake, fried and served with honey or any other syrup.

2- Traditional costume

The typical female costume of Baja California Sur is the pitahaya. This consists of two pieces: – A red skirt with a cactus with three flowers (one in the center and one on each side). This is embroidered in green, pink and yellow thread.

– A V-neck blouse. This blouse is white and red. In addition, it has embroidered ornaments in green.

On the other hand, the traditional male costume is made of leather. It consists of a vest that is tied with four straps, a hat and handmade shoes (with spurs).

3- Pitahaya Festival

The pitahaya festival is a contest in which you compete to discover who makes the best traditional costume in Baja California Sur. This competition takes place in Miraflores.

It takes place in the month of July. It should be noted that the start date depends on the life cycle of the cactus: when the fruit of this plant has matured, the pitahaya festival will begin.

This festival lasts for three days, during which dances are held, gastronomic fairs are organized and the pitahaya parade takes place. At the end of the festival, the queen (who will be the one who wears the best costume) is crowned.

4- Crafts with torote, palm leaves and shells

Torote handicrafts are a traditional element of Baja California Sur. With this vegetable fiber, basketry pieces are made (baskets, vases, containers and baskets).

With the torote and with the palm leaves, various objects are made: wallets, bags, hats, caps, among others.

Finally, seashells are used as ornamental elements in boxes, jewelry boxes, vessels, among others. Also, jewelry items are made by polishing these shells.

5- Opossum

Opossums are horse races. These constitute an important tradition in the state of Baja California Sur.

In general, these races are accompanied by typical music from the area (mainly ranchera songs). These are performed by local musical groups.

6- The toupee

The tupe is a typical dance from San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur. This dance recreates a courtship scene between a man and a woman.

It takes the steps of the European polka and mixes it with Creole elements, giving rise to a unique and lively dance.

7- The pumpkins

“Los calabaceados” is a traditional dance from Baja California Sur. It is a dance in which dozens of couples test their resistance.

The couples dance without stopping until they get tired, at which point they withdraw and lose the competition. The couple that keeps dancing until the end wins.

8- San Felipe Carnival

The San Felipe Carnival is celebrated the four days prior to Ash Wednesday. During these festivities, parades and troupes are held with people dressed in very elaborate costumes, typical dances of the region are performed, and sports and cultural activities are carried out. Likewise, amusement parks are installed

The San Felipe carnivals are famous for their floats. These are artistic papier-mâché constructions that are transported on carts. The float parade runs through the city of San Felipe for three days.

9- Days of the Patron Saints

In the cities of Baja California Sur, parties are held during the day of the patron saint. Although the celebrations vary from one town to another, there are common elements, such as amusement parks, fireworks, gastronomic fairs, horse races and folk dance competitions.

10- Feast of Saint Francis Xavier

The feast of San Francisco Javier is celebrated on December 1 and 2 of each year.

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