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10 poems to apologize to someone dear

A compilation of beautiful poems that you can use to apologize to someone you appreciate

It is important to ask for forgiveness when you have committed an act that has harmed or disappointed someone you love, even if it was intentional. Knowing how to ask for forgiveness shows humility and interest in the other person.

If you are thinking of apologizing, one way is one that is original and one that the other person will remember fondly. These poems to ask for forgiveness will be useful to dedicate to a relative, friend, partner or any appreciated person.

«Sorry, I was immature» (Juan Ortiz)

Forgive me, I was a brat

I shouldn’t have behaved like that

I broke your trust, yeah

I gave you a very hard time.

I wanted to talk to you right away

but you left too soon

I should have followed you, what a fool!

I feel burning guilt.

Although the guilt assails me,

I’m not that immature anymore

if you forgive me, I swear

do not repeat that mistake.

Reflection: the poem expresses a request for forgiveness from a person for behaving rudely and hurting another.

«You are missing» (Juan Ortiz)

I’ve been analyzing

for hours, days, weeks,

the right words,


so that you forgive the discomfort

what did i put you through

for careless,

for not having thought before speaking.

This house is a machine that reminds you daily,

What can I tell you about the bedroom?

from the kitchen,

patio that saw us play thousands of times in its sunsets.

I miss you,

and although the wound for what I said is there,

drilling your mind,

I ask you,

aware of the damage,

forgive me,


it’s been a year,

and there is no time here without your silhouette or your laugh,

I swear I’ve changed and I’ll make it right

Reflection: the poem expresses regret for having said hurtful things without thinking. Also, there is a very real request for forgiveness.

«Sorry, I’m sorry» (Juan Ortiz)

I don’t know what happened to me, really

I didn’t measure my words, sorry

I spoke to you badly, very cruelly,

and I deserve your resentment.

Sorry, I can’t tell you more,

I’m sorry for my attitude, I hurt you,

and despite the wrong done, here you are

always giving your best.

Sorry, I have a terrible discomfort

for everything I made you feel,

It is not an excuse, I was sensitive,

I swear: it will not happen again.

Reflection: the three quatrains express regret for having caused damage and a request for forgiveness from the affected person.

«Sorry, come back» (Juan Ortiz)

The chair receives the rays of the sun this afternoon

in the same space in the room where you left it;

your plate,

empty on the table,

with their cutlery intact,

persists without anything new to accompany it,

dust on dust


and one or two memories of when I sit on the couch at the usual time to think about you.

My prayer of the day

your name,

to make peace with joy by returning to the many happy moments that I have been able to treasure in this passing body.

Forgive me and come back

the walls await your shadow;

the floor: your steps;

the space: your voice,

your scent,

and next to them,


dismembered by the regret of not finding you even in the photo that I keep and that says nothing about you;



make it worth living in the early morning again.

Reflection: a poem that walks the reader through the solitude of the poet’s house because of an absence. In addition, there is a cry for forgiveness so that the loved one returns and everything returns to normal.

«Sorry for hurting our friendship» (Juan Ortiz)

I don’t forget that sad day

I was the worst ungrateful

I broke the friendship that you gave,

I acted very badly, without sense.

I had my dog ​​humor

all gray, bad faced,

and how it cost me

I pay more than your banishment.

Friend, excuse me, okay?

the discomfort controlled me,

I need the welfare

that I get near you.

Reflection: quatrains show sincere regret and request for forgiveness for damaging a friendship.

«Forgive me, although you are no longer here» (Juan Ortiz)

He did not give me time to make up for my absences at important moments;

when you needed me

Me away,

I embodied the bloodiest disappointments,

I was a teacher of disappearances

at the precise hours.


fully aware of the wrong done,

I go to you and I can’t find you.

The flowers in the room

in front of your semi-smiling photo,

they remind me of a piece of happiness that does not return;

each almost withered petal screams to me that you could have had more happiness in that painting,

but I was selfish and I didn’t know how to really be.

Returning to those days is an impossible thing that I think about,

a reality to which I ask to return before waking up every morning.


more convinced than ever of the evil you went through for me,

With my soul made of tears, I ask you to forgive me,

tell me in a sudden breeze,

in an unusual trill,

in a divine aroma,

whatever means you use there where you have left,

I will take your answer gratefully,


And only then can I continue in peace.

Reflection: the poem shows a sincere regret for being absent in the most important moments of someone dear. In addition, there is enormous pain because, although forgiveness is requested, it cannot be given since the other person has died.

«The cat remembers your absence» (Juan Ortiz)

The cat does not stop walking around where you no longer go,

he knows your daily routine by heart;

he goes and repeats it,


wait for the moments you waited for,

zigzags the same way through the corridors,

He even seems just as lost,

and with his actions he does not let me think of anything other than your absence.

Remember the break that afternoon

habitual torture has been done,

breakfast without salt,

coffee without sugar,

and my eyes lost in your chair where two hairy ears stick out that insist on imitating you.


the house is like a scab on me that I am wounded,

and nothing that you appear to be able to start it and continue.


I understand that none of that will happen until you can appreciate that I have really embodied the word «change»,

Because you don’t deserve to be the recipient of my wounds,

and because life goes into a tailspin give the fleeting days

and it is not healthy to continue like this.


from this common space where you are even if you don’t want to,

and against my ego,

my pride,

my stupid mistakes

I apologize;

return is your choice,

I know,

but if it helps:

yes i learned

Without a doubt,

the lesson.

Reflection: the verses show a deep loneliness and a need for forgiveness and return of the loved one.

«Sorry for being a liar» (Juan Ortiz)

I was angry, I accept it,

I got carried away by anger

and I invented that lie

that hurt you and I’m sorry.

I’ll make amends for what I’ve done

I’ll talk to friends

and with all the witnesses

and I will put everything straight.

That it won’t happen again

You must be very clear

my lack costs me dearly,

relieve me of this sorrow.

Reflection: some quatrains that seek to amend an error caused by a lie.

«Nothing amazes without you anymore» (Juan Ortiz)

The park bench became one of the bunch,

you should know.

There is nothing surprising in the port,

not even at night

with the best moon,

a good wine

and Mozart in the background.


thousands were moved by the premiere in movie theaters;

I didn’t even flinch,

I passed by the front by mere unconditional reflex,

because it was time to work;

and if,

over there,

the seats in the right corner of the room that you know

they also lost their touch.

Everything that concerned us was dyed with the common ocher,

nothing survives

except me and your memory.

I write this with all intention,

with guilt intact tattooed in each space,

because I see it necessary to return

so that everything recovers the usual state

that was lost after my failure.

Sorry, I can’t find myself

in this abysmal labyrinth

Reflection: the poem deals with the custom of couples and the emptiness that remains when the relationship breaks. In addition, of course, a very heartfelt request for forgiveness.

«Sorry, under the sad ceiba» (Juan Ortiz)


under the sad ceiba without us;


in the ranch where we collect sunsets;


on the sleeping hill to the north of the town;


before the seagull that perched at our feet every morning after going fishing.

I could repeat this mantra to you in front of the sea,

every hour and minute pass

with or without you in front,

and that’s how it goes through my mind,

like all that wrong I did,


I hurt you and I’m sad

I hope you can come back.

Reflection: a poem that manifests a deep nostalgia for a separation and that raises a pardon to be able to continue with happiness.

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