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10 poems by original sisters and recognized authors

Enjoy this compilation of poems for sisters that you can use to share, dedicate and reflect.

Sisters can also be the best of friends, life partners with whom we not only share experiences, knowledge and family, but also feelings and our most personal problems.

A good sister can act as a confidant, playmate, and teacher. However, sometimes these family members can also make us suffer, especially if we see that they are having a hard time.

Below you will find a compilation of poems for sisters that you can use to dedicate on a special day or simply to reflect.

«Laugh many, little sisters» (Evaristo Carriego)

Laugh a lot, little sisters

Laugh a lot, little sisters, laugh with that laugh

so fresh and so sonorous, with that loud laugh

that fills our house with health. The smile

it is not for you yet: what luck!

May your laughter be like a fountain, and pour

its joyful stream over our melancholy:

be like an open music box

perennially sounds from the beginning of the day.

Sisters: laugh at once all your healthy

joy of owners of the patio, that tomorrow

oh tomorrow! who knows if we will hear you.

Oh, sisters, playful sisters!, oh, crazy

Grandma’s tantrums! Which of those pretty mouths

will be the first to stop laughing?

Reflection: the poet dedicates these phrases to his little sisters, who as girls give joy to the home, longing for that magic to never be lost.

«To my sister Josefa» (Adelardo López de Ayala)

One more year!… Do not look with sleeplessness

the swift race of winged time,

that another year in virtue passed

one step is more than brings you closer to heaven.

Cry, yes, with bitter inconsolation

(because you will never have cried enough)

the year that when I died I left you

of some lack of suspicion within…

That the time you do well is not wasted;

for the years of peace, my sister,

that in the holy virtue you will have lived

become centuries of joy

in the eternal Eden that is promised

to the just soul that trusts in its God.

Reflection: a poem for a sister who is having a birthday. She is told that she should seize her life, and live it without thinking about a future we don’t know.

«Ode to my Sister» (Benjamín Pérez)

My sister

mischievous, capricious and so loved

but at times

claims to be misunderstood.

to his short years

is capable of being like a great friend

that with their innocent advice

relieves your pain instantly.

always wants to know everything

and he is looking for a girlfriend

he challenges me like a child

I feel like he believes my mom.

She does not dream of being a mother

small forever wants to be

adults are very complicated, he says

and the country of NEVER EVER wants to know.

Reflection: the poem contains stanzas dedicated to a little sister, full of youth, mischievous and vivacious who wants to stay that way forever.

«Today, my sister’s birthday» (Pablo Neruda)

TODAY is my sister’s birthday, I don’t have

nothing to give him, nothing. I have nothing, sister.

Everything I own I always take away.

Sometimes even my soul seems far away.

Poor as a yellow autumn leaf

and singer like a trickle of water over an orchard:

the pains, you know how I fall all

as all the dead leaves fall on the road.

You will never know my joys, little sister,

and my pain is that, I can’t give them to you:

They came like birds to perch in my life,

a harsh word would make them fly.

I think that they too will leave me one day,

that I will be left alone, as I never was.

You know it, sister, loneliness takes me

to the ends of the earth like the wind to the clouds!

But what is this sad thoughts for!

To you less than anyone should my voice afflict!

After all, none of what I say exists…

Don’t go telling my mother, for God’s sake!

You don’t know how you’re spinning lies

and one says for them, and they speak for one.

Think that my soul is full of laughter,

And you won’t be fooled, sister, I swear.

Reflection: despite being a supposed birthday poem, Neruda shows deep pain and sadness and also inability to feel joy again.

«Sister and friend» (Arjona Delia)

You are an outstretched hand, kind,

of so many nights shared.

You are a shelter from cold winters,

sheltering my wounded soul.

You paint my sadness with colors

you give my spirit calm,

you are refuge of the dawn,

sensitive and pure is your soul!

When the winds get closer

your presence is formidable

Your words pour out

Your wealth of wisdom is immense.

How not to remember you friend!

You are my source of happiness.

You are such a precious diamond

you are my best company!

Reflection: the poem is dedicated to a good sister who is also considered a great friend.

«Sister, we are broken» (Juan Ortiz)


we are broken to the point of no mending.

There is no coincidence greater than that of blood;

beyond that common sea,

only cracks emasculating the shore,

only silences,

a town of yesterday saturated in saltpeter,

rubble for memories,

not a short oyster survives,

nothing real to hold on to.


we are broken where the needle does not mend,

And there’s nothing to cry about it

but continue,

nothing has been lost where there were no recesses,

nor foundation stones,

not even something to be forgotten,

water scars,

that’s all,

tiny stars in front of the sun,

nothing hurts in that wound.


we are broken

from the Our Father

until life.

Reflection: a poem that deals with a family relationship broken by some circumstance, and how it cannot be healed.

«Sister, you have been» (Juan Ortiz)

In every wounded moment

you have been, you have loved

the light, the shadow, the anger,

my ruins to sleeping rum.

Under the meaningless yoke,

with your pains you lie down,

you come for me, you, to these

lands of gray misfortune,

house of blue full moon,

sister, sun of a thousand crests.

Reflection: the poem expresses a sister’s love for her alcoholic brother and how she helped him get up.

«Sister of life» (Juan Ortiz)

You arrived when the blood did not

with the appropriate hug,

when I was going after Neptune

and their shells in do.

You raised your voice in thunder,

you broke my steps of water,

you were, in love, dense forge,

messenger of the good God.

Sister, you, of life,

of the necessary moment,

you and your rosary hands

that stopped my stampede.

Reflection: poem dedicated to a «sister of life», because, despite not having blood ties, she behaved as if she were family.

«Sister: father, mother» (Juan Ortiz)

Forgotten, behind bushes

where no one sees, nor does the crow look out,

apart from everything, from there I keep

sadness, hard teachers, but real.

In that space you appeared, sober,

with the kindness and love of banners,

shields of light, the white arts

that raise gold from among the dross.

You were father and mother, pillar, partition,

home, shelter, guide to understanding

and my falls, my hardships, a dam.

Sister, thanks for coming, I’m not lying,

to the God of heaven I ask double

your surrender in peace and extend your breath.

Reflection: the poem is dedicated to a woman, considered as a sister for her love, dedication and delivery.

«Necessary presence» (Juan Ortiz)

On that patio bench,

that truncated wood for rest,

you used to say goodbye to the afternoon.

You tore I don’t know how many poems from the uvero,

to the herons,

to the red sun in flight,

to the zinc of the roof of the house,

to the glass windows of air

and old sheets

and the woman who was always happy looking at us.

That was your favorite space,

a kingdom of dry trunks at your feet,

magical place to flourish from the beyond the unmistakable letters that marked our childhood.

The site remains intact,

with the graces of the poor,

with the spelling of the dry scrub on the simple air of the coast,

from the neighborhood;

the place resists,

despite your absence

although it seems that at any moment it falls,


and with him the ranch,

the gate,

the town with everything and sea and its people,

but a latent hope

insists that he will return,


your necessary presence

Reflection: the poem deals with the pain due to the absence of a sister.

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